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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Shimla in Photographs...

In December, I happened to visit Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. It was my second visit to the place, this time with the family of my maternal uncle. With a hope to see snowfall which I have never encountered before rather none of us had, we decided December to be the best time for the same. Our excitement levels were high but like before this time too there was no snow-fall. Rather we were welcomed with the clear and warm sunny days which was unavailable in Delhi that time. Here I am sharing a few Photographs of the place that you may enjoy. If you plan to visit Shimla do not miss Indian institute of advance Studies.

Temple of Tara Devi which I didn't explore before served picturesque views. It was standing beautifully on a mountain cliff. 
Me with my Aunt and cousins at Tara Devi Temple.
A view from Tara Devi Temple

Evening in Shimla, Mountain of houses...
Sunset Hues, near mall-road.
Mall-road at Night
The Church at night, Shimla
In my last blog about Shimla I mentioned my visit to Indian Institute of Advance Studies. I hvisited this beautiful place once again. It was lovely as ever, though this time with a little snow here and there.

It was built in 1884 as a home for Viceroy of India, which later on in 1965 was established as research Institute. The architecture inside is quite magnificent and mesmerizing

Indian Institute of Advance Studies, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

In case you are travelling to Shimla by Road via Ambala-Shimla highway, you may like exploring  Pinjore Gardens on the way. To read more about Pinjore refer to Wikipedia here.

My first shot in Pinjore Gardens
Pinjore Gardens, Pinjore, Panchkula District, Haryana. all my fellow bloggers and readers. Thankyou so much for your support to this blog!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Ten things you might find common between your child and you as a child...
Wish you all a very Happy Children's Day. Today for some reason I was remembering my childhood and was reading back the posts I had written long time back about my frisky and adventurous childhood memories- Childhood Discoveries, Teachings and Lessons...

With changing times plays, priorities and lives of children today have changed as well. But a few things may never change. There are times when you find a stark similarity between your child and your childhood . Here I have tried to point out ten such adorable similarities that have passed on between the generations...  

...and you smile during these times thinking back about the fond memories of your childhood!

Didn't we believe the same???
That is the time when you are amused and awestruck!

We all sail in the boat!!!
We all had a colorful home at sometime in their lives!!!
I remember doing this a lot of mom does too...those guests do too... Gosh!!!
I have heard a lot of stories like this, as a child, as an adult... Can you relate to this?

A child with scissors is a child on the job!!!
Happy Birthday to all November-Borns.
Could you relate to above situations? Can you add more to the list?
Wish you all a very happy Children's Day again! 
P.S. There is an online community RapeRoko against rape and abuse. Do join the cause and create awareness:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

To Smokers with Love -III

Dear smokers, 
Stop smoking in public.
Yours Lovingly,
 There are many reasons why I hate smoking. This is one of them!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Idle Moments

They were resting on a couch. Her head was relaxing on his shoulder; left hand holding one of his hands. She was playing with television remote from the other hand, her eyes were looking down digging the earth deeper, mind was lost in rumination. He was sitting idle besides her with his eyes closed and his idle hand was holding a business magazine against his chest.
“Have you never been in love with another woman, after I came in your life?”, she murmured.

A silent woman is a terrorist, who is planning to bombard the tranquillity out of your life. She believes her curiosities are good for her existence but in reality her idle mind is a threat to mankind.

With an effort he made Hmmm sound from his throat ignorantly, directing  to a careless affirmation . Somewhere he had become used to these small nuclear-bomb attacks on him. And as humans have evolve, he had come through a tough stage of evolution too.
“What ‘hmmm’? Answer me?”
“Yes I don't want to lie here. I fall in love with a new woman almost daily, I just can't help it.”, he answered her with a dragged voice still not willing to speak. Though proud and amused at his brave speech.

She straightened her head, her eyes were wide in shock trying to pierce his mind. Her reaction alarmed him suddenly thinking back on what he had said without weighing the repercussions of it.  He was still studying her expressions, she was staring at him in disbelief unable to understand what to do. Her mind fumbling the past events where she could find one moment, that single moment when he seemed disloyal, uninterested in her, arrogant or anything that can prove his infidelity.
He took a deep breath and calmly looked at her to understand the level of reactions that were taking place in that small nuclear reactor.

