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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are we living safe in our homes?

We have hopes from our future and we have dreams to fulfil. We all think we'll be able to fulfil them at sometime of our lives. But there is so much going on around us that it seems doomsday is near.
Major and ever existing problems affecting us are politics and corruption. Though politics don't interest me but no one can close eyes watching the troubles ahead, expecting an escape from them. So specially in our country politicians are smart, efficient and forsighted when it comes to their seats in election. They prefer to serve themselves more than serving the nation. Eating out crores of money and then declaring lack of funds for development, imposing the cost on general public is the kind of work most of them do!! And so we are once again spectators.. We go and vote to the political party we think is lesser dacoit!! Others vote, feeling ruling party must be changed every five years as prolonged rule means elongated power and increased corruption . No genuine person wants to step up in politics as it makes good ones bad.. Just like if ur sitting among blind people for long, you slowly starts ignoring the details as others. Details loose their value..
And when we talk about corruption, it seems to be an ever-lasting phenomena in our country that is becoming larger with time. Be it hospitals, politics, government offices, media or anywhere else, corruption is more or less there!!

And now never ending war of religion has been joined by war of region.
This Maharashtra issue is just too much to gulp!! Maharashtra for Marathis. Bravo!! So we are dividing this country into other small countries.. And if all the states comes up with the similar theory, we'd be no more a nation and we'll have to use our passports to go to other states. Why Governemnt is not using its energy to take out fugitives who are living here without any valid ID from this country. Why government is not using its energy in creating better job opportunities. Our proficient doctors and engineers are not getting jobs here and are moving abroad. And the kind of doctors we are going to get for ourselves will be the outcome of the raised quota for S.C. and S.T.s. This all looks as if this Government is following the old british Policy of 'divide n rule' by reminding ourselves of our castes, religions and regions to rule the nation and to retain its respective post. It is hardly concerned for the masses just for the sake of winning the seat in next election!!
Lastest being the nuclear deal issue. About which like majority of the people i too am not happy. The major issue of concern is zero transperancy of its contents. Nothing is clear as yet about it. Anyway cant blame it as we dont know what the other parties wud have done if they were in the same place.
And again another major issue of concern, decision regarding removing ban from SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) which has been engaged into terrorist activities in the nation as per reports.
So here we are rusting from outside and inside. Increased corruption, increased terrorism, Nuclear deal issue, religional war, regional war, our lost values, and changed preferences, increased murders, high rise in divorce rate, easy flow of money to younger lot, increase in people indulged in smoking and boozing, shorter temper of youngsters, and muders out of sudden fits of rage or to buy luxury and status between friends..
This was brief introduction of India today and a warning of what it can become tomorrow. So we are becoming worst of worsts. Are we really sure we are living safe in our homes with atleast fine, even if not great, future ahead??


  1. Instead of an entire essay on historical aspects of a scarred people, marred by the need to survive bring on an apathy feeding into evils which in turn rotate the viscious cycle further which is forever unbroken because of the lack of strength and sense of civic duty of an immature nation; I'll just say this.

    Indians deserve India; read that both in its positive, and negative connotations.

  2. unforgiven can be forgiven for his purrfect comment :)

    nd further addition cud b, just do ur part nd stand for wat u think is right. dats enough!

  3. Now thats a coincidence that i was planning to write on a similar blog on my and website.. ibnlive would give us more comments (so shesha if u can put this there as well , we will get to hear more perspectives, just a thought)

    As for the post.. wow..its a perfect picture of one side of the whole story .. the negative side.. I totally agree on many of these points but i feel it wont get worse.. in fact i m very positive about India's future ..

    Nuclear Deal details are available on the internet.. and i honestly feel it is going to do wonders for the huge energy crisis for India (who cares about the nuclear weapons rights issue when u have basic issues like electricity and energy crisis)..

    Based on how the country has grown in GDP and with my experience in Canada, the perspective of the world towards India has totally changed.. its a given fact (as said my many experts n companies like mackenzie) that India and China are going to be the next big economies in the world..

    I m no way saying India is perfect in fact we have a looong way to go but in all positivity i feel the free market economy will drive everything (internet n e-governance will reduce corruption..infrastructure n roads will get privatized n driven by competition n good service) can u imagine all the states fighting for Foreign direct investment .. i mean a healthy fight.. i think thats a positive sign.. and politicians have no choice but to do that.. as more n more industries become free n government reduces its involvement... government will have only governance (law n order) to take care of.. all the other things right from education to health to everything will be driven by open markets .. which will in turn make the consumer (i.e. All of us) happy..

    Lot more to do in terms of infrastructure and people's thinking & attitude but then with time (i sincerely hope) our generation will rise above all these things and think of us as Indians or Global Citizens ..nothing else

    (sorry for such a long reply)


  4. Well first of all hey to all. i am really sorry for rplying late to the comments as i was somewhat busy previous days. Thanks to unforgiven and relentless seeker sharing their veiws over the same!
    Well rahul, if you insist i will put this post on too.

