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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009..

First of all wishing everybody who have been a part of this blog and whoever visits it by any chance A Very Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year. As like always everybody is asking about my new year's resolution about which i dont have a faintest idea.. and i haven't decided for my new year's dos and donts.
If you have any tell me about your new year resolutions or plans, so that i can think of atleast one resolution for myself this year.
A very happy New year to all of you.. Hope 2009 will add some wonderful unforgettable memories to our lives.
Stay happy and keep smiling..ooops laughing.. lol


  1. ha!! new year resolutions.. well nothings new about them... the same old stuff.. will study harder, will keep my room cleaner, will lose weight ,...but this time i will definitely vote! n also i plan to get some people married so that i get to enjoy in their respective weddings! ha ha!!

  2. i plan to loose some weight.. (first time ever in my agenda of life).. find time to play some sports (swimming and vollyball would be awesome)

  3. !!!!!!!!!Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @ searching myself..
    thanks.. and A very happy new year to you too! :)

    So my new year resolutions... umm..
    @ aditi
    i can resolve on keeping my room cleaner.. but my sis will take undue advantage of that.. so i guess i have to chuck this idea! Vote... i always do.. we all must vote.. it makes us feel we are above 18.. lol :P.. ya but on serious note "we must vote".
    Again intially i thought abt gaining weight.. but soon realised i look better this way..

    So first thing i will for sure do.. will definetly go to mumbai this year.. (this is for apurva) i promise.. :)
    second.... i guess getting some people married is in my agenda since a long time.. ;-)
    thirdly we all elders are planning a trip..Just we all kiddos. So this in my new year's dos. (wtsay aditi ;))
    fourth one is will join some dance classes.
    and finally i will re-do my room.. it needs a makeover.. atleast i feel so. So this is all i can write here.. but theres much more in my mind which has to come out with the passing days.
    i simply want to make this year a bit different.
    oh forgot the Best part.. will celebrate my b'day.. a day for which i have to wait whole year long!! lol

    Lets c wt comes up this year...

  5. sheshai....u forgot cook awesum food fr my resolution is to get sum1 hitched....asap....

  6. arre Cooking is something about which i dont have to resolve.. :)

    BTW..hitching resolution.. hahaha!!

  7. happy new year to you too. May the new year bring prosperity, happiness and give you the piece of mind

  8. OOPs sorry i wanted to say peace of mind
    my good wishes

  9. I think it was a really great blog inviting so many comments
    good one :)

  10. P.S.: I don't know what new year resolution to take so can you help me?


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