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Friday, December 18, 2009

Thats how i trapped myself :-|

I always try to get witty but sometimes due to my idle chats, i fall in trap.. First lemme say sorry to my younger sister for not being here with her on her b'day, as I was out of station busy in attening marriage of my father’s cousin aunt's son.. :P In short my cousin chacha's marriage in lucknow. Happy belated b’day O’chana. So in our community the relations are remembered as if there can be a surprise test any moment. Every single person has a family tree in his mind.. If not, you will be compelled to make one, if you are a part of this community..

Want to thank shatabdi, for keeping me busy in scoffing and snoozing during the journey despite of lack of sleep, I was able to stay active the whole day.. (an early morning train). As I am a Big Chatterbox, glad I had bua and papa who shared the ear-pain throughout the trip. :>) Being there for the first time or rather being an alien in the family, i was interrogating my father and one of my dear dear chacha about who is who, to get comfortable with the people around. Thanx to their patience. :P
Marriage went well, nice food which is the only attraction when u know only a handful of people. Later arrival of the known faces was a BIG rescue.. Thanks to my cousins who are living their.. :)
Next day something happened that made me realise i should start chirping less.. Early morning we went to meet papa's cousin nephew (who is elder to him). So after reaching there, i couldn’t recall the faces although somewhere it was a big relief to restore his wife's i.e. bhabhi's face in my memory. And we were nearly eight year oldies when they left Delhi for Lucknow. So here came her son, my nephew, but i had no choice other than to call him bhaiya (he must be elder to me by 5 years), who has recenlty got married.

Bhabhi (to his son)- "pehechana ise? Shesha!!"
"BUA" i added suddenly in the mid of conversation (out of habbit of teasing and jumping in between).
Everybody laughed. So my teaser was successful. i HAD NO IDEA there can be a twist in the tale. Things can turn back on me... i was sitting happily when his newly wed wife arrived, who must be of my age or elder to me. Can’t say.
Bhabhi started introducing everybody: ye tumhaare dadiyaa sasur(my father)
she bowed and touched his feet. :)
Ye tumhaari dadiyaa saas(my bua)
she bowed and touched her feet. :)
Ye tumhaari bua saas .. and i realised late, this was my introduction. for a sec i was shocked was it meee :O. So soooon.. GOOOOSH!!! It was really for me.. and she bowed to touch my feet, when i just a few seconds before jumped up from my seat saaying Nooooooo.. and everyone around were laughing BIG TIME :( So, i was being ragged.

And there came my Bhabhi's elder daughter who has 2 kids. She came in holding her younger daugher (must be of 5 months)
I smiled at her and said hie...
Bhabhi : "chaalo milo apni naaani se" (again that was me) Second round of applause at my cost.. So now in just 15 minutes i was a mother in law and a grandmother of two children. Wish i had kept my mouth shut. It was funny yet made me blush big time before everybody. Glad i met them and everybody after a looong time.. ;)

Friday, December 4, 2009

2012 -Lets discuss it for fun!!

2012.. 2012.. 2012.. Believe it or not kinda story.. Some people are really trusting the prediction, as it has been backed by Nostradamus. So?? There can be a big tsunami somewhere, and some other planet can change its orbit and hit the earth, next world war is awaited, might happen as things are somewhere becoming tensed between the nations, some epidemic disease can hit the masses, sun can burst out ....BOOoom!! Trust me i am not creating any panic.. just discussing it like that.. :P Anything or may be nothing will happen.. Human mind mostly trust on facts rather than predictions..

"Oh if its gonna happen, should i stop working for my future and enjoy the life, but what if nothing happens.. may be i will be doomed in true sense.." :D

I don't believe it.. if its going to be so, it will be so for everybody and not just me.. and so how i am living, this is exactly how i wanted to live.. no additions or subtractions.. no grudges.. i have everyone around me.. Of course i don't want to be the only person in the fourth world without my near and dear ones.. I don't mind living some more, if its going to end anyway ;) .... When i ask it to myself, what would i want to do if i get to know the world will end in another two years, i try to answer it this way.. lemme keep my count till 10.

