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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mystery Unresolved!!

Why girls are said to be complex characters? According to men, women are one of the most complex mysteries to solve. But why?? May be because they are unpredictable. Its very difficult to get into their minds and know what they are thinking and nobody can predict how they'll react over the things... Women are considered unknown by not even just men but by themselves too. However men and women both are two sides of the same coin. They are extreme opposites, yet they compliment each other.
The difference is great. And it seems a miracle to see them living together. But thats the thing that gives our lives a zing of different spices, hence adding a color and taste to it. Where girls are considered to be too fussy about keeping things right, guys are careless people, who never keep their things in right place. Guys feel proud being unorganised. Bedroom means Lots of mess around. Leaving wet towels on bed, chocolate wrappers on side tables, not putting shoes or clothes at the right place after coming home are some of the examples. Cupboard means whole world somehow packed inside a box, ready to fall out, if opened. And all this leads to minimum half hour lecture per mistake by the woman in their lives be it their mothers, wives or sisters.

It is said that a woman can understand a woman best and ironically a woman is the biggest enemy of another woman. Whereas in the case of men, One day they seem to be the biggest enemy of each other and the next day they'll be seen spending great good time with each other like good old friends. In case of ladies Fashion sometimes go over and above. Months are spent like days for shopping. on the other hand guys find it very irritating and try to end it up asap.
Interestingly a Boy Friend means lots of care, enquiry and per hour report of what he does the whole day and whom he met. whereas in case of men having Girl friends is status symbol. More the merrier.
Guys shows lots of attitude, aggression and style on road, while driving or between friends. Again they have a great good amount of ego. Like if they are lost on some route, they feel bad about asking the route from somebody. They'll first try their level best, and after failing they 'may' enquire about the place where they want to go. And ladies go real slow on road. At times its irritating to watch their level of patience on the road.
As per an old saying "its lucky to be the first love of a woman and last love of a man". I dunno how much truth is that. But yes both are very different from each other.
Yet at times i feel guys are somewhat unpredictable too. They want to know each and everything about a girl before commitment saying their past is irrelevant to them. Gimme a break!! If its true y the hell they ask abt it. and if they dont ask, and in future they got to hear something about them, they loose their temper. Guys can hardly forget the past of their ladies. They can't stand their wife's male friends yet they expect their ladies to understand them and be good and nice to their female friends. I guess may be thats y ladies prefer to be mysteries as they know their men!!
Or else God made them mysteries as they made men a mystery seeker, to hold that level of attraction and excitment in these adventurous souls... Women will always be a mystery unresolved!!


  1. ah! what a sexist post! women n mystery?? nah!! not really..actually they're good at solving them..i've seen moe guys endulging in shopping than women and as u already know it i hate shopping! :) about each one being comfortable wid d others friends of same sex well i really think its a matter of personal opinion and people have different views on it..
    overall i loved reading this post sheshai!!

  2. hey aditi,
    i forgot to mention this point in my post but yes its like theres nothing like a perfect male or perfect female.. All men have a share of feminity in them and all women have a share of male qualities. (as per the indian theory of ardhanareshwar or chinese philosophy of yin yan.) Thats necessary for balancing the world. So here wt i have mentioned is an idealistic approach that more or less men possess these qualities and women are like that giving easier examples to understand it better. Anyhow i wanted to write so much i guess i have messed up here by including many topics at once.. lol
    Ok here i must confess and give my example,as i said female gets irritated when men leave their towels on bed and leave geasers on..But I have this male bad habbit too.. lol and i at times drive aggressive on roads. Though i am trying hard to eradicate these habbits. So i have said wt is believed and is general not in particular..
    Thanx btw. ;-)

  3. there are sum truly girls gals....aren't der shesha....:)

  4. hey, nice post. Enjoyed reading it.

  5. @ apurva
    yes there are definitely. :-)

    Thankyou so much for appreciating it. :)

  6. When you were writing about guys were you thinking of yourself?

  7. Nobody can tell with 100% probability about how the other person is going to react about something. Ofcourse you can't get into another person's brain and decide how he or she will react.

  8. I think the source where you have copied it from must be an unreliable source.

  9. oh really.. did i copy?
    well as far as i knw you you never bother yourself with cleanliness not even 10%.
    I am not predicting anything here. Well this is something i have observed from the people around. definitely ppl are diff but one kinda species have some common characterstics.. as like when you watch discovery channel, they talk about some common characterstics of specific kind of animals and how they react in diff situations. You see not every elephant will be happy and raise its trunk, when you caress it, there are ones who may get mad too.. and probably i didn't think abt myself while writing this post, thats why its unbais. And before commenting over something i guess you must follow prev. comments to keep the track with the things... chao!

  10. hey di....let's not get too personal here....but the fact about slow driving and remembering you this post has to be unbiased for you to be able to write that....

    bhai it seems you n sheshai have agreed on disagreeing....

  11. Interesting read and seems lot of observation has gone in to writing it.. i would agree to the point that there are common traits but there are alwauys people who dont follow those traits..e.g i personally would never have ego in something as small as asking someone for directions. i believe once someone (guys as u say although i believe even gals show off ) is mature enough to understand that showing style on the road and in frens is just a showoff and doesnt actually mean anything.. they wld never do something like that.. so i guess its difficult to generalize these things to men or women of all age groups..


  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. i guess Rahul bhai has made a valid point is with age that people change and become mature....

    but there are some people who remain childish forever....kyun di!!!

  14. sahi bola mama!! childish to hai hi...:) and ye craven kahi ....??

  15. ye sahi hai.. rahul ki tareef karo and meri buraai!! main or childish.. tumhe kuch galatfelhmi hui hai.. lagta hai tum bhool rahe ho agle saal kya hai...

    anyway jokes apart i guess a good point here.. but when we catagorise things over age, they'll become a bit more diff. i guess wt i have written is just a basic thought and not much detailed.. :)

    Btw ye craven apurva hi hai.. his another id!! :P

  16. Thanks everyone for the nice words..I guess its fair enough.. As Shesha said its more of a thought and we might or might not subscribe to it. So lets not try to do a postmortem as such. But I didnt get the next year thingy.. anyways..


  17. i knew it at montu mama urf apurva mama hi craven hai!! ha ha ha !! n next year kya hai ye aap kaise bhool sakte ho montu mama????? ;)

  18. just a teaser bhanji....thoda suspense hona chahiye na....

  19. I think girls are said to be complex beings perhaps because they have blood like all human beings and animals and blood contains haemoglobin which is complex compound of iron.
    Am i right sis?

  20. I agree with you. Girls ,sometimes might seem to be very focussed but they really might not know what they actually want.

  21. @ anonymous- yeah.. may be this is because they are expected to make too many compromises, and some hidden facts coming into light all of a sudden makes it worse!


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