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Saturday, April 19, 2014


1. Why do you travel? What is your dream destination?

2. What do you value most in others?

3. Do romantic movies make you cry? If yes how do you deal with the outburst when with family/friends?

4. According to you a should a boy ask the girl out (or propose) or any of them can?

5. Which social causes you deeply feel for?

6. If you are vegetarian how you would deal if you are caught up in a group of all non-vegetarian people on your table? Or vice-versa?

7. What is the one thing that you want to do but haven’t got any chance to do?

8. Your views on Gay marriages- can you accept it in your family or in case of your son/daughter? (I am asking it again on my blog)

9. If a stranger waves back at you, or give you a smile, will you respond back with the same? If not, why?

10.  Here is a situation: Your server goes down, you go to the cafe but all in vain. You can’t access internet from anywhere… After filing a complaint, the operator tells you that server in your area will be down for next ten days! What will be your reaction, what will you do and how will you spend those ten days?

Q is for Questions on April 19,
A to Z Challenge.

Friday, April 18, 2014


In India, people tie these knots at holy places to make wishes. I clicked this photograph last year during my visit to Mahakumbh in Allahabad, U.P.

P is for Prayers on April 18
A to Z Challenge.
P.S. During my Gangtok (Sikkim, India) Tour I learned a lot about Buddhism. People following Buddhism tie these prayer flags in different areas. It is believed that when winds pass though those multicolored flags, it spreads mantras written on them in the environment thus making it pious. See all photographs and read further information about Buddhist prayer flags and prayer wheels here: Gangtok in Photographs.

I found another interesting way of praying to God during my visit to Almora, Uttarakhand, India. Believers wrote their wishes on affidavits and hung them in the temple- you can read about it here- Golu Devta Temple
Have you ever tied these knots in any temple or mosque? Do you know any other way of praying to God? Please share your experiences or post your links of any related posts you have written! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Options vs. No Options

Are options good for us or having no-options is a better state? Until now I was under the impression that options are good and help us in making the best possible decision. But after reading an article, I realized the way too many cooks spoil the broth, too many options spoil the brain.
Image courtesy: Google
Over the years range of choices in our lives has increased drastically. Talk about the commodities or anything else, a person is left out with a vast number of options to choose from.

For instance there are two persons: A and  B who want to buy a jar of pickles. They go to two stores Store1 (that offers variety of pickles in different brands) and Store2 (where there are only three variety of pickle in one brand) respectively. Person A will tend to look at all the options in Store1, read the labels, go through all brands to check prices and brainstorm on what pickle he should buy. He may end up in buying more than he actually needs or something new that he has never tried before (that may turn out to be a blunder choice). On the other hand Person B will go into Store2, in less than a minute he will make up his mind on what to buy and will come out.
We can conclude two things from above:
1. Too many options lead to wastage of time.
2. They lead to wastage of money

This was one example. In the world of perfect competition we are living in swarm of choices. From Bakery shops, clothes, eateries to fans, switches etc. our life is full of options; where we waste a huge amount of our time in making selection. We want to pick the best one from every lot we are being offered.

Do we really need too many options in everything?
Image courtesy: Google
When I look at my life, I feel being pushed into the state of confusions while looking at the menu in a restaurant thinking what I want to eat, since I don’t have any fixed preference in food. My thoughts get paralysed. Again while going for shopping for clothes, I see myself going from one shop to another in search for a better dress and a better bargain. Though sometimes I end up regretting for not buying the first one I liked. Other times if I purchase something at once, I fear about not exploring other choices (may be better) and not getting due value for my money. 
Does it happen with you too? 

O is for Options on 17 April,
A to Z Challenge.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nightmares and Solutions

Imagine this: You slept after midnight and suddenly woke up at 2 am screaming and shouting. Your sister, who was sleeping beside you, woke up in terror. Perplexed looking at her surroundings she was half-asleep and half-scared trying to dig out the reason behind your scream. You both can hear your hearts pounding aloud in the silence of night along with the sound of second’s-needle in the clock. Meanwhile you saw your mother rushing up in your room all worried. Your sister and your mother looked at you and asked you about what happened?
You tried to remember the reason behind that loud shriek was it a bad dream or was it all for real?
This was my story in January. I was unable to guess the reason behind subsequent nightmares during first half of the month. It had never happened before with me, except for once in November, when I had dreamed of a huge, gigantic frog sitting beside me. I shouted so loud in my sleep that my siblings came running from the other room. I had to summon up my guts to sleep again on that bed. But January had different sort of nightmares- ones that were related to faces of people, for some reason they seemed very scary! I felt insecure and abandoned in my sleep. With these nightmares my nights turned nasty, I was sleep deprived.  Along with me my family was turning insomniac. After three consequent nightmares my mother came up with this suggestion to battle with my bad dreams. She said:

“a) Pray before you sleep; b) Keep a sharp object under your pillow like a knife." (Knife superstition that works most of the times, I have suggested a few friends and they found it useful)
My sister objected strongly on the latter one i.e. on keeping a knife. She had doubts that I may end up hurting her in a fit to save myself from  random face in my dream.

So she told my mother and me in a confident voice, that if I scream again, she would throw a bucket of water on me in chilly winter.
I decided to discuss it with my friend Shine. She said that she had read somewhere it might be because of dehydration. Hence she advised me to drink enough water before I sleep.

Nightmares never occurred again after January. It has been three months almost since my last nasty night. I don’t know whether it is my younger sister's warning that has been keeping me in control; or Shine’s advice. Yesterday I found a knife under my mattress too. My mother kept it there without telling me.
What solution works for you to fight with nightmares?

N is for Nightmares on 16 April,
A to Z Challenge