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Monday, August 31, 2009

10 uncool Things on roads

1. The first and foremost annoying thing on roads - Cars emitting pollution. Always keep your vehicle’s pollution check Updated.

2. Too much of Honking irritates everybody mostly when people continuously blow horns even in traffic jams and red lights. The ones who can't wait should own a helicopter or private jets.

3. Over-taking from wrong direction. Left indicator is for left turn, never overtake from left in that scenerio, or else vice-versa. For God's sake do respect your safety if not others..

4. Cars and primarily Bikes dancing aggressively on roads. It can cause serious accidents.

5. Cars with total Black Glasses look so not cool. Something out of class which gives your vehicle a cheap look and can contribute to unwanted road accidents during the night time.

6. Usage of high beamed head lights and white lights during night. It blinds other drivers. Care about life.

7. Parking at wrong places blocking other people’s way. Give others their space too.

8. 14-15 year ruling driving seats. Wake up moms and dads, they have no age to understand the seriousness of roads, and that’s the age of complete show off. Your kids can get into some serious trouble. Prevention is always better than cure.

9. Arrogance on roads. People losing patience and self control on their anger and revealing their arrogance on roads is so highly uncool. Just over a small thing they at times fight with poor Cycle riksha Guys or other people on road, thats really annoying.

10. Defeaning loud music and not abiding by traffic lights contributing to many accidents and road rivalries.


  1. agree with yu..honking is the worst part...but then if not they wont budge will they?..nice blog yu hav..cya around..blogrollingyu!


  2. ya honking is necessary, my anger is for those who are not ready to wait a bit in jams and overdo it, that kinda noise makes u impatient and mad.. isn't?
    Btw, thanx alot, for liking stuff here.. ;)

  3. An Incident to add which i experienced this morning:
    I was on my way to office. An Auto Rickshaw guy wanted to take a left turn. Instead of flashing an indicator or showing his hand, he was notifying the left turn by throwing his LEG out the rickshaw.
    What a Fool :)

  4. Lol Lol lol..... My God.. i am not able to digest this.. Its funny to imagine but on serious note its really risky thing to do!!
    Made my day anyway.. :)


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