1. I Would like to meet all my near and dear ones.. may be even those who made my life special at one pt. of time, even though they are not a part of it now to thank them.. :)
2. A nice decent family get-together.
3. travel travel travel
4. Will find my soulmate n marry may be!! :P :P
5. some more daily blogs to get updated on how and what others are doing :)) I may get some more ideas to enjoyyyy!!
6. no more books... :P i would like to travel some more
7. Shopping.. :)) =)) can't help my greed!!
8. Panic.. (that's natural, of course) :P
9. just most of the time i would like to spend with my family and my loved ones, that means some group travel too.. yipppieee :D
10. Last i would like to make something and write something to gift everyone i love, to tell them they are important and to ensure if they'll be there without me, they have a memento with them to live a further. :), ofcourse will get some gift from them too.. (its not so good to be loved always.. lol )

A question for you now:
How would you want to live your life exactly, if you get to know that your world is going to end in just 2 years???

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thats how i developed interest in literature.

I have always had an interest for literature, which was for long time unrealized. Being from a literary family, its natural to feel a knot with different forms of literature. There were days when I used to feel intense isolation with all family members submerged in their respective books and me searching for somebody for some discussions, cribbing a lot due to lack of company or attention and ending up either watching television or reading a few interesting stories. My younger sister has a good appetite for reading since her childhood. And with all pressure and her example, I had no choice but to keep reading and reading until I made this a habit. My mind always wandered in the world of my own. As a child we used to enjoy one of the monthly magazines champak and Chanda Mama which as per my father was no more suitable for our age as we grew up and got promoted to Nandan. He never liked us reading Chacha Chowdhary, Pinki, Billu, as they were just for fun and no gain. Anyhow I often managed to borrow such fun reads from my cousin brother, he was generous enough. And after a few years, probably when I was in fourth standard we kids were blessed with two wonderful books, I can never forget. One was “Russian Folk Tales” (translated in hindi), and the other was “Jahaan Chah Wahaan Rah”. Both of them were of 250 or 300 pages with wonderful magic tales, each of them of around 40 pages. After watching the large sizes of the books I was reluctant to read them, they were scary to me. First few of the stories were narrated by our parents and then after watching my kid sister reading it (though she is only one and a half year younger), I was inspired, or may be out of competition, compelled to read it too. And then I enjoyed the tales in it so much, that I have read both the books infinite number of times. Some of them had wonderful poems in between, that were really enjoyable, I still remember them and hum them before younger or elder members of the family. While shifting to a new place, we lost both the books. And that was the first intense loss of my true possession. I still at times search and ask for those golden reads at the book shops, in a hope to get my childhood back. In the meanwhile I developed another talent inside me during 6th standard i.e. writing poetry. One of the initial poems I wrote was for my school magazine “badal mujhe bana de ma”, which my siblings still like, and some more poems followed till 8th standard. After which I got busy with my own soul searching and developing an understanding of life around me, a transition period, which I believe every kid goes through. My interest for writing got dissolved but reading habit remained intact. I enjoyed loads of folk tales from different states of India. I was always hesitant to read novels because of their serious nature( as I believed) and their weight. My first novel was “tell me your dreams” by Sidney Sheldon, which I read by chance. And the next was “The Thorn Birds” which my sister compelled me to read in a funny way. She narrated me the story and like a child I was hearing her every lil’word and when I developed interest in it, she left the book and I was compelled to read it out of the curiosity. That was the first Lengthy novel I read and which I enjoyed, followed by Babar. I felt more attached to the characters and their life depictions. After that there was no turning back. Again after a long time I have developed interest in poetry again. After writing a few, I have started reading books on poetry. Another addition in my library...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Current Fever- Its a fever!!

Last week has been one of the most tiring weeks for me. Despite of lying on bed whole day, I still felt exhausted in the end. Like most of the people in Delhi, I too caught the viral-cold-cough combination. After 5 days of constant intake of antibiotics things are seemingly coming under control. During these tiresome 5 days my television remote, my cell phone, a few lovely friends, and ofcourse 10 -20 minutes of internet, including facebook games (I seem to be addicted, though I know I am not yet) have given me a wonderful company. I was blessed with the lovely unlimited flow of messages in my Inbox. Thanks for being my life support system. :) And my ability to sleep sleep and sleep real long has also helped me a great deal, although now i feel like a polar bear, who is waking up after 6 months of hibernation :D. My mom and my bro, have helped me in gaining my senses back. Phew!! Thanx mummy and my baby brother. :) :)

I can clearly see that I have lost some weight, ending up being nearer to size zero (I don’t know if I should be happy about it or sad) but let me be on positive side and become happy for Although my stamina has gone drastically down, and since I am going on a long trip with my family, I might have to suffer the damages. But I just hope, I gain it back in the zeal and enjoyment of traveling.

