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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


1. I love it when you take extra care of me and pamper me to make me smile.
2. I love it when you hug me and tell me how important i am for you in your life.
3. I love it when you tease me hard and try to make me blush..
4. I love it when you confide in me and leave me with your email account logged-in and let me be mischeveous with your friends.
5. I simmmmply love the compliments from you about my smile or my cheerful nature or the way i look. (although i lovvvve variety in compliments..)

6. I love the way you start complaining to each and every member in the family, when I look low. And scold me when i make my self islolated.

7. I love the Gifts from you, that makes me feel more special and makes me believe that you remembered me.

8. I love your cheerful voice that makes my day, and make others around you cheerful too.

9. I love to see your confused reaction over my deeds. You are irritated and happy both.

10. I love everything about you, that holds us together, makes this life wonderful each day..


  1. who is this post dedicated to??

  2. Bang-On !! there u go...

    I guess I could have won Predicta-Win contest for ur next blog, before this one ofcourse.. :)

  3. :) @ aditi
    this post is dedicated to all family members...

    @ relentless seeker
    Lol.. i wasn't planning to write this post.. but later on decided to scribble a few things here.. and finally came up with this post..

    So i guess people can easily make out wt points are dedicated to whom.. :)
    I just hope i have done justice to this post..
    And first and last point applies on everybody present in my life.. i am blessed.. TOUCH WOOD

  4. well...ppl have become smarter these days :))

    nd u wudnt ve done justice if u hadnt had written dis post. This one completes the previous post !

    Yin and Yang...u c ;)

  5. heyy hi....... dis 1s really gr8.. wud dedicate it 2 mah luvd 1s.... also wud add 1 more..." I luv ya nt jss 4 everythin yo r,, bt olso 4 everythin yo r not ":):)

  6. love u di....:)...n the password will never u r always welcome....

  7. :D and there are so many things about you here.. love you too :)
    wts the fun of using ur email in your absence!! I loved those days.. awesome chats.. :))


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