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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Playing Cards

Playing cards have a special attraction in them. Unlike any other game Cards offer a variety of different games within them, breaking the monotony arising out of repetition.

I have been playing cards with the same passion since i was a child !! Many people find cards bad. But if you play them decently they are just like any other indoor game!!
Let me recollect the memories and remebering each and every GAME of cards that i have played till now.
So this post is dedicated to playing cards..

First game that i learned was Patte pe Patta, where 2 or more people divides the cards equally, and then each player turn by turn opens one card. The one who throws the card of either a same sign or same number as previous card takes the whole lot generated in that session!! Deal is to get all the available cards from rest of the players. This is one of the easiest game.
Next game i learned was quite similar to previous one called "Chatai", followed by few more games like Ghar Lootna, Duggi Bazaar, Donkey Stop, Laad. These Games are easiest games that require minimum use of Brain. Any child can follow these games very quickly.
Though these are a bit tougher than Flash, thats normally, rather is always played with money, as without including money nobody is intrested in it(one of the games i find totally crap). Let me give a fake idea that i have about how it is played. In flash each player gets 3 cards, and then starts bidding (without having the idea what the other person has got). And the player who dont want to bid more says "SHOW", and other players show their cards. Highest is the trail (Trail means having same numbered cards of different signs. eg. Three Aces) and lowest being no repetion of any number or any sign in the trio. In between there are many other combinations. ( I dont know all of them).
Particularly this game is one of the dumbest games in my knowledge, having no sports spirit.

Next series of games include Teen Do Panch (3 player game) and Saath aath(2 player game), Uno, Bluff(420).These games are one of the very intresting games and most common too. Specially Teen Do Panch and bluff are favourites of many. I would like to rate them as 2.5 out of 5.
Next level of games are tactful but easy to learn. First one being Rummy, a very intresting game, if played intelligently. Then comes Code Peace, a four player game, where four players are divided in a two teams having two player each. This game has no sessions and can be played untill one gets sleepy. lol.. In the end, the team that has minimum number of Codes, wins. These games are worth 3 or 3.5 out of 5
Another game that requires brain in a good amount is "28". This game is very old, and very few people know it. Drawback is its a very lengthy game and is rarely finished.. But when you'll play it you wont find its worth below 4 out of 5!!

Finally i think there are two games that should be termed as Kings of cards (i cant say which one is better). They are Bridge and Sweep!! These are believed to be most intelligent Games. They are not everybody's cuppa tea. Many people find them hard to play, as they need maximum application of brain!!
I tried to learn Brigde from one of my quite elder cousin brother (the only person till now, who knows bridge, among the people i know) but i could'nt.I have seen most of the people find these two games difficult to learn and difficult to play. Though the person who knows thems enjoys them to the core.

Dont think am a pakki juawari kinds.. :P Cards are a real sport, if played with true spirit!! :)


  1. true, never gave it a thought that no other indoor game can be played differently.

  2. even i used to play cards with all my cousins when i was young, especially in summer vacations...i remember a game in which we had to get rid of all the cards as soon as possible, dont remember the name,even i learned to play magic as well with cards...

  3. yup.. tricks with cards are common too.. even i used to enjoy those tricks to the core.. still remember a few!! thanx for appreciating the post!!

  4. The game that you have mentioned must be bluff where u have to get rid of the cards u own via bluffing!! In hindi many people know it as 420!! Though there are few other games in which u need to get rid of all the cards but i guess this is the most common and widely played game!! :)

  5. oh yes u r right...thats wat it is called. used to play it all the time with my cousins in summer vacations.

  6. Rummy is one of my Favorites Card Game. You have shared all the amazing card game. Playing card game is really fun.


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