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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Indian superstitions

Superstitions are integral part of Indian tradition and society. The daily life of us is governed by beliefs and superstitions. Each day in a week is dedicated to superstions. And since my infancy i have been hearing loads about it from my elders i felt like jotting them down herein my blog as another post. Hope it will be an interesting topic to read. So lets start from days of week.

It is believed that Monday is not an auspicious day for shaving and cutting hair. Likewise Thursdays and saturdays are not good for washing hair. Tuesday is believed to be not good to reach any body's home from a journey. Saturday is considered bad for purchasing metal or leather. As it brings bad luck in terms of financial prosperity. Again for some people purachsing of metals on saturday is lucky. SUPERSTITIONS!!!

If we go a bit further, we all know about a common superstition, we have been hearing since our childhood, crossing of our path by black cat is a bad omen. And interestingly, if somebody gets even a small wound within 4-5 hours of that incidence, he will curse that black cat who has crossed his path hours back not realising his mistake. Again calling a person from back when he is leaving home for the day is considered as bad omen. Likewise theres another superstition, if somebody is going leaving home for days work and you sneeze thrice, its a bad omen. I did it several times during my childhood. And elders used to tell me to sneeze once more to distroy this omen. lol

Again if your head bumps into another person's head, black dog will bite you. So in order to vanish this effect you have to bump your head once again into that person's head. Another one is you mustn't sprinkle common salt over the floor, as in the next birth you'll be reborn as a bird and you have to collect each grain of the salt (which is considered painful for the birds). Another one eating sweet curd before exams brings good luck. Though for this one particularly i feel its scientific, as curd has cooling effect. And so it relaxes our mind. So this implies some of the superstitions are scientific too.

Another one very common, if a girl (not sure about guys) eats directly from kadhai during cooking something, it will rain in her marriage. Some of my friends have experienced it, and they tell me "i ate directly, thats why." lol I still am not sure why it happened with all of them.. And i have heard people saying if it rains simultaneously with sun shinning over, it imples some jackal is being married somewhere in jungle. hahaha.. This one is the most funny one.

Watching elephant during a journey is a good omen as it symbolises with Lord Ganesha, mythological God in Indian tradition. Seeing Peacock is also considered as good omen while hearing its shrill sound is considered bad omen. Falling of utensils, or creating sounds from pair of tongs is considered bad. Footwears upside down brings fights in family.

There are many such superstitions which have become a part of our daily lives. Adding some different flavour in our lives. I just wish after reading it you wont curse and blame that innocent cute black cat which is going on her way, for bringing bad luck to you. :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009..

First of all wishing everybody who have been a part of this blog and whoever visits it by any chance A Very Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year. As like always everybody is asking about my new year's resolution about which i dont have a faintest idea.. and i haven't decided for my new year's dos and donts.
If you have any tell me about your new year resolutions or plans, so that i can think of atleast one resolution for myself this year.
A very happy New year to all of you.. Hope 2009 will add some wonderful unforgettable memories to our lives.
Stay happy and keep smiling..ooops laughing.. lol

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