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Sunday, July 5, 2020

अधमरा सा मेरा शहर

घर की खिड़की से 
बाहर झांक मैं देखती हूँ 
अपने शहर को 
जो अधमरा सा 
सन्नाटे में लिपटा पड़ा है 
कुछ समय पश्चात 
हलचल होती है
एक बुलबुल गा जाती है
और गौरैया
वही धुन गुनगुनाती है 
आ जातीं हैं कहीं से 
अनगिनत गिलहरियाँ भी 
जो गुलमोहर और 
अमलतास पर 
बेधड़क छलांग लगातीं हैं 
फिर सुर में सुर मिलाने को 
कुछ सुरीली कोयलें  
और  बेसुरे कौवे
उत्साहित हो जुड़ जातें हैं 
वह कठफोड़वा
जो सवेरे से कुछ थका हुआ था 
अब किसी डाल पर 
तबले की थाप बजाता है 
और फ़ाख्ता उड़-उड़ कर 
पंखों की ध्वनि से 
पूरा माहौल सजाता है 
सिकुड़ता जाता है 
मृत्यु का भय 
और यूँही 
खेल खेल में 
मेरा शहर
उल्लासित हो
जीवंत हो जाता है।

For non-Hindi readers: 
One day I looked outside from home and realized how dead and lifeless the city looked. The pandemic had silenced every noise that was the part of our world. The absence of which made this city so spiritless. The news of deaths led the remaining joys into further despondency. 
But somewhere the life was still simmering, just like before, somewhere the beauty hadn’t faded and darkness hadn’t shingled the hopes and joys. In that dead silence when I looked with empty eyes, suddenly a bulbul perched and began singing and sparrow humming. Infinite squirrels came from nowhere and began chasing each other. Soon melodious cuckoos and raucous crows joined them in chorus.  A woodpecker started playing drum and dove began dancing in air, adding music with the flutters of it’s  wings. Then once again city lived up again. 

Has nature ever filled you up with hope like this? 

Monday, June 18, 2018


Dedicating this poem to my father. Wrote these lines some six years back, and hid them between the closed pages of my dairy. Now sitting afar from him, I miss him badly. While writing this post, many incidences from the memory of growing up are playing in front of my eyes. He has been my strength and I love him more than he knows. Here's to the father-daughter bond we share:

क्यों कमज़ोर होता है
तुम्हारा ह्रदय
तुम ही सबसे
सशक्त प्रबल
शिक्षक हो मेरे
तुम्हारा दो बाँहों का
झूला था
मेरे जीवन का

पहला उपहार
वो दो बाहें
फिर मेरी छत बनीं
उन्हीं ने
मेरी रक्षा करी
हर कष्ट, व्याकुलता में
फिर तुमने मुझे ह्रदय
से लगाया
हर बार
अपना आशीर्वाद
देने को
तुमने अपना हाथ उठाया
तुमने मुझे
चलना सिखलाया
स्वाभिमान के लिए
लड़ना सिखलाया
किस विचार से हो
तुम चिंतित
क्यों अब व्याकुल
होता है तुम्हारा ह्रदय
बेटी तुम्हारी
यहीं है
तुम्हारे पास
अब भी तुम्हें 
प्यार से
बचपन के उत्तम स्वर में
गाकर पापा बुलाती है
और आकर
यूँही सीने से
लग जाती है...
Happy father's day papa. :)

If you share the same bond with your father, I would be happy to know about it. A happy father's day to all the fathers in the world. 

