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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Alarm clock starts yelling. Its another day. And as like some custom we all head towards mirror. It may be large, medium or a very small one, but the facination it holds is largest than that of anything else in this world. Our routine starts with it and ends with it.
Sometimes it seems as if somebody is staring at us from behind a glass or else vice-versa. And because of formation of this magnetic relationship of ourselves with us, we also call it "Looking Glass". More and more we look in that glass, more we keep on discovering great deal of details about our appearance that were hidden till now. I wonder why sellers shouldn't sell mirrors with a statutory warning on it quoting : "Prolonged use may lead to serious side effects like self obsession, over-confidence, addiction or job dissmisal due to continuous delays in reaching the work place".
Even if the person is very ordinary looking still mirror teaches him to love himself. Beautiful features of a person prompts him/her to consult the mirror every now and then, or else sometimes it compliments us digging and discovering best from our souls like our smile, expressions of peace, love and care over our faces that makes us more beautiful. Mirror brings us close to ourselves forming a unique bond with itself and with ourselves that its beyond description. Its a remedy to boost our confidence. Its a wonder out of wonderland.
Mirror leaves its impact on us in three ways:
Case I : When we look in it and discover we look usual just like any other day, maximum chances are its going to be just another day for us(provided if nothing exciting happens on the work front too).
Case II: If it tells us that we look great and better than the previous day/s, probability is higher that that day will be the day full of admiration, confidence and cheering.
Case III: And now last, as like it happens at times with most of us, we have bad hair days, swollen eyes or something of that sort and we dont find ourselves good enough for another look. As mirror makes us self concious, so due to that we may have a hard day or may be the lost one. And if there is nothing excieting at work place and nobody finds a time to chit-chat with us, or give us a pleasant glance, its going to be the worst one!!
Though some people manages to escape its lure, but more or less it affects our lives in such a fashion. A mirror is that dynamite that can make or break our entire day or rather boost or shatter our whole confidence. The time we spend before it is the time we are spending with ourselves, remembering and adoring ourselves.

People practice speech before going out in meetings or dates, just to be sure about themselves and because of their desire to present best of them before the other person. When sombody is upset or someone is crying, it is surprising to see the forgotten expression of their sorrows, due to their encounter with the mirror. Children stop crying, people stop thinking as and when they are before it. It makes us concious of ourselves.

Shopkeepers know the cunning ways of mirrors. So they all use mirrors elaborately with bright lighting inside their shops, making their customers concious, alert and obsessive about their appearance, which compells a person to shed bucks and bucks on the accessories and clothes for themselves just to quench their souls. It is no wonder that sometimes we bring in home many useless things and clothes that were looking one of the bests in shops but are now worst choice one can ever make. Many times it also happens, that while shopping somebody "not so pleasing" , sitting besides, disturbs us with his weird stares and if suddenly mirrors comes in a way, we suddenly forget everything and becomes concious about ourself ignoring the other things, places, event and people around. Mirror changes priorities of the moment.

I have heard eyes and love are the only things that says alot without saying anything. Mirror does the same, creating many magical moments around. Its a love for oneself. Call it my love for mirror.. :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are we living safe in our homes?

We have hopes from our future and we have dreams to fulfil. We all think we'll be able to fulfil them at sometime of our lives. But there is so much going on around us that it seems doomsday is near.
Major and ever existing problems affecting us are politics and corruption. Though politics don't interest me but no one can close eyes watching the troubles ahead, expecting an escape from them. So specially in our country politicians are smart, efficient and forsighted when it comes to their seats in election. They prefer to serve themselves more than serving the nation. Eating out crores of money and then declaring lack of funds for development, imposing the cost on general public is the kind of work most of them do!! And so we are once again spectators.. We go and vote to the political party we think is lesser dacoit!! Others vote, feeling ruling party must be changed every five years as prolonged rule means elongated power and increased corruption . No genuine person wants to step up in politics as it makes good ones bad.. Just like if ur sitting among blind people for long, you slowly starts ignoring the details as others. Details loose their value..
And when we talk about corruption, it seems to be an ever-lasting phenomena in our country that is becoming larger with time. Be it hospitals, politics, government offices, media or anywhere else, corruption is more or less there!!