Tschius till the time I come back from this long awaited trip. :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

10 uncool Things on roads

1. The first and foremost annoying thing on roads - Cars emitting pollution. Always keep your vehicle’s pollution check Updated.

2. Too much of Honking irritates everybody mostly when people continuously blow horns even in traffic jams and red lights. The ones who can't wait should own a helicopter or private jets.

3. Over-taking from wrong direction. Left indicator is for left turn, never overtake from left in that scenerio, or else vice-versa. For God's sake do respect your safety if not others..

4. Cars and primarily Bikes dancing aggressively on roads. It can cause serious accidents.

5. Cars with total Black Glasses look so not cool. Something out of class which gives your vehicle a cheap look and can contribute to unwanted road accidents during the night time.

6. Usage of high beamed head lights and white lights during night. It blinds other drivers. Care about life.

7. Parking at wrong places blocking other people’s way. Give others their space too.

8. 14-15 year ruling driving seats. Wake up moms and dads, they have no age to understand the seriousness of roads, and that’s the age of complete show off. Your kids can get into some serious trouble. Prevention is always better than cure.

9. Arrogance on roads. People losing patience and self control on their anger and revealing their arrogance on roads is so highly uncool. Just over a small thing they at times fight with poor Cycle riksha Guys or other people on road, thats really annoying.

10. Defeaning loud music and not abiding by traffic lights contributing to many accidents and road rivalries.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Too Soon

And realised it
i changed just too soon
for good or bad, dont know
happy or sad, can't say
i knew it wasn't mine
it wasn't something destined
a world belongs to me
it stays under the oceans and seas
and i fought n fought hard
to get back what i lost
after walking miles in search of a truly blessed moon..

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Thousand Splendid suns - Khaled Hosseini

One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs
And the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls

The Thousand Splendid suns- A beautiful book by Khaled Hosseini on the lives of Afghans. A story based on the lives of two Afghani women, Mariam and Laila who are from different backgrounds, gradually develops the relationship of mother and daughter in the terror of war.

Mariam an illegitimate child of her father (who is rich and has 3 wives), lives far from the city, grows up with an impression of being a burden on her mother. While her father visits her every Thursday and makes her feel important and desired. She wants to live with her father. On her 15th birthday, she shows her desire to see the latest movie Pinocchio with her step siblings. After being promised for what she had asked, when her father didn't show up on her birthday to take her for the movie, she reached there on her own and ends up spending the night at the porch. When deserted Mariam reaches back home, she finds her mother hanged to death, with a fear that her only daughter has abandoned her. Her life changed since then. Her step mothers considering her a burden on the reputation of the family makes her marry much older man Rasheed, a shoemaker in Kabul, who has lost his wife and a son sometime back. After her miscarriage, her husband becomes abusive and cruel towards her. Mariam continues to live with orthodox and abusive Rasheed.

One the other hand, in Mariam's neighbour a young girl takes birth; she lost her two elder-brothers in the war. She is an intelligent girl, who is admired by her father for her intellect and her interest in studies. As she grows up, she eventually falls in love with her childhood friend and neighbour, Tareek. His family decides to leave for Pakistan. After sometime as tension grows worst in Afghanistan, Laila's family too decides to leave the city, when a rocket hits her house. In this accident Laila loses her parents while she recovers in Mariam and Rasheed’s house. Rasheed lays his eyes on Laila, while on the other hand both the women strengthen their bond each day.

From here onwards their struggle for food and survival starts. As story progresses, it depicts how Mariam and laila became friends and from that how their relation grew stronger to a selfless and unbreakable bond, how they supported and stood by each other through their struggles for survival.

The Thousand splendid suns narrates the story of both Mariam and Laila, their struggle for life, their losses, their sorrows and endurances in those tough times and their sacrifices for each other. It depicts the purity and selflessness of their relation and the condition of women in Afghanistan. This story narrates the struggle of people, the laws dictated by Taliban on Afghans and the violent history of Afghanistan and its people.

