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Monday, February 2, 2009

Black Emotions

We all have negative and positive side of us.. As normally they show in cartoons two avtars of a same character comes out from nowhere, one angel looking and another devil. And its totally on us as who we choose to be like.. Sometimes bad things are too tempting that good ones are totally ignored and lose their value. So now y am i writing all such stuff... As because here i want to divert our minds to the darker side of us that we sometimes enjoy.. Dark doesn't necessarily mean bad but can also means secretive.. A hidden side which has been hidden there since long, and we prefer to keep it in dark without any light there, as because before the world we want to be known by our white selves and not the black ones..
I personally feel its very difficult to be good all times.. and to be open and non secretive.. We all have something or other to hide, to act bad for.. At times we feel nice to hurt somebody who has done something bad to us or our loved ones.. We are emotionally so tormented at that time that sometimes we end up thinking how to give that person worst possible loss. I think there is no harm in just being negative sometimes. We respire and we perspire Our body throws out that we dont need.. Why we care so much in throwing bad emotions out of us.. Sometimes giving out these emotions makes us feel nice and light.. Many psychatrists give tips to hurt people back who have hurt you as to get yourself out of derpression and humiliation you are going through So in a nutshell all i wanted to say here is that its not always bad to be bad, sometimes its really good to be bad.. It helps us from not being fake. It helps us to give out our anger. It helps us in our difficult times. It gives us attitude to fight back with much anger and wrath. It helps us to be away from depression.. So sometimes being black helps too, where being white fails to.. :)


  1. ah a very racist post i see. .. :p
    there is nothing wrong in being bad.. we ain't gods.. we're humans.. and revenge, avenge are all emotions which come its ok
    but y dis post? u did nethin bad huh? ;)

  2. nah.. just justifying things a bit, if go black in future.. lol
    ;-) justified?? :D

  3. this post seems to be "direct dil se" :P

    but yes, absolutely certainly helps and and if it could be mixed with humour..even better! Tried and tested recipe...

  4. ha so ur just preaparing a ackground ki bhai dekho maine to pehle hi bola tha!! :)

  5. you bet.. its a nice idea to redeem da post as and when needed.. i am very sure it'll be something different and new in the history of blogging.. lol [:D][:D]

  6. Black emotions nd humor..... ok..lets say, u fell ill(God forbid..) nd go to doc.He prescribes you
    the yuckiest pills nd even more depressing diet or for that case even an injection compelling you to
    curse him with every pill you swallow...! Now cursing can be done in an interesting way, like wishing
    he slips on a banana peel and falls with face into a dung-cake.And when he tries to wipe it with his
    hanky, he pulls out red one, inviting a stray bull charging at him...!!!
    moral: it vents out ur black emotions,puts smile back on ur face and enhances ur creative instincts... :))

  7. lol. yeah.. i have seen people doing that or rather at times i myself do it too.. lol

    So now on serious note, my whole point is that some ppl fear giving out black emotions and some of them dont like the people throwing it out.. But i feel yes its an important to get the wreckage out of your mind, if it gives you peace and satisfaction afterwards..

  8. this reminds me of-'when angry count ten..when very angry SWEAR!!!

  9. black emotions... happens naturally to me at times.. but then doesnt affect my thinkin abt that person.. but mine are not so decent as..slipping on banana and all.. hahaha.

  10. @rahul: karna padta hai dost :)
    I ve just translated the language to suit the ambience ;)


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