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Saturday, July 12, 2008

My first payjama party :)

News channels are definetly leaving up their marks, in our lives,if not anywhere else. They are better hit than any television series today. They know how to spice up the news and how to spread sensation throughout as what they call it "sansani". One can find everything from emotions, action, comedy to romance, thrill, suspense here. They certainly are a big big hit.

I know u must be wondering the title is pajama party and now i am giving speech about news channels, what rubbish!! But be impatient as i was when all this happened...

I had been a prey of this news madness too, a month ago. It was 11.30 pm(i dont remember day and date), my mom and dad were about to sleep and we three viz me, my sis and my bro all were talking to each other in our room when suddenly our door bell rang. I became furious as who can be there at this time of the night and told my brother to accompany me to the door.. He asked me to stay behind and went downstairs. And as he opened the door, a neighbourhood kid yelled out loud "Bhaiya get out of the house, hurry up. Earthquake is about to come. Quick bhaiya.. tell everybody." And as it never happened before in our lives we were amazed and amused on what was happening. In the meanwhile my dad also went out and asked whats the issue all about. And the kid said "we dont know uncle, elders have asked us to the ring bell of each and every house in this line and tell them to get out of their respective homes."

So willingly or unwillingly we all went out from our respective hideouts. And it seemed as if some pajama party was going on outside. Certainly it was like some great getogether, everybody was in night suits. All people from our lane were out talking to each other disecting on whats happening and how come this news took birth. My parents joined a group to know the details. And i moved further after them. A girl, cousin sister of that kid who alarmed us, came to us holding a tray full of glasses and offered water. So yeah, kids were assigned this duty, and they were thoroughly enjoying it. So my parents enquired about the matter as howcome the news about earthquake was spread. And one of the uncles told us, that in zee news at 4'clock in the afternoon, some people were predicting that the earthquake may approach Delhi between 11.00 pm to 12.oo am. And so, we asked all our kids to alarm all the nearby neighbours. I messaged one of my friend to get out of her home too, (call it my love for her or reaction of the action that was taking place out of my home). She called me back and asked me to sleep and stop acting like insanes at midnight and for some couple of minutes she seemed hopeless to me. When i was trying to save her life, she was calling me insane. But later on i realised it too, news channels can say anything.

So everyone was out of their respective homes, and had divided themselves into small social groups whichever was best suiting them, and regular sounds of talking, murmuring, laughing were reaching our ears.. There was no sleep in any eye! Anyways i was enjoying this "nightout" too. And i dialed another number, this time it was my cousin's no., indore, and told him the whole story. He was amused and started enjoying the nearby sounds too.. Since he was tired after all day work i asked him to go to sleep.

In the meanwhile my brother and his friends were planning to play cricket. They didn't want to loose this opportunity. And i joined his group, as to know whats happening in another social group. And this was the group i enjoyed alot. We all were laughing, making jokes of news channels. They all started making a high end plan to give those news channels another news full of sensation . A sensation regarding UFOs. They were dividing the jobs among themselves as who will take the shoot, who will become alien, who will hold the light behind and finally who will give the interview to the channel. And after 5 minutes they all were playing cricket in the front park. Everything was utterly hilarious. People started to move back to their respective homes. And i went to call my brother back, when suddenly another kid sprayed up a deodrant over me.. yuck!! i hate such strong smells and specially during night when i have to sleep.. But instead of getting angry i was laughing as this was another game that kids had discovered during this weird confusion. After returning i switched on the television, and all the news channels were pouring different news as always(none was related to "EARTHQUAKE") unaware of the fact as what impact they had made in our lives 2 hours ago.. And now the road that seemed so lively couple of hours ago, was now falling into deep dark silience of night.


  1. Nicely written.. bit too long though... i had to skip lines in opinion) ..i had similar experience when i was in North America.. but it was about fire alarms.. at like 2:30 in the night fire alarm of our building started bang bang bang.. it was so funny .. the previous time they had said .. they were testing the system .. so i m like ok they must be testing again.. after like 5 min of that annoying sound.. i called the security all furious.. and i m like what is this noise.. he is like sir its the fire alarm.. i m (in a smart tone).. yes i know it is.. but why are u testing it so late in the night.. and he is like.. sir there is a fire in your building.. go so me n my roomie who was playing music through his snorring.. had to go down 16 floors .. it was a pajama pasty outside... every1 in half sleep.. fire people n security cars all around.. and it ended up being some1 mistake or something ... that person got lot of blessings from every1 who had to come down from their sleep.. lol..

    so ya it was a fun experience..

    hope now this is not too long..for a response.. tc

    keep blogging

  2. Yeah.. this is the first time i have got this much lengthy response... Hope its not a tit for tat story.. lol
    Anyways on genuine side thanx for sharing ur similar kinda experience and appreciating this post..

  3. hey dat was funny!! on how ppl can air such non sense n other ppl actually can follow it.. newas channels in india hv gone overboar.. well dats another issue .. but indians can bond very well be it a train journey , a queue or a night drama like dis 1!! ;) very well written di...

  4. very true, a great observation.. Indians unite everywhere..
    Moreover i somehow feel that its not the mistake of people who are following it, rather its a mistake of news channels who are showing it, leaving confusion and chaos in peoples minds... :)
    have u seen any night time news in these channels.. where they show murders and things like that.. And the way they present (ahh ridiculous) is a sensation in itself!! God help us!! lol
    Thanx aditi :)

  5. But i feel it also depends on which channels n what you watch... becuase I have been an admirer of some of the news channels in India specially the english ones and business ones.. soo if u r watching AAJ TAK and Zee News then ofcourse you are bound to come across such things .... lol.. but ya its true that media misleads sometimes.. but in India it has been a good role of a political watchdog too... hope I am not making this sound too But i truly believe so.

    So filter the crap absorb the gud part ..


  6. Well yes Rahul, it depends from channel to channel. True, english news channels show sensible news. But see as majority of people "in India" prefers to watch Hindi channels, so they are bound to trust what they watch.. No wonder media is doing great job, be it a hindi news channels or english ones, in fighting against corruption and discovering hidden india. But on the same hand, it is misusing the liberty, it has got!
    So anyways the moral of the whole story is as you said "filter the crap and absorb the rest" ;)

  7. Ya .. thats the perfect gist of the matter.. even i have written my first blog on..

    I feel its long.. but hope an interesting read..



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