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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


1. I Hate it when you fail to make me laugh, or fail to laugh on my jokes. (I try harrrrrd to add humour).
2. I hate it when you become too negative after facing small problems and start ignoring the wonderful upcoming days. Don't worry you will find some better problems in life to get depressed on. So now wake up and cheer up!!3. I hate your lack of confidence in life.4. I hate it when you fail to trust and express yourself before others and keep important things to yourself.5. I hate the way you fail to do what you want to worrying about what others will think of it.
6. I hate the lack of LIFE in you.
7. I hate the way you don't enjoy small joys of life, waiting for BIG ones to approach,ruining some of the important and most wonderful moments.8. I hate the way you make others around you unhappy because of the lack of enthusiasm in you.
9. I hate your serious nature, pretending to be someone you are not.
10. I hate it when you don't smile and enjoy my company...


  1. when i read the title i was scared that this is a post based on "10 things i hate about you!" by miley cyrus..thank god its not..
    but who's it for? hmmm.

  2. whats that?? wait lemme google it..
    c'mon.. u cant expect me to do that to my lovely BLOG.. i am not that kid.. hahaha.. thats really scary!!

    Well its in general.. what normally i hate in people..Conffession, a few things apply on me too at times.. :) though there can be many things.. but i prefered to count till ten!! wtsay ;)

  3. heyy hi.kinda came across yrs n aditi"s blogs on a frnzz recommendation... n mss say itzz ol well written.. a gr8 readin retreat...
    n well dis blog entry is gr8.. sounds like d 10 commandments :P;P... tacay :):).

  4. Thanx alot for appreciation.. Glad u like it.. :)
    yeah well u can say these are 10 commandments.. well something that i feel we must change in ourself to change our attitude towards life.. wtsay :;)

  5. yo r welcum dear :);)...n gud thingys need 2 b appreciated...n dats wot i did 2 yr blog:);)...

    well i truly agree wid ya...we shud b jss like sponge...n absorb ol d good qualities n let go off d bad 1s..lifes a learnin process afta oln change is an integral part of it... yet i wont use d wrd "hate" cuzz i find it a v strong emotion..yet dey r gr8 commandments :):)..sounds lyk dunn mess wid meh :P:P. tacay!!!!

  6. bold n dashfascinating ;)

    btw have u heard,"you say it best,when you say nothing at all"... aisa me nahi,Ronan Keating keh raha tha :)
    And I felt, uski baat me bhi Dus ka Dum hai !

  7. i dont think any of this applies to me :P

  8. wooo wooo.. Can I lift this idea for my next blog post?


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