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Monday, April 23, 2018

To women with love... #women #womenempowerment

Nothing can make you worthier
than the belief that you are.
No one can put you down
if you fearlessly hold your crown.
No one will embrace your imperfections
until you proudly do.
Remember no one is born perfect
it’s subjective, to be true.
The choice to be respected, seen, and loved,
And embracing the honor
to be a woman of all above
is only onto you...
Thousands of women are told daily that they are useless, worthless, and not good enough. They go through a tough time to prove their worth for equal rights, equal wage and equal respect. Women should always tell themselves:
"It's all right for a woman to be, above all, human. I am a woman first of all."- Anais Nin

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Survivors story, acid attack survivors

I was sitting in the food lounge with my luggage in Indira Gandhi International Airport. In two hours we had to take our scheduled flight back home to the United states. GK had gone to grab something to eat from a nearby food stall. A bunch of people came into the lounge area and acquired the seats on the next table. They were acid attack survivors. Till now I have heard their stories on talk shows, but today I was watching them for the first time in the real world. They were engaged in dialogs among themselves.  They seemed confined, but happy and contended. 
Acid attacks are reported in 39 countries in the world which include both developed and developing nations. Bangladesh has reported the highest number of attacks. Other countries mainly include India, Nepal, Pakistan, UK, Vietnam, France, Germany, Iran, China and Cambodia.  Chief reasons behind such attacks are the rejection for sex or marriage proposals, unpaid dowry, women going against father, brother, husband or his family.

Globally 80% of the acid attack victims are women and girls. However, in London, this ratio differs. Victims of acid attacks there were around 50 males and 50 females each year from 2007 to 2011. In 2016, the number of attacks on men increased dramatically to 352. From 2017, it is illegal to carry acid in London with an intent to harm and measures are taken according to the degree of harm it has caused. In 2008, an acid attack victim in Iran sentenced her attacker to be blinded by acid in both eyes under the law of an equivalent justice. However, later she pardoned him. In India, the minimum punishment for this crime is 10 years imprisonment, which can extend up to lifetime imprisonment with a fine. But many attackers bribe the system and get bailed out without punishment.
Victims of acid attacks go through huge trauma, including physical, mental and financial stress. They need a safe place to stay, a steady income to manage their expenses and financial aid for several painful surgeries to live a normal life. The government does give them aid, though not sufficient. They also need to gain back their lost confidence and acceptance from others to continue in mainstream without judgmental or prying eyes.
While looking up online about acid attack survivors, I saw pictures of the women who were at airport, on the website of New York fashion week. This fashion show took place after almost two weeks from that day. Walking on the stage surely have helped the survivors in boosting their self-confidence and creating awareness about them among the masses present there. 
Picture courtesy:
Recently, my sister- in- law told me about a café in Agra, Uttar Pradesh named Sheros (She-heros), which is run by the survivors of acid attacks. Females, who is attacked by their male stalkers, rejected lovers, relatives or fathers, are serving food and working as chefs. It is a justice to the struggles they have been through, to empower them to live a respectful, confident and independent life, even though sometimes their pains are unheard and unattended legally. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018

10 positive quotes from famous people about women #womenequality

Here are the 10 inspiring, funny, positive quotes about women that you may love to read:









Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Protests across the globe for women safety, equality and freedom

India: After the heinous crime of gang rape and brutal murder of 8 year old girl named Asifa in Kathua village, Kashmir, an outrage triggered in entire nation. Thousands of people protested across India and demanded quick prosecution of rape suspects. Almost 3 months have passed since the unfortunate incidence, with no major advancement. 

Iran: March 7, 2018, A woman of 32, was sentenced to 2 years in prison on the charge of encouraging people for corruption by removing hijab in public.  Soon after it on March 19, 2018, another Iranian woman got arrested for protesting compulsory hijab and was sentenced to one year in Prison for demanding freedom. So far 29 women have been arrested for involvement in hijab protest. Hijab was not always part of the Iranian culture. On March 7, 1979 a compulsory hijab was imposed on women after declaring Iran as an Islamic state, which was followed by protest. These protesters are being called daughters of Revolution Street.
An excerpt from the book Persepolis

Poland: March 23, 2018:  Women protested and demanded to liberalize abortion. Abortion in Poland is illegal. However, there are three exceptions to it, (a) rape; (b) when there is irreversible damage to the fetus; and (c) if mother’s life is in jeopardy due to pregnancy.

Russia: April 17, 2018, Women protest sexual harassment in the absence of laws against sexual harassment. Hashtag #IAmNotAfraidToSayIt became popular and was shared extensively in Ukraine and Russia. 

Japan: April 6, 2018: A woman mayor protested sexist rules of sumo tradition. According the tradition a woman can not step up to the ring and greet sumo because women are considered as “unclean.”

Women all over the world are standing up for equality and their rights.
P.S. India: March 31, 2018: Muslim women protested anti triple talaq bill. Do they really think it will be better for their own and their daughter's future? What do you think of it?
Images are taken from google. 
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