I would like to recommend this Book to all the people since it makes up for an interesting historical reading. I like it, and I am sure you'll like it too. As it is my first book review, pardon my mistakes and story narration, whichever way I lacked. It’s a novel not to be missed. :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

शून्य की ओर

अंधेरे कमरे में मैं जल रही थी
अपने ही विचारो से मैं पिघल रही थी
कुछ देर जली फिर कुछ और जली

उजले दिन को राख़ बनने को जली
फिर काली रात की परछाइयां मिटाने को जली
मैं अपनी ही परछाइयों में पली
फिर अपनी ही परछाइयों से जली

कभी बेगानों की पीड़ा ने जलाया
कभी अपनों की लीला ने जलाया
इसी जलन ने कुछ अपनों को बेगाना बनाया
इसी तपन में कुछ बेगानों को मैंने अपना पाया

कभी हल्कि सी हँसी ने हिलाया
कभी किसी के आंसुओं ने बुझाया
पर जलना मेरी फितरत है
मैं फिर जली, कुछ देर जली फिर कुछ और जली

जलते जलते मैंने कभी दो दिलों को मिलाया
मैंने कभी किसी को शायर बनाया
मैं अपने ही आंसूओं से
फिर कुछ और गली

मेरा जीवन था अंधियारे को काटना
मेरा लक्ष्य था विचारों को छांटना
मैं एक रूप से फिर शून्य में ढली
बुझने से पहले मैं फिर कुछ देर और जली

मेरी इस बुझती लौ ने फिर कुछ को रुलाया
मेरे इस अंत में मुझे मेरे अपनों ने भुलाया
शून्य से होकर मैं कहीं और मिली
ख़ुद में ही मिलने को मैं फिर एक बार और जली ...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Moment Of truth

Four or five months back, I discovered a show named “moment of truth” on star world. When I was watching it for the first time, i found the intensity and intemacy of questions kept on rising with the rise in level. It kept me hooked for more and I was extremely frightened and numb watching progression of the game. It left me thinking about the aftermath of the show. I was jittery thinking if the people confronting the truths will be able to survive with their present relations or will others accept them and respect them the same way as before confronting darkest truths. There was a veiled theme inside me, what if they create an Indian version of the same. Will a person battling with truth in a hope to earn some money be able to comply with the norms and the protocols of the Indian society? What if someone will win, will he have the money or the relations or will he succeed in keeping both or will he lose everything he has? No wonder we all have a dark side, but very few of us can commit the darkest truth or the deepest fears buried under the core of our minds. The definition, although, of dark differs from person to person, the kind of life they have had and the kind of atmosphere they have been given. But all truth no lie, is difficult for everybody. Pangs of jealousy, fear of isolation, reaction on injustice, unrevealed betrayal, confrontation with weaknesses, grudges and complains for near ones. We go though many of this and some of us go through rather more. Its easy to share our life with a few but is it that easy to show world how mean or how disturbed we have been? Is it easy to reveal everything we have been hiding since years in just one go? Before truth risking our life seems easy but risking our relations, respect and friendship is hardest possible task. Yesterday I got to know that Indian version of moment of truth has been started with the name “Sach ka Saamna”. We all know Indian society has not yet progressed to the level of indifference. A person’s life is still altered by the relatives, friends, neighbors and even acquaintances. Getting our heads in a show like this is keeping everything at stake with no guarantee for money, with probability of losing what we already have. Although not all the people who are participating in it are in need for money. With obscure intentions some of them must be participating here for making confessions before their people for their guilt and explanation or excuses for their credentials, or may be some celebrities for publicity, simultaneously seeking a medal for their heroic deeds for accepting their guilt, which is not something anyone can do.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just have a lil patience.......

“Have a lil patience” – how often have we heard it? How astoundingly easy it seems but when I think deeper and dig myself and people around me and their lives to understand it, I sometimes fail to understand its true worth. Patience is one word which is on the lips of everyone but in the heart of only a few. When I think about myself in this context, I too find myself amongst the pupils attending patience classes, trying to master one of my subjects of life but often fail in my own eyes.

