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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Alice in Wonderland..

I went to a beautiful doll kept in the telephone cabin in our Drawingroom and asked her to play hide and seek with me. She agreed and we started. She counted till ten and in the meanwhile i found a reasonable place to hide. She started searching for me. After some time she located me from a distance and i started running so that she couldn't catch me. I was enjoying our game. She kept on following me and suddenly expression and aggression in her made me realise that she was chasing me to kill me.. And now i was running to save my life.. And suddenly i opened my eyes and realised that it was a Nightmare.
I was probably 9 or 10 years old at that time. And such kind of dream to a kid is hideous. I was shaken. but soon forgot and slept again.. This was the dream i often used to get. We had a joint family that time. And when we shifted from first floor to second floor, this dream dissapeared like anything. When years later i told my friend about it, i got tears in my eyes. And that time i actually realised how terrified i was with that dream.

Dream world is a strange world. One can fly above the sky and swim beneath the oceans. A limitless world.
It is believed that some dreams are purely fictional work of our minds and sometimes we dream about what we observe from the environment around us or what we fantasize about. While Some people also believe that some dreams are intuitive in nature and they have hidden meanings in them.
Some dreams are repetitive in nature. As like watching a person or a thing haunting us for days leaving us with the feeling as if its been so since ages. Or some flowers blossoming over our path. Dreams can be utterly beautiful or can be awefully hideous. Some can be forgotten in a split second whereas some are difficult to forget.
At some point of time dreams compel us to give them a deep thought so as to discover if they really have some hidden meaning..

Sometimes it happens that when you wake up at 7 am and then I go back to sleep and have those long beautiful dreams that seem to last for hours, and then again wake up and it's...
7 : 02 .
In just those two minutes our brains dream of a journey lasting a day or a week or vice-versa.

In another dream i saw that my mum went to America, and there she and Bill Clinton started a 'war' like thing. During the war both were morphing into different species like Mr. Clinton became snake and my mum became eagle and Clinton morphed himself into vulture and so on. It was one of the very wonderful and interesting dream i had. Full of special effects. lol

Then there was yet another kind of dream i have experienced. I was sleeping and suddenly somebody or some unknown power was trying to pull my soul away from my body. I had realisation that it was merely a dream but couldn't wake myself up from this dream. I was trying hard to get out of it, shouting hard in my dream but soon felt i was paralysed in my dream. And i started chanting all the names of God and Shlokas and everything i could think of. And after some time came out of it.
After much research about this one i got to know many interesting facts. This is a very common thing. This was kind of dream paralysis that everybody suffers in their lives sooner or later. When our mind gets much tired or stressed up, this happens.
Moral of the story : I was pretty happy that i too have mind.. lol

Another reccuring dream, some friends or family members came home to take me for some fun outing. And i rushed out with them barefoot. And then sufferred embarresment outside.
After searching its meaning i discovered that it means the person who has got this dream is very carefree and living a very stressless life full of enthusiasm.

Interesting fact: Dreams about deaths are good and about marriages are considered bad. As death implies end of the problems. So it is believed if a person sees death in his dreams, the major problem that he is currently facing in his personal or proffessional life is going to end soon.

If you have such stories about your wonderland, do share it here. And dont forget to uncode them, if you think they may mean something..


  1. mamiji and bill clinton???? lol!!!! yet another good one sheshai!!
    dream on!!

  2. ya.. that one was really cool
    dreams can be most beautiful or else most ugly. but then they are real mysteries!! Thanx for reading it sweety pieee... :)

  3. I too used to have one terrible dream in which a black horse carried me, with wind sweeping over my face and I was helpless. When I realized it was a dream, I tried to move my arms and legs but they were like paralyzed,then I tried open my eye and it would open only slightly. This way I could see a faint picture of the real world along with the horse taking me away. I realized that the wind that swept over my face was that of the fan. After a long effort I was able to move myself and wake up. For sometime I felt as if my brain could no longer command my body. This dream has occured to me again and again. Now I don't even try to move my body when I have to face this and soon I am fast asleep.
    Another reccuring dream that I used to have 5-6 years earlier was about climbing a very tall tower whose stairs didn't have any support. I was really afraid of heights at that time(I still am but not that much) but still enjoyed the challenge so I climbed up the tower with great effort and ever so slowly but after I reached the top I couldn't dare to come down. It was just then my mum used to come to rescue and wake me up. But in one dream I managed to come back down by myself and this is when my fear slackened. Dreams can be really useful.
    I dont know why, but I usually have very unclear dreams showing only a hazy picture and a very abstract meaning. It is believed that if we don't wake up after about 20 minutes of seeing a dream we forget these. Maybe this is why I feel like seeing a very unclear picture.

  4. Very interesting post. From many years even before I have started blogging I wanted to record my dreams. Somehow always missed doing it though. There are lot of theories related to dreams as well. Maybe I will make a post about things I have read about dreams one day.

    1. Thanks TF! Same was the case with me... I always had a few re-occurring dreams and then some weird ones hence felt like digging things out about them! I would love to read the analysis by u whenever u come u with it :)


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