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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Other Side Of Me!! ;-)

My life without accidents or some weird incident!! Not possible.. Some or the other thing is always there round the corner. And this time if you are guessing that I am talking about my another fall from stairs or spoiling veggies while cooking, absolutely wrong!!! These are so commonly common incidents in my life.. This time it is something new.. and weirdly weird!!
It was 1 at night, we three were busy with our respective readings. My brother was doing his physics derivations, and my sister was reading a novel, and i too was busy in reading the novel "Alchemist". Mom and dad were asleep.. It was a silent night, with our small disturbances in between. I was deeply thirsty, but as I didn't want to take any break while reading, I didn't bother myself for just a glass of water. At 1.30 my brother departed for sleep. After a while, I too felt I must sleep, to wake up on time next day. So leaving my book in the middle, I rose up, with a peaceful heart and a mind full of nice philosophical thoughts which were injected in me by that book, I too went to bedroom ..
It was all dark. And now when i wanted to lie down, i suddenly realised that i was horribly thristy since past 3 hours. And i started searching for a bottle of water in that dark room near my bed, failed to find any, i was about to leave for refrigerator, when suddenly my brother stopped me. "Are u searching bottle??" he asked in a sleepy voice. I said "yups". And he handed me a bottle saying "its here". I opened the neck of the bottle, getting a bit suspicious about it. But then i was so engrossed with my thoughts and was so thirsty, i ignored the suspicion that occured and took the largest possible sip of it. And as i was about to swallow it, i found out it wasn't water. As water is not that thick, without any taste and it had the coolness of mint and its smell was like.. OH MY GOD!! i realised it now, it was hair oil that was resting inside my mouth, above my throat ready to go down.. YUCK!! It was disgusting. I punched my brother for what he had done(though he was totally unaware of what i had inside my mouth).. And after discovering he was laughing. And I rushed towards the basin to spit it out, with the precaution, that no drop must flow down inside me. Suddenly all philosophy vanished, all thirst died, and all sleep i had in my eyes flew off. And within few seconds all that large amount of oil,(i could have used that much hair oil twice) was flowing down the basin. After washing my mouth, i straighaway walked to the previous room to my sister, and told her the whole story, laughing hard. And my mother came in, it took her a split of second to realise what has happened. And now she was laughing too. When during night there's all silence, and when one wants to suppress the loud sounds of laughs and mutters, ironically one ends up being hysterical. And it was hard for us to stop at that moment, specially me who had experienced it a while ago!! :)


  1. hey baby.. u should have taken some drops of oil inside you to gain some weight.. hahaha
    enjoyed the post!
    love ya :)

  2. yup .. my bad.. here is the comment... but i didnt understand ur "rat" reply to my comment..

    hhmm that I am sure must have been very but i m still curious which hair oil tastes like mint? u didn't mention the nicely written.. very engaging.. and i can totally understand how philosophical one can get while reading Alchemist, one of the few books i have read all my


  3. well well well that wasn't the rply to your comment.. it was my rply to my post.. lol(if u've read it, u'll understand the rply)!!
    The oil which had an aroma of mint is not ubiqutous in market. My father uses it since his childhood and now we too.. So i guess mentioning the name wont be of any use to anybody here.. N i have already mentioned it had no taste.. :(
    And yes Alchemist was a great book.. My first philosophical read. :)


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