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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rituals- Why do I follow them?

No one can pull me out of my roots,
I am a plant that dies without its soil, without its roots..

I follow values and traditions not just blindly, but for a reason. I dig out the causes to understand why they became rituals for people. When I can't find a reason, my heart compels me to respect the sentiments of elders. To make themselves proud and happy.

On the other hand there are some I don't follow at all, I act as a rebel. That is because sometimes these rituals give us a panic attack, enter our comfort zone and kill our pride. We feel and breathe too.

Values are our basic identity and individuality that separate us and our thoughts from others, providing a system of living. They set the standards and priorities in the life of a person. Though at times traditions and rituals bind our wings while other times they are the way of celebrating our and our tribe's existence on earth.

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