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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Current Fever- Its a fever!!

Last week has been one of the most tiring weeks for me. Despite of lying on bed whole day, I still felt exhausted in the end. Like most of the people in Delhi, I too caught the viral-cold-cough combination. After 5 days of constant intake of antibiotics things are seemingly coming under control. During these tiresome 5 days my television remote, my cell phone, a few lovely friends, and ofcourse 10 -20 minutes of internet, including facebook games (I seem to be addicted, though I know I am not yet) have given me a wonderful company. I was blessed with the lovely unlimited flow of messages in my Inbox. Thanks for being my life support system. :) And my ability to sleep sleep and sleep real long has also helped me a great deal, although now i feel like a polar bear, who is waking up after 6 months of hibernation :D. My mom and my bro, have helped me in gaining my senses back. Phew!! Thanx mummy and my baby brother. :) :)

I can clearly see that I have lost some weight, ending up being nearer to size zero (I don’t know if I should be happy about it or sad) but let me be on positive side and become happy for Although my stamina has gone drastically down, and since I am going on a long trip with my family, I might have to suffer the damages. But I just hope, I gain it back in the zeal and enjoyment of traveling.

Tschius till the time I come back from this long awaited trip. :)

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