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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thats how i developed interest in literature.

I have always had an interest for literature, which was for long time unrealized. Being from a literary family, its natural to feel a knot with different forms of literature. There were days when I used to feel intense isolation with all family members submerged in their respective books and me searching for somebody for some discussions, cribbing a lot due to lack of company or attention and ending up either watching television or reading a few interesting stories. My younger sister has a good appetite for reading since her childhood. And with all pressure and her example, I had no choice but to keep reading and reading until I made this a habit. My mind always wandered in the world of my own. As a child we used to enjoy one of the monthly magazines champak and Chanda Mama which as per my father was no more suitable for our age as we grew up and got promoted to Nandan. He never liked us reading Chacha Chowdhary, Pinki, Billu, as they were just for fun and no gain. Anyhow I often managed to borrow such fun reads from my cousin brother, he was generous enough. And after a few years, probably when I was in fourth standard we kids were blessed with two wonderful books, I can never forget. One was “Russian Folk Tales” (translated in hindi), and the other was “Jahaan Chah Wahaan Rah”. Both of them were of 250 or 300 pages with wonderful magic tales, each of them of around 40 pages. After watching the large sizes of the books I was reluctant to read them, they were scary to me. First few of the stories were narrated by our parents and then after watching my kid sister reading it (though she is only one and a half year younger), I was inspired, or may be out of competition, compelled to read it too. And then I enjoyed the tales in it so much, that I have read both the books infinite number of times. Some of them had wonderful poems in between, that were really enjoyable, I still remember them and hum them before younger or elder members of the family. While shifting to a new place, we lost both the books. And that was the first intense loss of my true possession. I still at times search and ask for those golden reads at the book shops, in a hope to get my childhood back. In the meanwhile I developed another talent inside me during 6th standard i.e. writing poetry. One of the initial poems I wrote was for my school magazine “badal mujhe bana de ma”, which my siblings still like, and some more poems followed till 8th standard. After which I got busy with my own soul searching and developing an understanding of life around me, a transition period, which I believe every kid goes through. My interest for writing got dissolved but reading habit remained intact. I enjoyed loads of folk tales from different states of India. I was always hesitant to read novels because of their serious nature( as I believed) and their weight. My first novel was “tell me your dreams” by Sidney Sheldon, which I read by chance. And the next was “The Thorn Birds” which my sister compelled me to read in a funny way. She narrated me the story and like a child I was hearing her every lil’word and when I developed interest in it, she left the book and I was compelled to read it out of the curiosity. That was the first Lengthy novel I read and which I enjoyed, followed by Babar. I felt more attached to the characters and their life depictions. After that there was no turning back. Again after a long time I have developed interest in poetry again. After writing a few, I have started reading books on poetry. Another addition in my library...


  1. Nice Blog :) . I Liked the Way Rochu followed in order to make you read the novel (Narrate the story, and then when you seem to be interested the story, ask you to read the story on your own) lolzzzz
    And Dont worry for those lost books, i will search them for you chillll :)

  2. Glad u like it bhai.. :) She is a clever lady and since i was lazy to read books during childhood too, she sometimes used to narrate me the stories.. lol..
    Even now she is trying hard to make me read "Hobbit", in which as of now i am not interested... but she is cont. finding ways.. :D :D

    I will be more more more than happy if i'll get both the books.. :)
    Loooove youuu loads.. :)

  3. read The hobbit.....better then lotr.....

  4. ditto for jahan chah wahan raah !!!
    that russian publication book with very good binding and drawings..specially those grand stories which i got first time in my life ( after reading small small stories @champaq & naqndan) !!
    many many thanqs to this book for giving me a broader look to have things.
    a must read for that age.
    'badal mujhe bana de maa'..????/.pls publish

  5. @^
    You are absolutely right and yes, i also want badal mujhe bana de maa published :D

  6. for ur comment on seriousness of litreture "I was always hesitant to read novels because of their serious nature( as I believed) and their weight. My first novel was “tell me your dreams” by Sidney Sheldon,"

    that very seriousness/those deep thouhghts.. are resposible for any litreture to be alived.

    i won't say that am at war with sidney sheldon but somehow i feel that this creator was providing us a low level of fiction/low level of litreture....
    the seriousness of litreture lives where words take an easy breath; wherein i never felt so in sidney sheldon though it's a big name in indian middle class readers..u won't find him in US or elsewhere in megacharts in writing era's..basically he was an so-so writer not more than that..but he was a better TV showman!!!
    and for ur belief........some beliefs are made to be altered by the passage of's their journey

  7. @ Pratibh
    It really feels great when u find someone who shares similar childhood.. I feel, those books really created magical world around us.. :)
    Here i said "I was always hesitant to read novels because of their serious nature" (as i always believed), the literature is vast, its comic, its serious, its fun, its a tutor, which i realized later, after going through a variety of books.
    But i never said that Sidney Sheldon has that seriousness in his work. Although i hated some of his works deeply, but some fictions are nice and sticky in nature, i.e. once you are glued to it, you are glued till end. For sure he had much better name for his television works, Eg. "I Dream Of Jeannie ."
    I really liked his autobiography, which i found serious. :))

    But i had developed the guts to read larger novels after the first one and that is why that book is important here. My all time favourite is The Thorn Birds" by Colleen McCullough. which was the second novel i read. :)

    There are many books which i followed and liked and appreciated for instance, Woman of substance, A queen’s confession, Babar, the thousand splendid suns and many others in Hindi and English both, and some works by poets too..