A while later he continued, “You are full of those threatening moods. You amuse me, threaten me, love me, and all of a sudden become a hurtful soul weeping badly. Sometimes you are a lioness saving your own pride, sometimes a rabbit scared of a beaming light. Don't you think you are  a new person daily?  You hardly give me any time or opportunity to think about anyone else in all this.”
She shyly smiled a little. His expressions were teasing her and his eyes were giggling at her. Her love for him made him one of the most desired men in her eyes, and herself so plain in his comparison! The feelings of mad-love and desire instilled a sense of insecurity in her.
She rested her head back on his shoulder, “There are so many women better than me around you...", she continued, "You never felt a temptation of knowing or falling for anyone? Though I know you will not tell me the truth now seeing my reaction a while back but I am just asking!”
His lips spread out. He was smiling as he sensed another fit of insecurity in his lady. Probably every woman faces this state once a while in her life. He repositioned himself, cupped her face in his manly hands, gazed deeper into her eyes and said in a very serious tone, “You are perfect for me.”
He paused a little. She was looking at him with a little smile, a little blush waiting to hear him further. “There must be thousands of men, I am sure, who are better than me in every respect. Better in looks, physique, humor, money, status or everything.  And there will be those who are even better than them. This has no end. Why you are with me is because you love me. Your love makes me perfect in your eyes. And as I can see it is making you insecure now. There may be hundreds of ladies who look fairer than you. But they are not you. For me you are fairest of them all. The way I feel for you, I don't think I can ever feel it for anyone else.” He kissed her forehead.  She was calmly smiling looking back at him, satisfied with his answer.
Women are like puzzles, daily sweeping through uncertainity and a new set of emotions. Sometimes love and assurance is all they need. She needed no more answers for the day, or weeks or may be for months to come...

Friday, October 31, 2014

Do Ghosts Really Exist?

They flow in air, with either inverted feet or no-feet at all like a genie. They have supernatural powers and can do anything they want to from making you fly to entering in your body. When you feel a cold air passing through your body in warm summers, it is a soul/ghost as they are the cold things on earth. You can not see them because humans and ghosts have different vibration patterns. The ones who see them almost vibrate at the the speed of Ghosts. We all have heard of people who claim that they call the ghosts of the dead and talk to them. Have you heard/read all this and more?
The idea or stories of ghosts are quite intriguing. I heard the word Ghost for the first time when I was in 5th standard. Before that I was oblivious of what a Ghost really means! Being a tough kid with no fixed habits my parents used to scare me off with idea of a “Watchman”. Outside our home on a road a watchman used to stroll during fixed hours. But in his absence whenever I showed a reluctance to sleep, my father used to wear a shawl, take a stick and used to move outside the room of our bungalow with that “thak-thak” of hitting of wooden stick on the floor. My mom used to ask me to hide and sleep else the watchman outside will take me with him. That used to frighten me a lot to sleep on time, letting my parents get enough sleep before going to work next morning. It was almost a ritual, till I developed a normal sleep cycle. During that time a watchman was 'the Ghost' for me.
After listening to ghost stories(people claiming them to be real) I once asked my mother about what exactly a Ghost is! To which she calmly replied, “It is a matter of your faith. If you will have faith in God, you will see God. If you have faith in Ghosts, you will see Ghosts.” I never questioned her again. I developed strong faith in God (and that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in the theory of evolution).
The idea of Ghosts terrified me after seeing some of the Ghosts movies during childhood, and famous serial 'Aahat' later on. But I told myself what my mother told me years back and I didn’t believe in Ghosts  again.
Two years back during one of the philosophical and spiritual dialogues with a friend, Saumya, the topic of Ghost came in a full swing. We were very casual about the discussion when clock striked 1 O’clock at night. She said,” you know I have read ghosts are active from midnight till 4 am.” Listening that for the first time a chill ran through me. I told her that it did scare me this time. She continued, “ You know when you feel scared, there is an actual ghost around you.” I bid farewell to her for the night and waited for my fear to go away before using the restroom. Later I told myself once again, I trust my God more and if ever I will have an encounter with a ghost, it will be on a pleasant note. I don’t believe in interfering till then.
P.S. Once in the state of insomnia I thought of checking if we can see a ghost in a dark room. When I thought about ‘what if a ghost actually comes before me’, I quickly took a blanket on my face and slept. I was petrified. Was there a ghost?
P.P.S. I don’t discard the experiences that people share and I respect them of what they saw and I didn’t. Somewhere I am glad I didn’t.
HaPpY Halloween!!!
Do you have a ghost story? Have you ever experienced a ghost in your life?
I am glad my mother didn’t scare me that time when I was young, which made me stronger. What would you tell your child, if s/he asks the same?

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