    So first of all i wud like say to your comment is that we have been taught in school days to make provisions for future losses and not future gains. And this increased negativity is something that is making me and many of us worried about the future that india holds. Certainly nothing can be all negative. Even during the wars, flowers blossom, clouds shed rains, people celebrate(even if celebration is to forget the pain war is causing), still nobody can deny the black clouds above!! And yes corruption and politics may become better. But there are other things in queue too, what you have to say about religion war or regional war.. Just to grab up more votes our politicians are giving food and money to bangladeshi inhabitants who dont have any id here. we cudn't change the raised quotas with demonstrations and discussions. which shows india's power lies in the hands of politicians.
    Is it the way india is going to shine? India is surely developing and people are certainly becoming richer but their mentality is becoming poorer. when there are many like us, there are many more like those irated young men who want lavish life on the cost of others. How many of the people in our country respect olds. People have stopped caring about others and they are following what they used to read in 7th grades i.e. survival of the fittest. they are just trying to snatch away others rights to make their lives easier!! I still wonder about great furture of india. If congress keep on releasing Ban from groups like SIMI to fetch votes, I am sorry to say that we may not be here to c the bright future of india tomorrow!!

    Now about this nuclear deal issue, it seems good rather great that we will be able to overcome the huge energy crises we are going to encounter in future. And in supply for the same , it will take much time. And we are in not so hurry. So we can negotiate the terms. What i personally feel is nobody must sign the deal on the cost of the security of the country. Even if we'll be starved to death( in the worst case, though we'll be able to get out in some way), we must never compromise over our security. And to be more precise U.S. has not that much great history that we can rely on it stating it wont use us in the worst ways if the time comes.

  5. Dear Rahul Choube,
    As per the scenerio getting worst, i have a bit of pessimism creeping inside me with all the not so positive happenings around us- the infiltration of Bangladeshi's without much of a barrier. And who knows some of these may be terrorist responsible for distorting peace. Even though Nuclear deal details may be available on the net, but i cudn't find anything substantial to satisfy me about these being fully detailed.
    Even though the country has had growth in GDP(8.7% for this Calender year), it may be noted that there has been an increase in population and needs to counter it. Things will appear all nice and pretty from outside but its not the complete truth. India and china are already big economies, with India being the top most producer of most agricultural products (we have overtaken brazil in sugarcane production) but as i said needs have increased govt. reserves the best quality products in exports but the indian citizens themselves have access to substandard goods and that too costly. You know how frustrating it is when your sister brings tea from USA and you see the sign on it : MADE IN INDIA. You know how much taxes we pay and how much of it is utilised for good. Fulfiling wants is another thing when you can't meet even needs (with top ten percent people having 33% of resources and the rest 90% only 67).
    Statistics reveal it all. Just browse the net and compare the population density and its increasing rate in India and Canda. Still there are 3 kms long traffic jams due to issues like 'Amarnath Yatra'.
    Free market economy is not the perfect solution. Private sectors apart from being more expensive involve much amount of corruption as well. Media is the private sector as well. I think they are playing a derogratory role of the country's image while promoting its own profit.
    I post a question here will you rate India TV as :
    (a)News channel
    (b) an ebtertainment channel
    (c) a corrupt channel.
    I think i will get least of (a).
    Foriegn issues are a big concern today. You might have read in your social studies books about India being a great foreign power with all the involvement in NAM(non-alligned Movement), UN and sending its troops to other countries. But the question arises has it been able to protect itself? From chinese aquistions, Pakistani Raids and most problematic among all internal disturbances? Just think about it..

  6. Ohhhk, First of all thanks for the comments and I would request you to watch a movie called Shawshank Redemption (even if you have already seen it), Honestly it will help some of your negativity go away. It has this wonderful quote which says, “You either get busy living or get busy dieing”

    Ok to Shesha’s comments, I totally understand where you are coming from. When we are making provisions for the future losses the steps to be taken need real positive thinking. And pessimism surely is not the right answer. Its very simple, Do you think Gandhiji did what he did thinking of the future gains India could get due to independence or what would happen if we didn’t get the independence? I am sure it was the first one i.e. the future gains.. soo honestly it doesn’t matter what you make the provision for , to take any steps today you need positive energy. Also comparing a flower blossoming (which is a natural phenomenon not man made) to positive market perceptions created by indians in the world (when you think everything is so negative), is not the right comparison.

    I understand your point about religion and regional war, there was a debate going on NDTV and honestly there is no proof saying Bangladeshis Immigrants are responsible for the terror in India. And some of the socialists thinkers like you (who don’t believe in survival of the fittest) said is it fair to kick them (poor Bangladeshis ,our neighbors) off when they have come asking for help and some small work from us.