Image: The picture is of me and my father some three decades before.
P.S. I am sorry to the non-Hindi readers of this blog for not being able to translate the poem in English. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A to Z challenge reflection post, 2018

March 31st, on the eve of famous April A to Z challenge, I was busy writing out small drabbles to post in the challenge. The list was almost finished for the topics I was planning to write on. The stories were decided too, about the common issues women face like domestic violence, wage inequality, women being pestered by in laws to deliver a boy and so on. Any lawyer, social worker, marriage counselor or psychologist and women who are facing it would agree here that these issues do exist, that too commonly. The stories I planned to write initially, were not the ones I heard from somewhere. These were the real life stories from people I know. When I tried to find my name in the registration list of AtoZchallenge site, I found out it wasn’t there. Accidents happen. GK had been motivating me and waiting for me to participate in it again. When I commit to something, I put all my heart and soul to finish it. Hence this challenge was the only hope and motivation for me to get into the routine blogging. 
Shilpa, one of the old blog-mates, who participates in AtoZ each year came forward for my support like always. I decided to step into it. Sometimes you need a word of inspiration from fellow bloggers and friends to get going. 

I started with the topic Abuse. I realized many people around me didn’t know that women today still go through a lot of abuse, verbal, physical and sexual in their relationships. Thus, my journey had begun, with a thought that by writing about these things, if I could compel just one person to think rationally, it will make a lot of difference. The change in perception of one person facilitates discussions in his/her group of family and friends. And hence, a single person can bring the required change.
After writing the third post, I started feeling low, I didn’t want to write about them anymore. Women issues are depressing, and thinking and writing about them daily is even more depressing. I realized along with stories, I needed to write constructive posts, that have solutions. Hence, I removed one restriction from my theme of women issues i.e. 100 word stories based on real life. I planned to introduce humor through doodles on less relevant women issues. To my amazement, humor attracted more people. And writing about serious issues after them, maintained blog traffic. Regular visits from fellow-bloggers, friends, family and especially my mother (who commented on my posts in Hindi) kept my spirits high. Thank you to each one of you (new and old blog-mates, new and old family, new and old friends) for being there with me throughout this challenge. Again GK was a huge support who also reviewed some of my posts along with my sister. This was my third time participation in AtoZ challenge. Like always this challenge has helped me in pushing myself to write daily and write better.

What I wrote before for previous years' challenges:

Some of the blogs I read and enjoyed in this year's challenge:
- Rose is a rose is a rose, Shilpa Garg, Notes from roads (tips and stories from her travel experiences)
- Living a life of gratitude, G Angela David, Inspirational and contemplative books. 
-Scripted insanity, CRD, Humor, poems, satire
Kalpana writes Kalpana,  Tour of Delhi (also my hometown) with mesmerizing photographs.
-Shalz mojo, Shalini Baiswala, Book recommendations (many of which are in my to read list).
- Time and tide, B Pradeep Nair

A big thanks to fellow blogger, Rajan (who blogs at: Shoot the breeze) for his constant support through visits and sharing his views throughout this challenge. 

List of posts for April month on women issues

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Hindi poems on women issues...

मेरी पढाई भी उतनी,
औहदा भी उतना,

इज़्ज़त भी उतनी,
तनख्वा भी उतनी,
तुम्हारा बड़ा है
तो अहंकार,
और छोटी है
तो तुम्हारी सोच...


कभी पूछ ही लेते 
शाम की चाय के लिए 
 ताउम्र तरसी हूँ मैं 
किसी और ज़ायके के लिए...


कुछ कहने से पहले 
कई बार सोचती हु मैं 
बुरा लगने पर कही मुझे 
छोड़ तो ना दोगे..

दिन ढलने  से पहले 
घर आ गयी हूँ  मैं
माँ कहती है 
शाम को बाहर
भेड़िए आते हैं ...

कुछ कहते कहते रुक जाना
एक दूसरे के कानो में बुदबुदाना
हम औरतों की बातों में 
अमूमन दर्द भरे होते हैं... 

तुमने उसको पहले देखा
या तुम उसके सामने पड़ी क्यूँ
ग़लती कई बार उसकी होती है 
जो दबाया जा सकता है...

उसको हुई नहीं हुआ है
उसकी हुआ नहीं हुई है
I didn't know any other way to vent out my anger and rage other than writing these lines. Hopefully someday world will be a fair place, atleast for humans! 
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