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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Age Of Innocence..

When we look at children, why we never envy them or why we never have ever lasting fights.. Even after scolding them, why do they forget things in a split of second and when at one moment they are fighting, arguing with us or being scolded by us, at the very next moment they come back to us to play, demanding love attention and care from us..
certainly they are the souls untouched by world's cruelity, greed, need of power and fame.. they are the richest and purest souls that demand nothing but love and a bit of attention.
Yes children are one of the most vibrant color of life. Being with them means loud screams, naughty deeds, awkward talks, senseless games. In nutshell being with them means being lively, being oneself, without faking it at all.
So its a party, if we have such a guest at home anytime. For all of us. When u see a child and you want to be friends with him/her. First thing, look into his eyes, and give him a nice wide smile.. If he smiles back at you, you are already friends, or else if he is shy, he'll keep looking at you to make sure your smile is genuine.
Though Its difficult to please a child sometimes. But they can melt stone hearts in seconds with certainly a small and innocent smile or else they'll look at you with their beautiful eyes as if they have never seen somebody like you. And with just one look, you'll know they love you.
So while i like them alot, and i like life in them, i like the pure souls away from any kind of dust and all, they are a miracle.
And why am i writing this post about them? may be because i have been through age of innocence like everybody else and my interactions with them make me think hard about them. They are for sure source of energy in me.. some times when i see them in dreams, i wake up so fresh.
There are infinite stories about beautiful interactions with them. But a different story of difficult challenge i got sometime back. Not all kids are as beautiful as flower petals. Some are real difficult to spend even a mintue with. They are stubborn, they are born fighters, they cry and cry to make you work as per their will. And worst is you can't scold them hard, can't shout at them, as they are your relative's sons or daughters. I met somebody like this some months ago. And i soon realised after 10 minutes that this is going to be difficult for me. And so i am not going to enjoy my visit here and would try to ignore the upcoming visits soon. I tried to be patient for one hour.. I know how to tackle them, i was confident enough like always. But things didn't work out. With love and patience falling afar, i got one fiseable solution. Ignore her. Tell her i dont like her. This is something children are sensetive to. I knew it and this is the trick.. It worked for another 10 mins.. But my sister, she did her best. She scared the hell out of her. It went like this "Mujhe badmaash bacche bilkul pasand nahi hain. Aur jo mujhe pareshaan karte hain, wo mujhe kabhi bhool nahi paate." (with her eyes wide open, she has big eyes,) And so that kid looked at me confused and scared a bit. I caught it. I said "Last time one child irritated her to the core, and she slappend her so hard, that she got scar on her face."
So by the time we were there, she was simply nice to us, kissed us, soft-spoken, without creating any further problems. And a compliment with her mother made our day. She said "She likes you". lol. So heres solution to tackle diificult ones, we discovered few weeks ago ;-)
But rare are the kids like that. And mind it never try something like this with all of them. As all of them are naughty in their own ways. Keep this for toughest cookies. That is what age of innocence is all about. Blended with variety.. :)


  1. i strongly feel that you still havent lost ur innocence. ;)
    in a way thats a good thing.. innocence is easily lost and is hard to find in ppl nowadays..u still maintain it quite well i must say. :P
    and i just love kids! i have a vey cute niece who is the cutest kid in the world! and i love being with kids too and strangely i am the undeclared babysitter most of the times.
    hope to babysit ur kids soon ;)

  2. I bet she was the sweetest cookie. If it were my niece, she would have gone crying to ur mom(not hers') saying, you pinched her or slapped her! rest, u can imagine :D

    but yes, I must admit,kids r mood changers...(both ways)!

  3. @ aditi..
    Blush blush.. i love you.. :)
    well abt babysitting my kids soon.. lol.. have to wait until my marriage.. lol but on serious note wud love to give them in caring loving and safe hands.. :)

    @ relentless seeker..
    well thats scary.. ur niece is really dangerous.. lol
    Very true.. kids are mood changers.. BOTH WAYS!! :)

  4. ever heard jim morrison when he says all the children are insane? maybe thats why they forget fights and all


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