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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I mind tans when I am living in my home. I feel lazy and under spirited at times. I don't want to step out in harsh sun or deadly winters wait for the weather to turn better. I love to stay indoors. And then everything opposite happens when I am on travel. As I was introspecting about my travel experiences I realized there is something common in every trip I have made since childhood. Being born to the parents who love to explore either one or two or even three places every year, traveling has become my habit.
I don't think about tans on travel. I talk to the locals and listen to the tales of fellow- travelers. Trains look awesome for small journey. I love holding tickets in my hands. I don’t mind harsh sun or deadly winters. Anytime of the day/night is worth leaving my hideout and go for expeditions. My comfort on travel takes a back seat. Travel makes me a different person, a lively person, a person who doesn’t want to miss anything. Travel makes me a story teller... 

Things I take care of while going on a tour-
-Two pair of foot wears maximum three (sport shoes, slippers, and belly)
-Keeping my suitcase lite.
-A handbag containing soaps, towels, sanitizer.
-Pills (for headache and stomach infections)
-Camera, camera charger with extra memory card
What I normally forget to pack. (Last two trips were exceptional)
My comb and my toothbrush! :D

T is for Travel, on April 21
A to Z Challenge

What does traveling do to you? What things you normally forget to pack before going on trips?
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Selfishness and Selflessness

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I have read this story long back. Once a group of asura (demons) asked Lord Vishnu (Supremacy), “Why have you given special authority to Gods and not to us? Since there is nothing they can do and we cannot, we demand equal respect and status. “
Lord Vishnu heard to their plea and decided to invite all Gods and Demons together on lunch to talk about the matter. The date was decided, and both Gods and Demons reached the venue. Since Demons and Gods are enemies, hence they were seated in different rooms for lunch. Lord Vishnu welcomed them both. He asked them to tie wooden logs on their elbows during lunch, if they want to know why Gods are given higher status than them. They agreed. Demons picked up their bite but their hands couldn’t reach their mouth because the logs didn't allow their elbows to bend. For some minutes they kept on trying to eat something but all in vain. None of them could succeed. After half an hour Lord Vishnu entered their room to ask them if they liked their food but saw all the demons red in anger. Their logs were broken, food was spilled around. They were fighting with each other in frustration as in an attempt to eat something some of them had accidentally hit the other. Looking at lord Vishnu, all of them asked aloud with angry eyes, “Did you call us here to insult us?”
To which lord Vishnu smiled and asked them to follow him calmly to another room. Lord Vishnu took them in the room where Gods were eating. Demons were surprised to see that they had divided themselves in teams of two and were feeding bites in each others’ mouths. They were enjoying their food and the room was filled with peace and love.
Lord Vishnu said, “Dear demons may be now you know where you lag behind from Gods.
All the demons, in shame, went back to their homes.

We can be either like those Demons or Gods. We can become totally selfish, thinking about our good, our comfort, ourselves and ignoring the other person. And in long run remain dissatisfied, unattended and isolated. Or we can give love and get love in return like Gods. The one who works selflessly never walks alone.
Isn’t life all about living for each other and enjoying pleasure in giving!

S is for Selfishness and Selflessness, Story on April 21
A to Z challenge

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Regrets

“What is the biggest regret in your life?” a friend probed me.
I said “nothing.”
“Really?” he was astounded.
"I did take my chances, I did fail too. I stood up again. Isn’t it how life should be? Why should I have regrets?”
He knew I wasn't wrong!
I thought further. The things we did in our lives were exactly the ones that we wanted to do at one point of time. Repercussions, good or bad, are ours. Then why do we need to hold remorse or guilt for our own actions. Why is there a need to recall our impulsive actions, failed dreams and aspirations or lack of hard work throughout our lives? We all are accountable for our lives and mistakes we make. We may repent for the chances we didn’t take but why to repent for long. I may have regretted for knowing someone or may have regretted for not working hard, or putting myself in vulnerable positions, but the regrets came and went. None lasted for long. Rather than repenting- we can either work hard or we can be glad that we gave our best shot for what we believed in. Or at least did what we felt is right and suitable for ourselves. Or may be try once again without leading a reproachful life. Looking at bigger picture or being optimist- it might also be possible that we have dodged some bigger accidents by missing on a few things. As they say put your all efforts on what you believe in and then have faith-‘whatever happens, happens for good…”

R is for Regret, on April 21
A to Z Challenge.
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Saturday, April 19, 2014


I am putting here a set of ten questions. Answer the questions you like!
1. Why do you travel? What is your dream destination?

2. What do you value most in others?

3. Do romantic movies make you cry? If yes how do you deal with the outburst when with family/friends?

4. According to you a should a boy ask the girl out (or propose) or any of them can?

5. Which social causes you deeply feel for?

6. If you are vegetarian how you would deal if you are caught up in a group of all non-vegetarian people on your table? Or vice-versa?

7. What is the one thing that you want to do but haven’t got any chance to do?

8. Your views on Gay marriages- can you accept it in your family or in case of your son/daughter? (I am asking it again on my blog)

9. If a stranger waves back at you, or give you a smile, will you respond back with the same? If not, why?

10.  Here is a situation: Your server goes down, you go to the cafe but all in vain. You can’t access internet from anywhere… After filing a complaint, the operator tells you that server in your area will be down for next ten days! What will be your reaction, what will you do and how will you spend those ten days?

Q is for Questions on April 19,
A to Z Challenge.

Friday, April 18, 2014


In India, people tie these knots at holy places to make wishes. I clicked this photograph last year during my visit to Mahakumbh in Allahabad, U.P.

P is for Prayers on April 18
A to Z Challenge.
P.S. During my Gangtok (Sikkim, India) Tour I learned a lot about Buddhism. People following Buddhism tie these prayer flags in different areas. It is believed that when winds pass though those multicolored flags, it spreads mantras written on them in the environment thus making it pious. See all photographs and read further information about Buddhist prayer flags and prayer wheels here: Gangtok in Photographs.

I found another interesting way of praying to God during my visit to Almora, Uttarakhand, India. Believers wrote their wishes on affidavits and hung them in the temple- you can read about it here- Golu Devta Temple
Have you ever tied these knots in any temple or mosque? Do you know any other way of praying to God? Please share your experiences or post your links of any related posts you have written!