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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Current Fever- Its a fever!!

Last week has been one of the most tiring weeks for me. Despite of lying on bed whole day, I still felt exhausted in the end. Like most of the people in Delhi, I too caught the viral-cold-cough combination. After 5 days of constant intake of antibiotics things are seemingly coming under control. During these tiresome 5 days my television remote, my cell phone, a few lovely friends, and ofcourse 10 -20 minutes of internet, including facebook games (I seem to be addicted, though I know I am not yet) have given me a wonderful company. I was blessed with the lovely unlimited flow of messages in my Inbox. Thanks for being my life support system. :) And my ability to sleep sleep and sleep real long has also helped me a great deal, although now i feel like a polar bear, who is waking up after 6 months of hibernation :D. My mom and my bro, have helped me in gaining my senses back. Phew!! Thanx mummy and my baby brother. :) :)

I can clearly see that I have lost some weight, ending up being nearer to size zero (I don’t know if I should be happy about it or sad) but let me be on positive side and become happy for Although my stamina has gone drastically down, and since I am going on a long trip with my family, I might have to suffer the damages. But I just hope, I gain it back in the zeal and enjoyment of traveling.

Tschius till the time I come back from this long awaited trip. :)


  1. have fun!!
    n size zero is bad...

  2. came here blog hopping ..nice blog!!

  3. competition haa....

    long trip and cold-cough...

    I bet, I won ;)

  4. @ aditi,
    i knw, its bad, but can't do anhything.. i guess will recover soon!! ;)

    @ toon India
    Thanx alot for appreciating my efforts. Glad u liked it. :)

    @ shalabh
    u won as in??

  5. "a few lovely friends" .............
    Please mention the names who all are included, or else people will spend hours thinking "Main Is list main tha ki nahi" :) :)

  6. Lol.. Dhooondate reh jaaoge.. Think Think!! :P


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