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Sunday, October 19, 2008

This happens only in India

So this post is about an instance that happened probably 2 weeks ago. I was coming back from my office in metro train. It was 6.30 in the evening when train stopped at Kashmiri Gate station. Queue of people rushed inside with a great force, some people broke it some managed to follow it. I was sitting, when a young lady showed frustration on a man of middle age, for not following queue system. And from there this story actually started. That man started saying "This is India, and in India there is no system. Govt. never creates rules and if it creates it never follows it..." I got confused if that man wanted government to pass laws for lining up in queues to enter metro trains. Anyhow, he said a few more lines when suddenly a very aged sardar ji sitting after 3 or 4 people in between said "Beta dont curse govt. we are a democratic country. We make laws. Everything is upon us. We should do our duties and we must not blame others for not following theirs"

And so arguments started. Middle aged man continued, and sardarji kept on answering him very patiently. And so within a few minutes quite many people sitting or standing nearby got involved in that conversation. On one side there was that middle aged man, and on the other rest of the people standing and sitting in that compartment. I was listening each and everything very patiently, smiling and feeling joy to see so many people united for their nation. When suddenly one aunty near me said "beta he is a mad person, these are not good times and dont say anything if u are about to. He might be having some knife with which he can harm you." and again she stopped her husband from interfering giving same reason when her husband asked her to stop talking rubbish! lol

I again wondered This happens only in India..

Anyhow young or old, ladies or gents, everybody stood united against that man. And after 10 minutes of arguments, things started getting peaceful, with a little discussions here and there. So my journey that day got over too and i was pretty satisfied after watching love in people for their country.

God Bless you all.
And always keep smiling. :)


  1. ha! thats cool!! hope that man learnt a lesson..these kind of ppl ruin our feels great to know that there are like minded ppl who care 4 the country...good one again sheshai!
    in the end..'jago india jago!!'

  2. After seeing the coldness heartlessness in people, your post helps reinstate some of my faith back on the goodness of the people of india.

    Thanks !

  3. @ Aditi and Quicksilver
    True, It really feels great to feel such kind of Love and respect in people for their country.
    I felt so much joy when all this happened! :)

    India is truely Great.. So are Indians.. :)

  4. Hey nice one. Hope all of this percolates further in other parts of India too. Because now a days when i sit back n start looking at things happening around us.. even a positive person like me starts wondering "what is this happening and what is the way to get peace back?" this surely is one way.. :) Wish everything becomes nice n peaceful super soon


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