Patience is a war with your own self, a tiresome brainstorming session with your own values, beliefs and thoughts in difficult circumstances. Patience is the art of facing difficulties especially long term with endurance without losing your head or getting upset or disturbed. Many people feel they have been keeping it and when you actually peep into their soul, you find a big hole in it from where patience is leaking a great deal. Yeah it takes a long time and great deal of patience to learn patience. At times you will find yourself sitting on the fire and spectators enjoying the show and simultaneously scoring you on your patience. It seems so easy to say “be patient”, but always ask somebody who has been practicing it since ages but has broken it recently. All teachings, learnings and practicing just vanish in a split second.
Even the rocks near a river keep patience but slowly turn into soil with constant hits. “When I keep it you lose it, when you keep it I panic, when we both keep it we lose time and when none of us keep it we lose a relation”. All we still want and crave for is patience. Being like a rock, waiting for our temperaments to get retarded, we keep ourselves patient. Sometimes we lose it because of our weaknesses and some times we lose it with lots of interferences in our lives. We sometimes want to be heard and understood and, we lose it because we get consoling words and possible solutions without being understood. Not everything can be solved today, but can be taken care of and kept in for tomorrow. We need to have patience. We lose it with difference in attitudes and natures and understandings. We lose it when people are judgmental, with perhaps, their limited knowledge of facts and figures.

I was discussing the term “Patience” with a friend yesterday. And I have been told that we lose it because we think we are mature, when we are not in certain cases. True!! And if we look at it with another perspective, we can also say it might be possible that other person is not mature enough to understand our wants and needs. We lose it when we are being doubted for our decisions about our lives, when people themselves hate others intervening in theirs.

Sometimes our constant failures compel us to surrender ourselves and our so called patience, be it failures in relationships or careers. So keeping patience with broad thinking is easy, but keeping patience otherwise is a tough game to play. Too much of criticism and too much of optimism kills patience. And with the so called loss of patience, some things like anger, frustration, detachment and violence shine and love, understanding, trust vanish. Elongated practice of Patience kills patience. Being silent is the only way out to fight impatience and being joyful is the only key to have a healthy and stable mind when you are practicing patience. Live it in your way. Be patient to you, even if it’s a war with yourself, just try to win it. And when you can’t, give your black emotions out and keep patience again!! :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i say..wtsay?

Living a Life Happily and Peacefully is a Challenge.. Just DO IT!! ;-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


1. I love it when you take extra care of me and pamper me to make me smile.
2. I love it when you hug me and tell me how important i am for you in your life.
3. I love it when you tease me hard and try to make me blush..
4. I love it when you confide in me and leave me with your email account logged-in and let me be mischeveous with your friends.
5. I simmmmply love the compliments from you about my smile or my cheerful nature or the way i look. (although i lovvvve variety in compliments..)

6. I love the way you start complaining to each and every member in the family, when I look low. And scold me when i make my self islolated.

7. I love the Gifts from you, that makes me feel more special and makes me believe that you remembered me.

8. I love your cheerful voice that makes my day, and make others around you cheerful too.

9. I love to see your confused reaction over my deeds. You are irritated and happy both.

10. I love everything about you, that holds us together, makes this life wonderful each day..


1. I Hate it when you fail to make me laugh, or fail to laugh on my jokes. (I try harrrrrd to add humour).
2. I hate it when you become too negative after facing small problems and start ignoring the wonderful upcoming days. Don't worry you will find some better problems in life to get depressed on. So now wake up and cheer up!!3. I hate your lack of confidence in life.4. I hate it when you fail to trust and express yourself before others and keep important things to yourself.5. I hate the way you fail to do what you want to worrying about what others will think of it.
6. I hate the lack of LIFE in you.
7. I hate the way you don't enjoy small joys of life, waiting for BIG ones to approach,ruining some of the important and most wonderful moments.8. I hate the way you make others around you unhappy because of the lack of enthusiasm in you.
9. I hate your serious nature, pretending to be someone you are not.
10. I hate it when you don't smile and enjoy my company...

4th March

I missed it.. 4th march and no celebrations for the day on my Blog.. I guess i have started ignoring my blog.. and sorry for that.. Sorry to My Blog.. so what about 4th march? I know people who know me must be expecting a post. And since for me my blog is a diary too, i can jot down something like this here. We used to have a BIG BASH with all family members along with the guests of my uncles and aunts. And more the guests, merrier for me. No Prize for guessing it now.. Its the day when i stepped into the lives of my parents to discover the beauty of life.. I know this day should be more special to them, but since they know my madness for My day, so normally they prefer not to react. LOVELY IS THE DAY AND LOVELY IS ITS SUNSHINE FOR ME.. I love the presents and just most of it i love soo many infinite wishes from everybody. Whats the harm in making yourself happy and just dedicate one single day to yourself. When in these 365 days you give importance to every minute thing in you life, why not give one day in these 365 days to yourself.. Oh i forgot to wish my self. here. "A very happy BELATED Birthday to me " cheers!! hehe.
So now i want everybody who read this post not to ignore their days. Just be full of zeal and add that extra zing of life to your b'days. :)

