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Monday, July 13, 2009

Moment Of truth

Four or five months back, I discovered a show named “moment of truth” on star world. When I was watching it for the first time, i found the intensity and intemacy of questions kept on rising with the rise in level. It kept me hooked for more and I was extremely frightened and numb watching progression of the game. It left me thinking about the aftermath of the show. I was jittery thinking if the people confronting the truths will be able to survive with their present relations or will others accept them and respect them the same way as before confronting darkest truths. There was a veiled theme inside me, what if they create an Indian version of the same. Will a person battling with truth in a hope to earn some money be able to comply with the norms and the protocols of the Indian society? What if someone will win, will he have the money or the relations or will he succeed in keeping both or will he lose everything he has? No wonder we all have a dark side, but very few of us can commit the darkest truth or the deepest fears buried under the core of our minds. The definition, although, of dark differs from person to person, the kind of life they have had and the kind of atmosphere they have been given. But all truth no lie, is difficult for everybody. Pangs of jealousy, fear of isolation, reaction on injustice, unrevealed betrayal, confrontation with weaknesses, grudges and complains for near ones. We go though many of this and some of us go through rather more. Its easy to share our life with a few but is it that easy to show world how mean or how disturbed we have been? Is it easy to reveal everything we have been hiding since years in just one go? Before truth risking our life seems easy but risking our relations, respect and friendship is hardest possible task. Yesterday I got to know that Indian version of moment of truth has been started with the name “Sach ka Saamna”. We all know Indian society has not yet progressed to the level of indifference. A person’s life is still altered by the relatives, friends, neighbors and even acquaintances. Getting our heads in a show like this is keeping everything at stake with no guarantee for money, with probability of losing what we already have. Although not all the people who are participating in it are in need for money. With obscure intentions some of them must be participating here for making confessions before their people for their guilt and explanation or excuses for their credentials, or may be some celebrities for publicity, simultaneously seeking a medal for their heroic deeds for accepting their guilt, which is not something anyone can do.


  1. did you notice that the show is serving exactly what people want. some masala and high interference into other's life. This shows that they are bored with their own lives and can't find enough adventure in it. there should be a proper use of the innovation fund to innovate something better rather than just getting copyrights for american shows.
    glad you wrote it.
    PS: Rakhi Sawant show is the worst innovation ever

  2. Thats true. Indeed the show is serving too much of spices and high end interference. Well people who are participating in it are giving the viewers a new story and when the revealers dont mind why wud the viewers mind. Media is all about showing masala and smthing different from the routine, thats what makes a show hit or miss. Eg : Big Boss, even Rakhi sawant too succeeded in attracting large viewers group. Btw it wasn't innovation. just the name was innovative else its on the lines of some other show running overseas.
    Including a show which is already a hit in US has probability of less risk and more success, a way to be in competition and gaining the lost TRP of the channels.
    Btw i dont think anybody wud mind innovations, if any, but channels normally work on the idea as which show running there can be success here.


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