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Monday, June 30, 2008

God, this is for you!!

We all at some point of our lives get into controversy, either with our innerselves or with people around us, that if God really exists. And mostly this controversy arises due to situations arising out of failures and griefs. Ironically these are the times when we remember 'Him' the most too. The conversions from theists to atheists are very prominent during these times, when negetavity is on its peek. But these conversions are not because of lack of faith in God, its due to lack of faith in oneself. Even if u hate God, u first have to believe in his existence and u first have to love him to hate him. Most of the people having different religions and people from different corners of the world believe that this universe and world beyond it, is a result of the miracle by somebody, who can't be reached easily.
Be it a hindu religion or christianity, we all believe in the existence of one greatest power above all which is controlling us. But why this debate about his existence? Even if God exists, is he important to our lives, or if he doesn't exists, does it makes any difference??
Sometimes our faith, in God or in anything else, makes our hopes strong. During the bad phase of life, one gets the feeling of optimism that this is not going to be like this forever, thinking that its because of karmas and hopes for some miracle to happen. Even if no miracle happens, we are escorted to good phases in the meanwhile. Its good to rely on somebody other than you, atleast it lowers the burden when you are low. This faith in God also helps us in becoming a better person. Because of the fear of being paid off for our karmas, most of the times we get rescued from harming others by our words or actions..
An atheist may probably reject this theory but a theist and confused atheist would surely agree to it in some way.When we say that this life is all about science, and our existence is based on theory of evolution. And we are formed with the fusion of microbes. That Fusion is a miracle.
When we say all these planets moving around the sun on their regular paths is due to gravitational force of sun, than that gravitational force too is a miracle.. We take births, we die, flowers blossom, fishes swim, birds fly, so many starsin the sky, somewhere its all sea and somewhere its all mountains, infinite galaxies everything seems to be the miracle. This miracle must have been done by someone. And we have named that someone as God. There are so many instances we heard about rebirths and life after death that certainly its a mystery that even science would like to solve.. And untill science solves it or rather discovers some logic behind our bare souls, lets keep guessing the God. But in the end we should not forget science is a miracle too.. :)

When parents are right

By the time you realise that your parents were right, your children start thinking that your are wrong..

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Playing Cards

Playing cards have a special attraction in them. Unlike any other game Cards offer a variety of different games within them, breaking the monotony arising out of repetition.

I have been playing cards with the same passion since i was a child !! Many people find cards bad. But if you play them decently they are just like any other indoor game!!
Let me recollect the memories and remebering each and every GAME of cards that i have played till now.
So this post is dedicated to playing cards..

First game that i learned was Patte pe Patta, where 2 or more people divides the cards equally, and then each player turn by turn opens one card. The one who throws the card of either a same sign or same number as previous card takes the whole lot generated in that session!! Deal is to get all the available cards from rest of the players. This is one of the easiest game.
Next game i learned was quite similar to previous one called "Chatai", followed by few more games like Ghar Lootna, Duggi Bazaar, Donkey Stop, Laad. These Games are easiest games that require minimum use of Brain. Any child can follow these games very quickly.
Though these are a bit tougher than Flash, thats normally, rather is always played with money, as without including money nobody is intrested in it(one of the games i find totally crap). Let me give a fake idea that i have about how it is played. In flash each player gets 3 cards, and then starts bidding (without having the idea what the other person has got). And the player who dont want to bid more says "SHOW", and other players show their cards. Highest is the trail (Trail means having same numbered cards of different signs. eg. Three Aces) and lowest being no repetion of any number or any sign in the trio. In between there are many other combinations. ( I dont know all of them).
Particularly this game is one of the dumbest games in my knowledge, having no sports spirit.

Next series of games include Teen Do Panch (3 player game) and Saath aath(2 player game), Uno, Bluff(420).These games are one of the very intresting games and most common too. Specially Teen Do Panch and bluff are favourites of many. I would like to rate them as 2.5 out of 5.
Next level of games are tactful but easy to learn. First one being Rummy, a very intresting game, if played intelligently. Then comes Code Peace, a four player game, where four players are divided in a two teams having two player each. This game has no sessions and can be played untill one gets sleepy. lol.. In the end, the team that has minimum number of Codes, wins. These games are worth 3 or 3.5 out of 5
Another game that requires brain in a good amount is "28". This game is very old, and very few people know it. Drawback is its a very lengthy game and is rarely finished.. But when you'll play it you wont find its worth below 4 out of 5!!

Finally i think there are two games that should be termed as Kings of cards (i cant say which one is better). They are Bridge and Sweep!! These are believed to be most intelligent Games. They are not everybody's cuppa tea. Many people find them hard to play, as they need maximum application of brain!!
I tried to learn Brigde from one of my quite elder cousin brother (the only person till now, who knows bridge, among the people i know) but i could'nt.I have seen most of the people find these two games difficult to learn and difficult to play. Though the person who knows thems enjoys them to the core.

Dont think am a pakki juawari kinds.. :P Cards are a real sport, if played with true spirit!! :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why more boys are being born to girls???

Its been quite a while that am reading and hearing so much about so many things, that forced me to write something.. The first thing that came to my mind was the rapid decline in female ratio.
Globally, there are about 105 to107 boys born for every 100 girls.
China having the largest gap between the girls boys ratio. It has been noted in various countries that women are giving more births to male children naturally. Some of the reasons behind this may be older fathers, stress, environmental toxins and lower maternal weight.
Pollutants like dioxin, mimic in human hormones may also be affecting the birth rates.
Lets discuss the problem in India.
This is an alarming state for all of us.
This stats are based on the 0-6 age group...

in 1961, ratio for girls:boys was 976:1000..
in 1971, 964:1000
in 1981, 962:1000
in 1991, ratio of grls:boys was 945:1000
Which declined in 2001, to 927:1000 boys..
Its declining rapidly ... and it can be seen more in rural areas...More or less cities are also experiencing the same!and this ratio reached near 800s in 2005!!
One of the reason is illiteracy leading to female infanticide and traditional mindset of ppl for a male child!!Despite of the fact that we have developed and grown immensly we are still engaged in brutal practices like female infanticide.
In rural area its shockingly common. People after discovering the new born child is female, kill the baby by adopting various means such as strangling the baby, giving her poison, dumping her in a garbage bin, drowning her, burying her alive, starving her, stuffing her mouth with salt, or leaving her outdoors overnight so she dies of exposure.
What is even more shocking is this brutal muder is not considered as a big crime in these areas. Women being women themselves (playing the role of mothers, daughters, sisters) dont realise the importance of a girl child and participate in female infanticide equally.
Depressingly, educated, wealthy and so called mordern mindset of urban people doesnt help them in offgaurding their desire for a male child.
Though they dont kill their daughter after she is born, they do try and find out the sex of their child, and abort female fetuses, which again is a crime.If this continues to fall like this or if this state remains stationary for long period of time, the state of frustration and ill practices will keep on developing to newer heights among male masses.
Many ppl will remain unmarried...... it may add to their frustration... eve-teasing and molesting will increase to heights.... due to this imbalance there may be increase in extra marital affairs too... morals and ethics of society may get ruined...mishappenings with female child will also increase.... it will be more of a male dominated society and it will be hard for ladies to get their due share...
Though nowadays govt is taking measures for the same but it alone cant do much, we, who have been sleeping till now have to wake and have to respect the arrival of baby daughters to our homes.
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