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Friday, December 18, 2009

Thats how i trapped myself :-|

I always try to get witty but sometimes due to my idle chats, i fall in trap.. First lemme say sorry to my younger sister for not being here with her on her b'day, as I was out of station busy in attening marriage of my father’s cousin aunt's son.. :P In short my cousin chacha's marriage in lucknow. Happy belated b’day O’chana. So in our community the relations are remembered as if there can be a surprise test any moment. Every single person has a family tree in his mind.. If not, you will be compelled to make one, if you are a part of this community..

Want to thank shatabdi, for keeping me busy in scoffing and snoozing during the journey despite of lack of sleep, I was able to stay active the whole day.. (an early morning train). As I am a Big Chatterbox, glad I had bua and papa who shared the ear-pain throughout the trip. :>) Being there for the first time or rather being an alien in the family, i was interrogating my father and one of my dear dear chacha about who is who, to get comfortable with the people around. Thanx to their patience. :P
Marriage went well, nice food which is the only attraction when u know only a handful of people. Later arrival of the known faces was a BIG rescue.. Thanks to my cousins who are living their.. :)
Next day something happened that made me realise i should start chirping less.. Early morning we went to meet papa's cousin nephew (who is elder to him). So after reaching there, i couldn’t recall the faces although somewhere it was a big relief to restore his wife's i.e. bhabhi's face in my memory. And we were nearly eight year oldies when they left Delhi for Lucknow. So here came her son, my nephew, but i had no choice other than to call him bhaiya (he must be elder to me by 5 years), who has recenlty got married.

Bhabhi (to his son)- "pehechana ise? Shesha!!"
"BUA" i added suddenly in the mid of conversation (out of habbit of teasing and jumping in between).
Everybody laughed. So my teaser was successful. i HAD NO IDEA there can be a twist in the tale. Things can turn back on me... i was sitting happily when his newly wed wife arrived, who must be of my age or elder to me. Can’t say.
Bhabhi started introducing everybody: ye tumhaare dadiyaa sasur(my father)
she bowed and touched his feet. :)
Ye tumhaari dadiyaa saas(my bua)
she bowed and touched her feet. :)
Ye tumhaari bua saas .. and i realised late, this was my introduction. for a sec i was shocked was it meee :O. So soooon.. GOOOOSH!!! It was really for me.. and she bowed to touch my feet, when i just a few seconds before jumped up from my seat saaying Nooooooo.. and everyone around were laughing BIG TIME :( So, i was being ragged.

And there came my Bhabhi's elder daughter who has 2 kids. She came in holding her younger daugher (must be of 5 months)
I smiled at her and said hie...
Bhabhi : "chaalo milo apni naaani se" (again that was me) Second round of applause at my cost.. So now in just 15 minutes i was a mother in law and a grandmother of two children. Wish i had kept my mouth shut. It was funny yet made me blush big time before everybody. Glad i met them and everybody after a looong time.. ;)

Friday, December 4, 2009

2012 -Lets discuss it for fun!!

2012.. 2012.. 2012.. Believe it or not kinda story.. Some people are really trusting the prediction, as it has been backed by Nostradamus. So?? There can be a big tsunami somewhere, and some other planet can change its orbit and hit the earth, next world war is awaited, might happen as things are somewhere becoming tensed between the nations, some epidemic disease can hit the masses, sun can burst out ....BOOoom!! Trust me i am not creating any panic.. just discussing it like that.. :P Anything or may be nothing will happen.. Human mind mostly trust on facts rather than predictions..

"Oh if its gonna happen, should i stop working for my future and enjoy the life, but what if nothing happens.. may be i will be doomed in true sense.." :D

I don't believe it.. if its going to be so, it will be so for everybody and not just me.. and so how i am living, this is exactly how i wanted to live.. no additions or subtractions.. no grudges.. i have everyone around me.. Of course i don't want to be the only person in the fourth world without my near and dear ones.. I don't mind living some more, if its going to end anyway ;) .... When i ask it to myself, what would i want to do if i get to know the world will end in another two years, i try to answer it this way.. lemme keep my count till 10.

1. I Would like to meet all my near and dear ones.. may be even those who made my life special at one pt. of time, even though they are not a part of it now to thank them.. :)
2. A nice decent family get-together.
3. travel travel travel
4. Will find my soulmate n marry may be!! :P :P
5. some more daily blogs to get updated on how and what others are doing :)) I may get some more ideas to enjoyyyy!!
6. no more books... :P i would like to travel some more
7. Shopping.. :)) =)) can't help my greed!!
8. Panic.. (that's natural, of course) :P
9. just most of the time i would like to spend with my family and my loved ones, that means some group travel too.. yipppieee :D
10. Last i would like to make something and write something to gift everyone i love, to tell them they are important and to ensure if they'll be there without me, they have a memento with them to live a further. :), ofcourse will get some gift from them too.. (its not so good to be loved always.. lol )

A question for you now:
How would you want to live your life exactly, if you get to know that your world is going to end in just 2 years???
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