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Monday, May 26, 2008

Special children

Parenting Special children or the children with mental imparement is the toughest job. A person with mental retardation has to have both significantly low IQ and considerable problems in everyday functioning. Mental retardation may be complicated by several different physical and emotional problems. The child may also have difficulty with hearing, sight or speech.Most children with mental retardation can learn a great deal, and as adults can lead atleast partially independent lives.It is very important that the child has a comprehensive evaluation to find out about his or her strengths and needs. Since no specialist has all the necessary skills, many professionals might be involved. General medical tests as well as tests in areas such as neurology (the nervous system), psychology, psychiatry, special education, hearing, speech and vision, and physical therapy are useful.These physicians refer the child for the necessary tests and consultations, put together the results, and jointly with the family and the school develop a comprehensive treatment and education plan.
Early diagnosis of psychiatric disorders in children with mental retardation leads to early treatment. Medications can be helpful as one part of overall treatment and management of children with mental retardation.

Causes: there can be numerous causes for mental impairment..
1. Sometimes disability is caused by abnormal genes inherited from parents or errors when genes combine.

2.Mental disability can result when the fetus does not develop inside the mother properly. For example, there may be a problem with the way the fetus's cells divide as it grows. A woman who drinks alcohol (see fetal alcohol syndrome) or gets an infection like rubella during pregnancy may also have a baby with mental disability.

3. If a baby has problems during labor and birth, such as not getting enough oxygen, he or she may have developmental disability due to brain damage.

4. or it can be due to Iodine deficiency(affecting approximately 2 billion people worldwide, is the leading preventable cause of mental disability in areas of the developing world where iodine deficiency is endemic.), malnutrion(Malnutrition is a common cause of reduced intelligence in parts of the world affected by famine, such as Ethiopia.)

5.The use of forceps during birth can lead to mental retardation in an otherwise normal child. They can fracture the skull and cause brain damage.

6.Sensory deprivation in the form of severe environmental restrictions (such as being locked in a basement or under a staircase), prolonged isolation, or severe atypical parent-child interactions.

These children are special in true sense. they are like flowers who need proper care and attention, extra love and affection to grow and to survive. These are always so pure hearted and so untouched by the world's cruelilty. educating them and making them partially self independent is toughest but remarkable job.

Love them..

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  1. baby shesha is still a baby...... I love u baby.... Keep enjoying life.... we rock... :)... Hum jaisa milna mushkil nahi namumkin hai... love you loads... Saumya


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