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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


1. I love it when you take extra care of me and pamper me to make me smile.
2. I love it when you hug me and tell me how important i am for you in your life.
3. I love it when you tease me hard and try to make me blush..
4. I love it when you confide in me and leave me with your email account logged-in and let me be mischeveous with your friends.
5. I simmmmply love the compliments from you about my smile or my cheerful nature or the way i look. (although i lovvvve variety in compliments..)

6. I love the way you start complaining to each and every member in the family, when I look low. And scold me when i make my self islolated.

7. I love the Gifts from you, that makes me feel more special and makes me believe that you remembered me.

8. I love your cheerful voice that makes my day, and make others around you cheerful too.

9. I love to see your confused reaction over my deeds. You are irritated and happy both.

10. I love everything about you, that holds us together, makes this life wonderful each day..


1. I Hate it when you fail to make me laugh, or fail to laugh on my jokes. (I try harrrrrd to add humour).
2. I hate it when you become too negative after facing small problems and start ignoring the wonderful upcoming days. Don't worry you will find some better problems in life to get depressed on. So now wake up and cheer up!!3. I hate your lack of confidence in life.4. I hate it when you fail to trust and express yourself before others and keep important things to yourself.5. I hate the way you fail to do what you want to worrying about what others will think of it.
6. I hate the lack of LIFE in you.
7. I hate the way you don't enjoy small joys of life, waiting for BIG ones to approach,ruining some of the important and most wonderful moments.8. I hate the way you make others around you unhappy because of the lack of enthusiasm in you.
9. I hate your serious nature, pretending to be someone you are not.
10. I hate it when you don't smile and enjoy my company...

4th March

I missed it.. 4th march and no celebrations for the day on my Blog.. I guess i have started ignoring my blog.. and sorry for that.. Sorry to My Blog.. so what about 4th march? I know people who know me must be expecting a post. And since for me my blog is a diary too, i can jot down something like this here. We used to have a BIG BASH with all family members along with the guests of my uncles and aunts. And more the guests, merrier for me. No Prize for guessing it now.. Its the day when i stepped into the lives of my parents to discover the beauty of life.. I know this day should be more special to them, but since they know my madness for My day, so normally they prefer not to react. LOVELY IS THE DAY AND LOVELY IS ITS SUNSHINE FOR ME.. I love the presents and just most of it i love soo many infinite wishes from everybody. Whats the harm in making yourself happy and just dedicate one single day to yourself. When in these 365 days you give importance to every minute thing in you life, why not give one day in these 365 days to yourself.. Oh i forgot to wish my self. here. "A very happy BELATED Birthday to me " cheers!! hehe.
So now i want everybody who read this post not to ignore their days. Just be full of zeal and add that extra zing of life to your b'days. :)

Five Things to do for your b'day to make it special:
1. Never expect that others will make it a special for you.. if they couldn’t you'll be spoiling one of the most important 24 hrs of your life. if they won’t come up with something, you’ll be happy and if they do, it’s a bonus.. What say?
2. Keep telling and reminding people you are in contact with that your b'day is approaching. So that you get maximum wishes, gifts from all over world.. :)
3. Surprize yourself by doing something special for you like baking a cake or bringing some flowers or anything you like for yourself..
4. Don’t ever try to make this day a usual one as otherwise it will end up like a mourning..
5. Catch at least one person around you and treat him/her. And if u are in a family never let them think that its another day. Your b'day madness may bring infinite smiles to them too.. So if u are making yourself happy, always remember your are making others related to you also happy.. :)
Celebrate the day.. as like never before.. Be happy on your Birthday to make it a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)

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