  8. yeah,,good to know u hate sidney S somewhere,,and after wandering over the litrerary world, u find it seriousnees !!!

    thorn birds* not read yet; but it's in my list; when i got to know abt this book i was amazed by the title
    which refers to "a mythical bird that searches for thorn trees from the day it is hatched. When it finds the perfect thorn, it impales itself, and sings the most beautiful song ever heard as it dies."

    i said so coz i feel
    what/howmuch u write is directly proportional to what/howmuch u read.

    i like both prose and poetry; poetry is closer to heart & prose is closer to mind

    though am reading nothing these days so not able to write also and am tired of reading on net;
    to start it again, i want to read some poetry which is not on net & in the form of bind book and i got that NADI HOOn..but but rochana is not giving me that!!! from the ages she is saying ..forgot to get that book,'ll get it 2maro////
    **got something which resembles with nadi this the one ????
    ""andaze bayan hall-e-dil kya kare bismil... jaise geele lakdi ka tukda sulagta til til..."

  9. by saying this...'and after wandering over the litrerary world, u find it seriousnees !!!'; i meant that u found the seriousness of litreture by reading other promonent writers.
    here 'it' is litreture not SS. yup ..wrong mistake..(kya kare angrezi me thoda haath tang hai)

  10. Hey, this blog makes an interesting read(not just because it had my mention ;) but of one my best friends i.e books).
    You've revived my memories of roosi lok kathaen nd jahan chah waha rah, That was a terrible loss, I still miss "buddhimati vasilisa, badi buddhi wala chota evan nd mostly budhiya daddho baba yaga jiski nak jaise ped ki ganth with her murge k tang pe khadi jhopdi..."
    And thats where my 1st fav story- the gulgula story came from..
    I remember hw frustrated I used to get, when I cudn't make u share those wonderful adventures where I had to go alone, nd had a gala time when u came along..
    Luv you

  11. @Pratibh,
    I agree sidney works can't be credited as literary works. Most of them are only full of crap.
    But some make gluing read,
    Pulp fiction isn't all that bad just for one reason that it really can make ppl develop reading habit.
    For me it's like:
    you don't have anything better to do, you read it,you forget itFULLSTOP

  12. Sheshai,
    I loved thorn birds too.
    If you liked roosi lok kathaen so much u can read hobbit. Don't be so harsh with fantasy fiction. Hobbit is lovely, and yes its not as intense as LOTR but more lively and quite a humorous read too. I can read it out to you if only u would listen(w/o any trickery this time)
    Puneet Bhaiya you're so sweet :)

  13. @ rochana, shesha
    deviyo mujhe maaf karo jo maine SS pe comment kiya par this is the area where i can not sit idle w/o making a comment.
    forget abt the reading habits... i would never pick this guy to read (i dont wanna name it noww)
    if i dont have anything better to read , i wud simply close my eyes n sleep coz i cant forget things after reading..and no fullstop never...

  14. I have always been in love with the English language. Right since my primary school days.. Sidney Sheldon is ok. but there are other author's works which can be explored. my personal favorite?? Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. set in contemporary 17th century its a must read for all those who like reading woman based novels and like the old British English of course I’ve read Harry potter series and other books while growing up like Nancy drew , hardy boys, etc. i remember reading WUTHERING HEIGHTS sitting up whole night in the lamp light! a great experience.. Books have never disappointed me in giving me company. One night@a call centre being an exception. :/

  15. :((
    I am not praising Mr. sheldon here at all..... this blog is all abt how i got into reading. and as i have already clarified why i mentioned his name here is because he was the first author i read, and he made me develope guts to read some more..
    @ aditi,
    yeah i have read Pride and prejudice, its a beautifully written story. liked it..
    Try "The thorn Birds", i feel u will like it more.. The queen's confession and woman of substance are nice ones too!! :)

  16. i never knew one night at the call center is not that good.. as many ppl have asked me to read that book!! well there are loads of novels lined up right now.. will ask u for prescribing some more novels when im done :)
    PS. I knw ur love for harry potter.. i liked the movies.. which means novels must be much more interesting!!

