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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New year 2011

Ting Tong!!
Its a New day, New week, New month, New year and a New Decade!! Wishing everyone around a very happy and full of love 2011..

One more time to look in past and peep a lil in future. Another time to contemplate and introspect.. I was thinking i have over used these two terms in my blog and should change this blog title to " introspect and contemplate and bore all" :P

Quick Rewind:

So rewinding last year's tape i find 2010 was about:

> Learning and completing last years taken up tasks..
> Wonderful cycling expeditions.
> Shopping around.
>Spending time with my cousins.
> Understanding intricacies of a society and people through social work.
> Celebrating Rakhi with my brother and best friend Puneet bhaiya. His visit surely made this year special.
>Some new posts
> And last but not least the whole year was full Rajni Kant Jokes in emails, messages and talks etc.

I missed going on trips. Unlike every year this year was a big bore on that front. the first quarter however saw two trips, one to Shimla and another to Mumbai.

Year of two T's i.e. tensions and tears. But never mind, I shed away both and there is nothing left for next year :P

An year contributed to a fast increment of Grey cells on my head. I kinda like them and now trying to convince my mom to let me paint some more. Its a symbol of peace anyway. :P

The last quarter was the best in all, after loads n loads of contemplation and introspection, i found this year was the year of growth. Ending of unpleasant things and growth of pleasant things.

Whats in store for 2011:
I don't have any plans for 2011 as of now.. But this year is expected to be year of advancements, finishing the things taken up in 2009 and 2010. I desperately wanna move out of my home and enjoy some good tours around.. Its a dead life without travel.
Current plan involves a celebration of New Year!

Resolutions: Like Always there are no new year resolutions, as I don't have any clue about the same. Going with the flow is the only agenda this year.. :D

Stay happy and stay healthy.. A very Happy New Year to all..

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What makes you think Santa clause is a man?

This is funny.. One of the friend "Nitin" asked me
What makes you think Santa clause is a man????

I thought a lot
and my first answer, as expected was: "He has Beard and mustache..", which was discarded as he said that any woman can fake it.

And hence thought process started and next were:
He loiters around till late at night actually till very late at night :P
He Always repeats his clothes.. If he wasn't a man but a woman, you would have seen him in different attires every time :))
Considering his figure, a woman can never ever take that figure and roam around publicly. (as suggested by Puneet bhaiya)
4. He comes down from chimney and is not finicky about getting dirty.
5. He does his job within 8 hours meeting his deadline and never mind going to different houses in his already dirty clothes.
6. He flies his vehicle instead of driving.
7. The poses in photographs are repetitive.
8. A simple sack works to transport the presents, no need for a beautiful handbag due to the fear of getting caught by paparazzi
9. Nobody has ever heard him talking :)) :P
10. He never dye his hair. :D

I thought of some reasons as well of why he could be a woman:
a) due to her figure, she has to disguise herself and wear mustache and beard.
b) She spends a lot on presents and gifts every year.
c) the presents are known to be well wrapped.
d) We say "Merry" Christmas :P
e) She wears her belt tight to look slim!

Can't think of more.. So i guess reasons on "why Santa Clause is a man" won it!

Merry Christmas to All.....

P.s. Feel free to contribute any further reasons, if u find any! :P

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Another Conversation!

A few days back, I received a call. Here is the detailed story on how it went:

Caller: Hello!

Me: Yes!

Caller: I was waiting for you outside the gate of your society in my car yesterday. You made me wait for four hours and didn't even bother to pick my phone after that.
Why didn't you turn up?

Me: Its because i don't want to meet you like that anymore.. I want to tell my parents about us now. Sooner, the better!!

Caller: hahaha You have become naughty..
Me: hehe Namaste Nanaji.. How are you? (He was my Nana i.e. my mum's maternal uncle)
Nana: I am very fine.. how are you?
Me: I am too good nana. Congrats on your retirement..
Nana: ThanQ kid! So Who is the lucky Guy you have found?
Me: I was thinking my Nana will do that job after his retirement.
Nana: Naah, why would i search for you, now that i am free, i will search start a search for myself!
Me: Haww! I should share some secrets with nani now.. By the way, we got to know your real age now! haha
Nana: aah! I am tooo young, nobody knows my real age.. I have faked in on papers to get free early. hahaha.. Where is your mom?
Mom comes on phone, they both talked for a while..