    And about the quota, I really felt bad as well however I feel with increase in number of seats that problem will subside a little. And when the quota debate was being discussed I came across so many discussions where people were having indifferent opinions. Anyhow I feel its unfortunate but the solution is not in reservations or no reservations the solution is in increaseing number of colleges and seats.. which is surely gona happen with time..

    Respect to elders, and thinking about others is really a more personal upbringing issue rather than something government can do anything about. I guess its people like us and our parents who need to understand. (To be honest I have seen the culture in North America and even till today I feel Indians pay more regard to their elders than any other culture.. can you imagine taking an appointment to meet your mother.. I have seen that happening.. I know our culture has been affected by the western influence but then who is to be blamed? Ourselves or someone else?)

    I never meant that we will sacrifice our national security for anything and if you read the press material it was made clear by the security advisor and other experts and they have taken care of than in the N deal.

    Dear Sugat,

    First of all your sister getting TEA made in India from USA is something to be proud of and not feel about. India being the largest producer of tea its natural u will find such cases. In fact I have seen cloths in Canada having made in India tag, no wonder many of my Indian frens in Canada come to India for the cloths shopping once in a year.. I don’t think there is anything wrong in it. And that means Indians are getting the good stuff as well..infact if you look carefully India’s growth in the recent years has not been because of exports but the increase in internal consumption so its Indians who are consuming these products.

    The distribution of wealth to those 90% that you talk about will happen with time. I know it has been slow but I am positive about it.

    And honestly who says private sectors are expensive, the phone calling rates of BSNL (a government company) got reduced soooooo much ….all due to private sectors competition in telecom. Banking is much cheaper in India and the service quality has increased ..again all due to private banks coming in the industry. So trust me private sector and perfect competition will always make the consumer better-off in the end (its rule of economics)

    As far news channel I really don’t consider India TV as one but there are other gud ones as well like DD News (for hindi) , CNN IBN & NDTV for English. So ;like any other industry there are good ones and there are bad ones.

    I am sorry if any of these comments offend you in anyway. They are purely my views and you might not agree to them.

    Thanks again for your responses to my comments

    Keep Smiling & Happy Independence Day

  7. Happy Independence day to you too. :)
    frst of all i dont think theres anything to get offended for. We are here to share our views and we are not imposing our thoughts on each other rather just presenting them! So no need to say sorry n all.
    Now lets come to the point. C i am not very negative about india and its future. But this blog is to highlight the issues we are facing today that may become big ones tomorrow.
    I am not denying the ability of india and the progress it has made in the past years and obviously it will do the same in the future too, even if the pace is slow. Our literacy rate has gone up and our infrastructure has improved alot recent example is the success of delhi metro. And how we managed to become nuclear power with successful nuclear tests after one another inspite of the constant barricades of the hard glare of U.S. satellites. Isn't it great.
    About bangladeshi fugitives. its a pity when we are bothered by migration of our countrymen within our country and on the same time supporting bangladeshi and tibetian fugitives. We havn't invited bangladeshi's here. They have entered our boundires forcefully. And a country should help its neighbours when its been able to feed its own people well. How will you feel about the same thing if street children will enter your premises straightaway without seeking your permission and feeding themselves even if you dont have to compromise your own needs to feed them. wud you
    give them all a job?? wud you trust them with your assests? are you ready to sustain them for your own life? Lets say you have kept somebody in your home from among them. And in furture something is lost from your house, I bet your first doubt will fall on him for the lost property.

    Such thoughts look good for the idealist. And i dont c much of the practicality associated with this. And when govt. is supporting them, I dont think its out of love for mankind rather its all in the game of votes.

    Now again respect to elders and things like that are also the part of this post. And i never blamed the govt for it.

    I have tried to mention all the illness from A-Z thats affecting us and not just the political issues. ANd comparing our country culture to that in north america is just not valid. We have different customs, values, priorities, standards and upbringing. So ya, i just hope God wont make us c the day to meet our family through appointments.

    Issues like these must be compared with past conditions. In india ppl expects their sons to live with them after marriage, thats certainly is not a point in north america. Even after turning 50s we dont mind the scoldings from our parents and do as what they say. Most of the people feel that they must live and bring up their children in india cuz its far more better than other countries. But c the values here are on the verge of rottening too!
    wtsay to this? Instead of just being positive for the sake of optimism is not the solution. We must accept our

    shortcommings too.
    PEACE.. :)

  8. Right, and after all the long arguments, we end up with the same root cause. Us.

    @relentless seeker: I agree, there isn't another solution. If _everyone did just that? All our problems would be fixed. Unfortunately standing up for what you believe is right, is something that is considered rather overrated in our country. I like that ad by, what is it, Dainik Bhaskar? Zidd karo. Unfortunately, any movement to fix our deplorable integrity as a people, is not only faced by an almost unsurmountable apathy of the people, but also the difficulty of keeping such a movement pure. Take Lead India for example, good idea, totally destroyed by its own commercialism.

