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Friday, December 26, 2008

Understanding Love

What is love? Some one has said "Love is something that distinguishes a man from an animal." Love is something that makes us humans. Still love sometimes compells us doing worst to ourselves and to the people around us. More deaths take place because of love than hatred. Love makes us strong yet it makes us weak. It makes us human yet it at times reveal hidden demon inside us. It contributes to our success yet at times it pushes us to our destruction. So in a nutshell love is something that brings out real me or real you. Our hidden selves. Love is the most powerful emotion that can make or break us.


  1. i definitely agree with you that love is supposed to be the most primal instinct that a human possesses....but in today's's more of a business transaction.....

  2. btw....the business pact is sealed with marriage....and thus my opposition towards it.....

  3. If its a business transaction, its not love, ppl fake in..
    But ya somewhere i agree on this too..
    Children love their parents more when their parents show their love through money. And its just not the case of parents its everywhere.. more u spend, more a person will feel for u.. this prevails somewhere in our society.. yes its becoming so..

  4. Com'on you really feel so ?? If it were so, wives n kids of rich ppl would always look happy. But is it so ??
    Love is something money cant buy...

  5. now where did that come from?
    And who said that animals can't love each other?

  6. what are you talking about? Not even a single full sentence makes sense to me

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  8. who says animals dont love??? i totally disagree with dat one sheshai!! animals too are loving creatures.. if children love their parents 4 money its sad.. thats not love at all..
    love lies i the heart of the beholder :)

  9. @ relentless seeker....

    that is what I am saying....that love is no more the primal instinct...its more calculated....before one falls in love(or atleast confesses to it) with the thinks about her background...her standing....that is what ruins it for me....and again would like to reinstate my statement on marriage being nothing but a culmination of the business transaction....

  10. but then its not calculated...its like possibilities are scanned through n d best of d best is ut in front of how can u not fall in love? now you'll say that would be forced love but just because one does not believe in arranged marriages one cant use it as an excuse to rebel just 4 d sake of it...dnyng a good thing can be hard.. :) but eternal love is just standing by no matter what! money should definitely not be d critreia.. nor the caste or colour or nethin else.. d person should be beautiful inside and i clearly stand by it..

  11. its the best among your caste,religion n definitely colour....i am sure u have sat thro' more scanning processes than i have or i ever will...but the ones I have witnessed, left me with a real bad aftertaste....the inside beauty is not considered in the process.....

    it is in no way the best among the best....and the worst is, it is not your choice. I won't mind eating poison, if it is of my own free will....but i don't want even the elixir of life...if it's forced down my throat....

  12. @ aditi
    animals love.. yes.. the ones who are born and brought up between humans i.e. pets.. how abt wild animals??

    @ apurva, aditi
    So here love has transformed into marriage.. lol
    I feel choice of arranged marriage or love depends from person to person. You see if you are not lucky enough in search of ur love, or have been through wrong choice, wts the harm in letting your parents do it.. and again in "india", matrimony is not a bond between just bride and groom.. its a bond between two families. isn't it? and its not just elders take decision and bride and groom just follow the traditional ceremonies and all, they also participate equally. And be it love or arranged, there is an equal risk, like gamble.. U c love marriages fail too as meeting somebody and living with him is altogether a diff thing!! and sometimes divorces in love marriages just happen due to other family members or b'coz of diff backgrounds, as couples fail to adjust..

    Anyway talking abt love further,
    "sufferings is another part of love, which is the most essential ingredient."
    what u think over this?

  13. di....wild animals love as i told you about saras....they are more fidel then most humans....and a lot of other animals as well....the concept of love as developed in their society is different then ours....that is it....

    to the 2nd point....any comment would be too dangerous....;)

  14. oh keep on going..
    i like danger at times.. wts the life without some danger in it.. lol ;-P
    Whats ur point?

  15. Well Love if true accepts sacrifice with added value of understanding..wid the partner...
    Its a rare phenomenon....