Mom: Mama, now you are free, make a plan for lunch/dinner or a whole day here asap!
Nana: Yep! Will make a plan soon.
Mom: Do tell me in advance on what u like to eat.
Nana: Anything!
Out of my habit of jumping into conversation trying to be witty..
Me: Tell her, tell her, else she will make something nice, that a retired person should eat at this age.
Nana: I will see you after coming there.. you just stay there.
Me: haha please come soon we are waiting for you..
Nana: okie beta, i will make plan soon.. God bless You.
Me: bye Nana!

P.S. Sometimes small things make you smile a lot, conversations with my mum's maternal uncle are such things. I don't know why he always tries to start conversation in the same way with different styles. He would have surely tracked somebody's affair. Glad all kids in the family have their personal mobile phones these days. Lol.
Keep Blogging, Have Fun! :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Navjyoti India Foundation

Its been quite some time since i was wanting to write this post. Got time today, and i feel i should not let the time go wasted. Being a part of Navjyoti India foundation for some time at Karala, inspired this post to come up.
Karala is a village in north Delhi, near Rohini. Its an urbanized rural area and possesses the characteristics of fringe i.e. it has the characteristics of rural area as well urban area.. The occupation of people include agriculture, production and services. There are various factories in that region.
I happened to work with Navjyoti organization for sometime and got to understand the works of social organization and community work and development. The experience was good.
During my stay there I enjoyed different types of tasks and works. Being a graphic designer, my skills were utilized as well. Again the my social skills helped me in linking people and organization to each other. Learning under the supervision of Ms. Chandni Bedi helped me a great deal. She surely is a good teacher and motivator.
Visiting slums and Majri village in Karala, helped me in developing an understanding of people there and their lives. For some time i took beginner level computer classes for children of 11th, 12th and graduation. Just a few weeks ago i got a mail from a fellow colleague that my students were missing me also a few days before that, my supervisor, during one of our interactions on phone said the same thing. I want to tell them that I miss them too. Being their teacher i tried to teach them in the most interesting way i could. I feel worth, when my success pays and hear they still think about me.
Meeting Dr. Kiran Bedi and watching her closely during her interaction with staff and audience was a great experience. I also happened to work at Family counseling center there,
During my stay there i experienced:
1. people were not gender-biased and were keen to educate their daughters with the same zeal with which they wanted to educate their sons.
2. The most common attire among the students there were western outfits as well that shows the village doesn't have sticky mind and girls enjoy freedom and their personal choice.
3. Some of the people came up with inhibitions and fear at NCC and talked in a very rigid and rude manner initially, but soon after practicing some patience before them and further talk a trust was formed.
I understood that people in villages have a great fear inside them that they will lose their identity by the third party intervention and hence show a rigid and rude body language to hide their fear.
4. The married girls also had supportive husbands who encouraged them to learn computers etc.
5. Majority of youth coming there were of girls.
6. The problems at Family counseling center were of very different nature.
7. Being an urbanized rural, the place had pakka Makan and the homes of residents were big.
8. The roads were not built properly but neither were they in too bad condition.
9. I learned when you work in a village and work with a community, they judge you on attire you wear, hence to avoid any misunderstanding and pre-judgemental attitude, one should be in proper dress.
10. Working with people and for people gives a great sense of satisfaction. understanding their problem and socio-psychological issues with them provides a further understanding of life.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Stranger

I looked behind. There he was, standing. I knew him from the days when he was not a stranger to me, I knew the exact count of his breath in a day. Not much time has passed but he looks like a stranger now. I am still the same, his face hasn't changed either but there is a peculiar uniqueness to it. Time has changed. The old times are getting older I realized. Letters and photographs can be buried but how to fix up the memories. And I still meet him alone at the back of my mind. I meet him every day but today this is not him but a stranger standing before me.
He queried " how are you?" and shook hands with me.
I suddenly went back in time when he had hugged me and I thought about the love he had for me but somewhere deep inside my heart, I heard him saying "don't go away" and not "stay here with me". That made the difference. The feeling lacked in love but was filled with caution and fear. My mind absconded for hours and days trying to find out the answer "does he really love me?".
There he said again: "how the things have been with you?"
I tried to control the big tides inside me and said " it’s a pleasure to see you here. Thanks I am doing good, how are you?"
He smiled. but the smile, the smile was still somewhere same that I loved to see the most on his face along with some sparkle, I believe, I left to him to help him live and not fear.
He asked "what are you doing these days? still enjoying your life or have gotten yourself into some serious stuff?"
I remember the last time when I tried hard to agree on everything he said and put great effort to make all my "No" into "yes". He tried same as well. But this is not a sketchbook where one can paint everything as one wishes to. And hence even if we looked alike, we were different from each other. And we both understand this well now.
I smiled back, and said: "I still enjoy Laughing badly and crying easily." we both laughed together.