Five Things to do for your b'day to make it special:
1. Never expect that others will make it a special for you.. if they couldn’t you'll be spoiling one of the most important 24 hrs of your life. if they won’t come up with something, you’ll be happy and if they do, it’s a bonus.. What say?
2. Keep telling and reminding people you are in contact with that your b'day is approaching. So that you get maximum wishes, gifts from all over world.. :)
3. Surprize yourself by doing something special for you like baking a cake or bringing some flowers or anything you like for yourself..
4. Don’t ever try to make this day a usual one as otherwise it will end up like a mourning..
5. Catch at least one person around you and treat him/her. And if u are in a family never let them think that its another day. Your b'day madness may bring infinite smiles to them too.. So if u are making yourself happy, always remember your are making others related to you also happy.. :)
Celebrate the day.. as like never before.. Be happy on your Birthday to make it a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Age Of Innocence..

When we look at children, why we never envy them or why we never have ever lasting fights.. Even after scolding them, why do they forget things in a split of second and when at one moment they are fighting, arguing with us or being scolded by us, at the very next moment they come back to us to play, demanding love attention and care from us..
certainly they are the souls untouched by world's cruelity, greed, need of power and fame.. they are the richest and purest souls that demand nothing but love and a bit of attention.
Yes children are one of the most vibrant color of life. Being with them means loud screams, naughty deeds, awkward talks, senseless games. In nutshell being with them means being lively, being oneself, without faking it at all.
So its a party, if we have such a guest at home anytime. For all of us. When u see a child and you want to be friends with him/her. First thing, look into his eyes, and give him a nice wide smile.. If he smiles back at you, you are already friends, or else if he is shy, he'll keep looking at you to make sure your smile is genuine.
Though Its difficult to please a child sometimes. But they can melt stone hearts in seconds with certainly a small and innocent smile or else they'll look at you with their beautiful eyes as if they have never seen somebody like you. And with just one look, you'll know they love you.
So while i like them alot, and i like life in them, i like the pure souls away from any kind of dust and all, they are a miracle.
And why am i writing this post about them? may be because i have been through age of innocence like everybody else and my interactions with them make me think hard about them. They are for sure source of energy in me.. some times when i see them in dreams, i wake up so fresh.
There are infinite stories about beautiful interactions with them. But a different story of difficult challenge i got sometime back. Not all kids are as beautiful as flower petals. Some are real difficult to spend even a mintue with. They are stubborn, they are born fighters, they cry and cry to make you work as per their will. And worst is you can't scold them hard, can't shout at them, as they are your relative's sons or daughters. I met somebody like this some months ago. And i soon realised after 10 minutes that this is going to be difficult for me. And so i am not going to enjoy my visit here and would try to ignore the upcoming visits soon. I tried to be patient for one hour.. I know how to tackle them, i was confident enough like always. But things didn't work out. With love and patience falling afar, i got one fiseable solution. Ignore her. Tell her i dont like her. This is something children are sensetive to. I knew it and this is the trick.. It worked for another 10 mins.. But my sister, she did her best. She scared the hell out of her. It went like this "Mujhe badmaash bacche bilkul pasand nahi hain. Aur jo mujhe pareshaan karte hain, wo mujhe kabhi bhool nahi paate." (with her eyes wide open, she has big eyes,) And so that kid looked at me confused and scared a bit. I caught it. I said "Last time one child irritated her to the core, and she slappend her so hard, that she got scar on her face."
So by the time we were there, she was simply nice to us, kissed us, soft-spoken, without creating any further problems. And a compliment with her mother made our day. She said "She likes you". lol. So heres solution to tackle diificult ones, we discovered few weeks ago ;-)
But rare are the kids like that. And mind it never try something like this with all of them. As all of them are naughty in their own ways. Keep this for toughest cookies. That is what age of innocence is all about. Blended with variety.. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Black Emotions