    Shesha C ...wht do u say

  16. well ironically some of the worst things are the part f love.. as like u get thorns with roses..
    sacrifice and sufferings are part of it..
    Love demands sacrifice as and when required.. and sufferings let u know the intensity of ur love..
    Gold becomes pure after being heated in furnace... Love is same too.
    isn't it?

  17. hahahaha....I knew this is what goin to happen :) In fact like you ppl,I also fall prey to this topic ! its obvious....

    Love encompasses much more details then what we are discussing..

    Love is a package deal. So yes, sufferings are a part of Love, but still people yearn for it, y ??
    because that suffering is sometimes even more precious than many prized possessions of ones life.

    Its unfortunate but I havent yet seen true love ending in love marriage and love marriages out of true love! So dont draw any conclusion about love from results of love marriage. :)

    nd yes Shesha, love is beyond age... :)
    so Sugat...we would love you to carry on....

  18. @ relentless seeker

    Well said..
    as you said here "Love encompasses much more details then what we are discussing.." thats what we are trying to understand here... pouring out what we actually feel about it.. Its really complicated!!

    true love ending up in marriage or true love coming out of a marriage?? well this totally depends from person to person.. sometimes we feel we are in love and marriage never happens, and sometimes after spending a few years with somebody after marriage we realise that our past was just a phase of life that can be better described as attraction and not love..
    Anyways i dont c a point why we are connecting marriage and love.. or love marriages here..
    We all are trying to understand what love is...

    though nobody knows the fact how it happens, when it happens, and why it happens.. We all know just one fact, "that it happens", and either it gives us a beautiful path to walk on, or just all thorns ..

    We find pleasure in both pain or gain, thats the irony..

  19. exactly....

    I think, all emotions emanate from love only! In short, its the "elixir" of life :) Love is the basic need of any human,apart from Roti, kapda aur Makaan!

    Love is a universal feeling, a state of self-acceptance or self-love. Because if you dont love yourself, you cannot love anybody else too! You love somebody coz you derive pleasure being around them since they make you feel special....wanted and cared for !

    In short, we love others to get loved. Whether it be family, friends, beaus or even pets.

    And for a person in love, everyday is Sunday, all paths lead to success, et cetera et cetera!

    In short, Love is "No logic..Just magic".Love makes life beautiful and worth living.

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  21. Shalab- Nicely put on thoughts. I am feeling as if this dialougebazi is taken from some romantic movie of SRK. But sounds good to ears. :D

    Thanx Prit. I agree with u here, it can never be taught and its something that comes from within inside..

    About Marriage, well everyone has got their view point on this.. Some consider it as sacred, some as a duty, some as eternal, and some as a burden!
    I feel it also depends on the fact that wt kind of relationship a person has seen in his family or around it. The peace environment helps in gaining the trust and disturbed environment helps in breaking it! More of a psychology thing!

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  23. I dont even remember what I did write 1 yr. ago, but jo bhi kaha hoga theek hi kaha hoga :P

    I still stand by my words !! nd how cud u relate to SRK, dere is no ;)

    btw, u guys carry on, m already done understanding luv :))

  24. btw, m super duper jealous !!
    25 comments on a single post, mere to total mila ke bhi itne nahi honge :((

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  26. hey prit,
    I wasn't giving any definition or lecture on love but was trying to understand it like everybody else.. and after so much discussion and everybody's participation i feel we have got some clarity on the same.
    Btw words may go empty anytime depending upon the emotional state of a person.

    Me preparing or writing anything in hurry, well i am leading my life in a very peaceful manner and hence i write everything when i am free. Although it is very much possible that my writings are not polished but neither is it my intent.

    No need to feel offended as comments don't necessarily mean compliment but they can be positive negative and reason for writing thoughts publically is to know other's take on them.

  27. @ prit
    I believe you might want to be more courteuous while posting a comment on a blog. Even if you dont like what somebody said (though you admitted liking it once and such precipitate change in your opinion should be your problem rather than the blogger's) you should be more polite while commenting and avoid words such as puke/blabber/pap out of mouth. and next time i would suggest dont take such an overdose of a select few lines that they may start sounding like a lecture to you.

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