  9. Ohhk No more sorries :)

    I knew you would compare Bangladeshi Immigrants in india with someone barging in my house but in my comment i was just giving a school of thought in the discussion. I don't mean that forceful entry and their use for vote bank politics is right. however kicking these people out is also not the solution.

    And blaming someone whom you have allowed to come in your house because they are needy wont make me feel they are a thief (at least in my case). We could officially make these Bangladeshis a citizen after a background check and get most out of whatever they have to offer for India.

    The reason for comparing to the North American culture was to give you an idea of the other extreme but ya the responsibility is on us to maintain it.

    Being positive in no way means you forget the issues. It just means you look at problems as an opportunity to make a difference and have an impact.

    Essentially its the way you look at things.


  10. Sorry for reviving this old flame :D

    but, log majboor kar dete hai....

    Anyways,I think we all are trying to push the same point in different manner and that is "a lot has been done and much more needs to be done".

    As Rahul says,we ve a lot of positives to feel proud of...true, but still we have scope for further improvement in many areas, and thats what is the concern. So that we can find ourselves in a commanding position to dictate the terms in deals of national importance like this nuke deal.

    But what can we do on our part to get things in place?

    1.Governance:we need to flex our voting muscle. Do we do that?? If not, let us not discuss it further....And if yes, then you could think of a bright future because voting is the only tool,which can shape our nation's future.

    2.Population:The mother-in-law of all evils like socio-economic disparity,lack of civic and moral sense,flood of crimes, etc.etc. And believe me, govt. has nothing to do with that :) and I guess we all know the solution.

    3.Corruption: Let me ask you, didn't you ever bribed TC for a berth in train??or got a movie ticket, the same way??or forced your mom dad to buy you something, you knew is outta reach??
    You know what I mean...we all a part of this and only we can counter this!

    4.Regionalism and Religionism:Ok,isn't Nationalism a exaggerated kinda regionalism??remember Bangladeshi's issue :)
    than why Raj Thakrey is the only regionalist,we all are(except Rahul) right Shesha?? Religion follows the same lines.Today I read an article sayin, Saif Ali Khan couldn't get a flat in his choice of locality..reason..religion! I guess that says it all.

    5.Comparison: To pose ourselves superior and feel good,we have no right to criticize other societies (where a son has to take appointment....)when we have ourselves had cases of Ram being sent into exile my his Mom,Shahjahan being imprisoned by his own son etc..etc. Society has been like that since ages everywhere and would be like this only.But nobody stops you from being good, its completely your choice.

    And yes Sugat, it hurts when we get sub-standard goods which originate in our own country and people abroad enjoy class products that should have been served to us first. But you cant expect a middle-class person of a developing nation,a nation with debts neck high, to facilitate us!

    But as Rahul says,optimism is our only hope as I havent heard anybody conquering with pessimism :)

    In words of Unforgiven the problem is Us and ppl say its US...
    I say...50-50 ;)
    So be good, do good and have a "Good Day"!

  11. Impressive and a very thoughtful comment. Clap clap!! :)

  12. No we are not at all safe.
    Several cities were rocked by the bombs and apparantly the perpetuator was pakistan, still the timid Indian Prime Minister said that terrorism is the common enemy of idia and pakistan ......Mr. PM has easily forgotten that our bodering country vowed to fight for touusant year to defeat india ... .Even small nations like Israel has guts to stand mighty Arab nations and defeat them in 6 days war (1967 Six-Day War).It is only india where our border fourses are killed by a Bangaladesh and indian govt never bothered to claim their bodies!!!

    It is only india where police have concrete evidence against SIMI but our politicians (Mulayam,Laloo and the others of the similar breed) say that its just an innocent student orginisation hahaha with the polis like these can we ever be sure that this country is safe....On the day of Batla house 12 encounter Home Minsiter of this country was bust eating lunch .... he was not even aware that such encounter against terrorists is underway...

    Temples(akshardham), national instutions (IIS Blore,Parliament),cities (del,blore,aahamedabad) are blown one after other .. still the govt is timid enough to beef the security and bring tough laws

    In this country terrorists can enter parliament. temples and plant bombs in the our cities freely but small innocent children are not allowed to take tofees inside the cinemas apparently due to terrorists threats from the small children ...... Are we a free nation .... Freedom is not to absence of foreign rule (read the British Empire) but the freedom from fear...... people as as fearful going to markets as they were during the british raj ..... if we bother to read histor....

    I read somewhere hat it is not importent to be strong ... but to feel strong ... .. are our people feeling strong as the small nations like israle,iran does.....

  13. when the comments run longer than the original post, that means it was a success....congrats di :)


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