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Monday, June 30, 2008

God, this is for you!!

We all at some point of our lives get into controversy, either with our innerselves or with people around us, that if God really exists. And mostly this controversy arises due to situations arising out of failures and griefs. Ironically these are the times when we remember 'Him' the most too. The conversions from theists to atheists are very prominent during these times, when negetavity is on its peek. But these conversions are not because of lack of faith in God, its due to lack of faith in oneself. Even if u hate God, u first have to believe in his existence and u first have to love him to hate him. Most of the people having different religions and people from different corners of the world believe that this universe and world beyond it, is a result of the miracle by somebody, who can't be reached easily.
Be it a hindu religion or christianity, we all believe in the existence of one greatest power above all which is controlling us. But why this debate about his existence? Even if God exists, is he important to our lives, or if he doesn't exists, does it makes any difference??
Sometimes our faith, in God or in anything else, makes our hopes strong. During the bad phase of life, one gets the feeling of optimism that this is not going to be like this forever, thinking that its because of karmas and hopes for some miracle to happen. Even if no miracle happens, we are escorted to good phases in the meanwhile. Its good to rely on somebody other than you, atleast it lowers the burden when you are low. This faith in God also helps us in becoming a better person. Because of the fear of being paid off for our karmas, most of the times we get rescued from harming others by our words or actions..
An atheist may probably reject this theory but a theist and confused atheist would surely agree to it in some way.When we say that this life is all about science, and our existence is based on theory of evolution. And we are formed with the fusion of microbes. That Fusion is a miracle.
When we say all these planets moving around the sun on their regular paths is due to gravitational force of sun, than that gravitational force too is a miracle.. We take births, we die, flowers blossom, fishes swim, birds fly, so many starsin the sky, somewhere its all sea and somewhere its all mountains, infinite galaxies everything seems to be the miracle. This miracle must have been done by someone. And we have named that someone as God. There are so many instances we heard about rebirths and life after death that certainly its a mystery that even science would like to solve.. And untill science solves it or rather discovers some logic behind our bare souls, lets keep guessing the God. But in the end we should not forget science is a miracle too.. :)


  1. I just stumbled on your blog. Well, I beg to differ with your conception of atheists "Even if u hate God, u first have to believe in his existence and u first have to love him to hate him". Atheists dont hate God necessarily, they just dont believe in God, rather they dont find enough reasons to believe in God. Some of them might hate God as well.

    By the way, the post on Vedas was pretty informative.

  2. Well yes u are right.. atheists dont believe in the existence of God. But then there are many who after having bad experiences in life, starts hating God or else stop believing in 'his' existence..
    So they call themselves atheists too.. Nice observation BTw..
    thanx for reading me.. :)

  3. there is this one person called STEPHEN HAWKING, an american scientist, who is more that half paralyzed, a machine reads his muscle contractions of the mouth and converts it in to voice, an eminent physicist, he recently override newtons hypothcation that there must be some higher authority WHICH MUST HAVE SET THE BALL ROLLING. that is there must be a god, the creator of the scheme of things......but this man has in a buk xplained the non-existence of god.....hhaha//


    mmmm....what the person would know, who has been all surrounded with gadgets from the start, he is just a machine...hai na...par..par par...

    in india...we knew god deeply...our gurus, roamed in search of that god person..and there have been roamers like kabir, guru nanak, baba farid.....the one that is most popular roamer is guru nanak...

    he moved in all directions, and wrote a few lines that go as...

    ikk om kar satnam karta purakh....

    they mean that world is only in the senses, as we say in HINDU RELIGION, NAMASTEY, we fold our hand, bow our head down, and greet the person, that means the seven senses that have come from the supreme, is bowing to other seven senses.........that is one supreme is bowing to other supreme....

    wat i can sense is that god exists..and i take in the god through my senses...a religious moment is not when you enter the is when you see a kid... and you smile hug some one with all love....

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....took a lot of space...


  4. thats for were not replying for long....i thot u were angry wid me ovr smthin....sorry once again...for writing such demeaning n harsh language...



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