And now never ending war of religion has been joined by war of region.
This Maharashtra issue is just too much to gulp!! Maharashtra for Marathis. Bravo!! So we are dividing this country into other small countries.. And if all the states comes up with the similar theory, we'd be no more a nation and we'll have to use our passports to go to other states. Why Governemnt is not using its energy to take out fugitives who are living here without any valid ID from this country. Why government is not using its energy in creating better job opportunities. Our proficient doctors and engineers are not getting jobs here and are moving abroad. And the kind of doctors we are going to get for ourselves will be the outcome of the raised quota for S.C. and S.T.s. This all looks as if this Government is following the old british Policy of 'divide n rule' by reminding ourselves of our castes, religions and regions to rule the nation and to retain its respective post. It is hardly concerned for the masses just for the sake of winning the seat in next election!!
Lastest being the nuclear deal issue. About which like majority of the people i too am not happy. The major issue of concern is zero transperancy of its contents. Nothing is clear as yet about it. Anyway cant blame it as we dont know what the other parties wud have done if they were in the same place.
And again another major issue of concern, decision regarding removing ban from SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) which has been engaged into terrorist activities in the nation as per reports.
So here we are rusting from outside and inside. Increased corruption, increased terrorism, Nuclear deal issue, religional war, regional war, our lost values, and changed preferences, increased murders, high rise in divorce rate, easy flow of money to younger lot, increase in people indulged in smoking and boozing, shorter temper of youngsters, and muders out of sudden fits of rage or to buy luxury and status between friends..
This was brief introduction of India today and a warning of what it can become tomorrow. So we are becoming worst of worsts. Are we really sure we are living safe in our homes with atleast fine, even if not great, future ahead??

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Divorce Rate, Another Rising Graph!!

Increasing number of divorces prompted me to write this post. The rate is going high with such a pace that it seems the time is about to come when number of divorces would be overshooting the number of marriages. It is believed people who are married tend to be happier than those living alone. We marry because we need someone who can be our friend rather more than a friend for the lifetime. That someone can be better described as our "soulmate". Marriage is all about living together, sharing all the sorrows and joys. In simpler words marriage is all about "growing old together". When nobody is around, one should still be able to find someone besides oneself at all times.. Thats marriage.. Though its better to be alone than to have an unhappy marriage..
But why do people have unhappy marriage? Today when people know whom they are actually getting married to (be it arranged or love), they still want to split up after tying up the knot.

One of the major reason behind it is that in todays era girls are emerging as successful people in their respective fields. In past a woman was confined to home making and her life was nothing beyond kitchen. She had no view point of her own and even if the guy comes out to be the wrong one, she was compelled to adjust with him by the so called society and family. But today she is successful in her field and she is clear about her long term aims. Even if she is homemaker, she knows what she wants from life. But men haven't changed much with respect to change in women. Many of them still want to rule their respective halves. Though its not their fault entirely, they have been brought up in this fashion. There are the men who want to have a wife with the modern attire and historian mind. And when things dont turn out the way they want, fights emerge from nowhere turning into battles. Thank God with the boom in ecomnomic structure, Indian woman has become self sufficient and financially independent and she has learned to come out of exploitative, suffocating and frustrating marital relationships with that useless husband. Women of today must become mentally tougher and strive to rule this male dominated world, where marriage is broken by the groom's side just because of deficient dowry. Another cruel but true aspect behind divorces.

Another reason can be the high expectations. Both girl or the boy shows best of himself/herself during the courship period making the other person partially blind raising expectations. And when these expectations are not fulfilled after marriage, that person becomes frustrated. And hence many small frustrations forces one to sign up the divorce papers. One must realise, that knowing somebody over years and living together, is altogether a different scenerio. With the zing of modernisation, minds of people are craving for more. The time has come when they want more from their lives. They want more from their work, their jobs and they want more from their marriage too. And they look for someone out of the marriage and get themselves indulged in infedility. when earlier this was prominent in men, today women are no less. Their excuse is they want to have a look over some pizzas and peppy pastas apart from regular conventional daal roti. They feel they want more attention. Even if it equals from the two people!! When everything changes , why not values too!! Tempraments of people too are changing to a great deal. We all have become short tempered. In these busy schedules, nobody has time for anything, not even time to save a marriage. No one wants to adjust a bit. There are couples who feels that they differ in all aspects and cant walk a single mile together. And shockingly many of them realises this in a month after tying up the knot. After a few disputes, they find themselves inapropriate match for each other. No body realises that to make a relationship flourish one needs time. No two people on earth have exactly same viewpoints. Even children who are born and brought up by the same family in exactly same fashion have entirely different outlook from each other. So how can we expect our spouse to understand us just in a flare of seconds without giving him/her time at all. There are other factors too like forced marriage of boy/girl by the family due to the fear of society, which results in either frustrated marriage, divorce or sucide. With the change in time, things are changing, people are changing, so are the priorities. We have forgotten if marriage means bells, flowers, joys divorces are all about pain, turmoil and frustration. We have come from a joint family system and we are heading towards being the nation of divorced and frustrated. We have to realise what examples are we setting up before next generations. We have to teach our kids the true meaning of marriage viz. respect, understanding and adjustment. Today we need a genuine commitment in marriage. One should thoroughly think over before getting into a commitment as it is a lifetime decision. Its better to save a marriage for first time as its lot more tougher the second time. Though no one must ever compromise where the issue streches up to one's self respect and its better to move off than to stay..
Pay heed to details before its too late..
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