  17. Stumbled across the blog...nd gt reminded of nandan wich was a favourite read in the childhood...nd cud identify with all the buuks mentioned..bankelal was missed :P
    My grandmother had a big trunk in which she used to have a bigg collection of Nandans...which she nvr gave to anyone :) I guess roosi lok kathayein gt featured in DD as well...

  18. let's bury it here...u start another post. bahoot ho gaya!!!
    [i know u wanna this post to be maximum # of comments ;-) haha]
    btw, which post is with maximum # of comments???
    now we alll know how u developed ur interest in litt..and coz of this reading keeda inside u.. now u are well-versed with many littera(s).

  19. @ anonymous
    Thanx for sharing ur experience.. yepp nandan and champaks were really like a treasure. Although its really unbelievable to know that even ur grandmother was reluctant to share it.. Awesome..

    @ pratibh
    i am liking the feedbacks alot.. (moment of truth) :D :D
    dunno abt the post which got maximum number of comments.. U have to find it out :P :P
    On serious note it feels nice when u c comments and discussions over something u write, your effort seems valuable, as sometimes it gives others/ us to c the things with different perspectives, which was untouched before, and sometimes its lovely to share your experience and know about others..
    Not a keeda inside me, but definitely i have touched many forms of literature, although u seem well connected with it.. :)

  20. till now, top 2 post in terms of comments are:
    1. understanding love ; 19 comments
    2. mystery unresolved; total 21 comments but 5/6 have been deleted by u!!
    but but....
    now the max # of comments holder post is this one if u wont delete any
    this is the 20th one

  21. to comment on chetan bhagat: my personal feeling is that one should not go too high with media's/public's inclination (that could be coz of so much necessary lobbying in that field) that one should forget one's capacity.
    5.someone was ok but after that eisaa laga ki jaise bahoot jaldbaazi me likha gaya.
    aur hua bhi eisaa..1nite@call center aur 3mistakes sud not be allowed to written a/c to concious of true writer...1nite@calcenter par movie bhi bani (hello)aur flop bhi huyee (even though CB himself worked on the script no one else to allowed to comment on it)
    but this time when 3idiots (based on 5.someone is getting done)....CB is not allowed to do make any scriptwriting..nothing....
    may be vidhu vinod knows what rohan sippy/atul agnihotri doesn't know..VV never allowed an outsider into his fields.
    aur ab to CB bhaiyaa public me bhi aa rahe hai newspapers me cloumns bhi likh rahe hai.. so what could a reader should comprehend .. the desire is same as an IIT/IIM guy (to see piles of luxury)..but no sign of racing in unknown fields where words grow ..instead CB chose the short-cut... as of today ..i won't acknowledge CB as a writer..he is not more than a lobbyist @@@####

  22. @pratibh: yaa i agree chetan bhagat is more of a movie script writer i would say, but having said that i have read most of his novels, yaa the latest one i need to catch...which is of a catch subject....
    @shesha: yaa you bet...they were invaluable..but i also liked Tintin's courtesy my elder sister...but i would have liked harry potter's nonetheless if they wud hav come in our age...

  23. chetan bhagat knows what he's doing..selling masala scripts.. believe it or not my classmates n me have only 1 thing in common- 5 pt some1.. many of these classmates are not from English they find 5 pt some1 an easy read. that's what CB has been able to accomplish. make the non reader a reader..but all said nd done he's certainly not 1 of my favourite 'authors'.

  24. @ pratibh
    Thanx for making this post successful ;) :P
    umm i never delete any of the comments(good/bad), they have been deleted by the ppl who commented may be..

    Now chetan Bhagat is one of the few a Gen-now authors who have been successful in making their mark. He has brought up a few different topics, and has been able to attract many non-readers, as aditi has also pointed out here!! Although 5 point someone was an average read when u compare it with other authors, the only CB book, i have been through.. A good timepass!!

    yepp, i have read tintin, benefited by the vast collection from my cousin bro.Nice read! ;)

  25. Yaa i also feel they make a non-reader as a did Harry Potter's :)
    i recently read a book frm IIT guy as well...Anything for u Ma'm....
    typical story...typical way of writing still i somehow felt it was a smooth read.... :)

  26. I was able to get a copy of Russian Folk Tales (Roosi Lok Kathayen) and Jahan chah wahan rah from

    The guy took about a month to deliver but it was worth the wait.

  27. May God Bless you Anonymous dear, i.e. if I too get those books
    and even if I don't (which wd be :(
    ), God bless you still for your best intentions :)

  28. @ Anonymous- I missed the edition available there, it was sold to somebody else. But thanx for informing me! The treasure has gone afar, but i am glad its there in this world! :)

  29. you can find russian folk tales at the following link

  30. I do possess some of the russian books, like jahan chah wahan raah, papa jab bachhe the, heere moti, teen more, kazakh lok kathaen...


    All the best
    A Joshi

  32. I want to read buddhimati vasilsa again... Is there a way to figure where i can find it?


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