We all have negative and positive side of us.. As normally they show in cartoons two avtars of a same character comes out from nowhere, one angel looking and another devil. And its totally on us as who we choose to be like.. Sometimes bad things are too tempting that good ones are totally ignored and lose their value. So now y am i writing all such stuff... As because here i want to divert our minds to the darker side of us that we sometimes enjoy.. Dark doesn't necessarily mean bad but can also means secretive.. A hidden side which has been hidden there since long, and we prefer to keep it in dark without any light there, as because before the world we want to be known by our white selves and not the black ones..
I personally feel its very difficult to be good all times.. and to be open and non secretive.. We all have something or other to hide, to act bad for.. At times we feel nice to hurt somebody who has done something bad to us or our loved ones.. We are emotionally so tormented at that time that sometimes we end up thinking how to give that person worst possible loss. I think there is no harm in just being negative sometimes. We respire and we perspire Our body throws out that we dont need.. Why we care so much in throwing bad emotions out of us.. Sometimes giving out these emotions makes us feel nice and light.. Many psychatrists give tips to hurt people back who have hurt you as to get yourself out of derpression and humiliation you are going through So in a nutshell all i wanted to say here is that its not always bad to be bad, sometimes its really good to be bad.. It helps us from not being fake. It helps us to give out our anger. It helps us in our difficult times. It gives us attitude to fight back with much anger and wrath. It helps us to be away from depression.. So sometimes being black helps too, where being white fails to.. :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Indian superstitions

Superstitions are integral part of Indian tradition and society. The daily life of us is governed by beliefs and superstitions. Each day in a week is dedicated to superstions. And since my infancy i have been hearing loads about it from my elders i felt like jotting them down herein my blog as another post. Hope it will be an interesting topic to read. So lets start from days of week.

It is believed that Monday is not an auspicious day for shaving and cutting hair. Likewise Thursdays and saturdays are not good for washing hair. Tuesday is believed to be not good to reach any body's home from a journey. Saturday is considered bad for purchasing metal or leather. As it brings bad luck in terms of financial prosperity. Again for some people purachsing of metals on saturday is lucky. SUPERSTITIONS!!!

If we go a bit further, we all know about a common superstition, we have been hearing since our childhood, crossing of our path by black cat is a bad omen. And interestingly, if somebody gets even a small wound within 4-5 hours of that incidence, he will curse that black cat who has crossed his path hours back not realising his mistake. Again calling a person from back when he is leaving home for the day is considered as bad omen. Likewise theres another superstition, if somebody is going leaving home for days work and you sneeze thrice, its a bad omen. I did it several times during my childhood. And elders used to tell me to sneeze once more to distroy this omen. lol

Again if your head bumps into another person's head, black dog will bite you. So in order to vanish this effect you have to bump your head once again into that person's head. Another one is you mustn't sprinkle common salt over the floor, as in the next birth you'll be reborn as a bird and you have to collect each grain of the salt (which is considered painful for the birds). Another one eating sweet curd before exams brings good luck. Though for this one particularly i feel its scientific, as curd has cooling effect. And so it relaxes our mind. So this implies some of the superstitions are scientific too.

Another one very common, if a girl (not sure about guys) eats directly from kadhai during cooking something, it will rain in her marriage. Some of my friends have experienced it, and they tell me "i ate directly, thats why." lol I still am not sure why it happened with all of them.. And i have heard people saying if it rains simultaneously with sun shinning over, it imples some jackal is being married somewhere in jungle. hahaha.. This one is the most funny one.

Watching elephant during a journey is a good omen as it symbolises with Lord Ganesha, mythological God in Indian tradition. Seeing Peacock is also considered as good omen while hearing its shrill sound is considered bad omen. Falling of utensils, or creating sounds from pair of tongs is considered bad. Footwears upside down brings fights in family.

There are many such superstitions which have become a part of our daily lives. Adding some different flavour in our lives. I just wish after reading it you wont curse and blame that innocent cute black cat which is going on her way, for bringing bad luck to you. :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009..

First of all wishing everybody who have been a part of this blog and whoever visits it by any chance A Very Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year. As like always everybody is asking about my new year's resolution about which i dont have a faintest idea.. and i haven't decided for my new year's dos and donts.
If you have any tell me about your new year resolutions or plans, so that i can think of atleast one resolution for myself this year.
A very happy New year to all of you.. Hope 2009 will add some wonderful unforgettable memories to our lives.
Stay happy and keep smiling..ooops laughing.. lol

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