"I am getting late for somewhere. I have to rush now." I uttered. The words spoken were less but their burden inside was much. Nothing much was said and done.
I walked away but fell at a distance, he suddenly moved his foot forward but a stranger helped me in getting up. He turned back and walked away and I took my way.
Tonight, while lying on bed, I realized I was living in an era passed way back. It is the time and the destiny that make people meet and leave, that create gap and fill it as well. A person who was so dear to me before, looked a total stranger today and a stranger seemed more friendly. The pillow is still wet, but I let the tears fall down forever!
Every end is not unhappy, this is the right time to move on...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 Reasons Logical/ Illogical On Why People Leave You!

There are only two reasons on why you want a person to stay with you. One is your Ego and the other is love and attachment.

However there can be multiple reasons on why people go away. Follow up the ones from the list below and take your pick. (Note : if you have any better reason, don't hesitate to add on to the list. You are most Welcome.)

1. They Fail To Understand You.
2. They Fail To understand Themselves When They are With You.
3. You Fail To Understand Them.
5. Over Cribbing, Over complaining and BOooM it's OVERRRR!!!
6. God's Wish, Sometimes He Rings The Bell. TING TING TING... TIMES UP!
7. The Environment around you including social, ecological, demographic, political, economic, historic, civic, Hush Hush Hush!!!
8. Lack Of co-ordination i.e. opinions, priorities and lifestyles mismatch and hence you fail to respect each others freedom/view points.
9. Damn it! they found someone smarter!!
10. Oops Nature's Call. If you wait, they'll come back soon. LOL

P.S. Explain them all possible reasons to stay and to leave in their interest and may the best reason win.

4. If you are wondering where is the 4th point, it means you are over analytical and over critical.
For the ones who have not noticed it, it shows that you have lack of attention and hence you know the reason.

All The Best :P

HapPy BlOgGing :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Childhood Discoveries, Teachings and Lessons..

This Story revolves around Me, Rochana (my sister), Shweta(a family friend, we fondly call her piku), Jai (piku's brother) (we often used to meet on Sundays for which we used to wait eagerly), Shine and Karnika (prep friends).
We were a bunch of kids always ready for some mischief. But on the other hand we also used to treat ourselves as young Einsteins.
I dedicate this post to our childhood learning and to our friendship. Love you guys! Enjoy the Post. :D

1. Cloth Supply Machine

Lemme start with Shine, my friend from prep school. She was a child genius. Her dream was to make a machine which will be a box like and will have a handle to rotate. Utility- we can store a long cloth (like saree) from one side and when we will rotate it's handle we can get the supply of that cloth from the other side.. Today when i think about it, i feel it will be a good machine for the supply of handkerchiefs. Anyway, we used to talk about it for long hours on the terrace of Shine's house.

2. The Discovery of the Main source of Water
This Discovery was associated with another child genius i.e. me. There was a nice decent lawn in the front area of our house, where one could find leeches, earthworms, centipedes and other varieties of insects. My mum showed me some black leaves turning into leeches after pouring water over them. (they gain size, after getting water) So during my routine excursion around my house, i came across a black leaf. I brought water from inside my home and poured onto it, and yes it was not a leaf but a leech. now i thought of feeding it with sugar (just as ants) i poured some sugar on to it and to give it something salty i poured some salt over it. And the moment i poured on the salt, it started melting. Yeah! So this is the discovery. A few days later, Shine and chikki came over our house, i demonstrated the same thing after finding a leech. and Came on to the conclusion that there is a mountain of leeches somewhere, and somebody pours salt on them and we get water in our taps after that... :D

3. Who has the Longest small intestine?
Me and rochana used to create some art pieces and used to exhibit them in our room and make every guest visit the 'Picasso Gallery'. It had some models (like volcano, Iglu, Paper Aquarium), Paintings (fevicol paintings, glass paintings, colorful canvas comprising modern art :)) etc. ) and things like that. Our friend Piku, on a fine sunday evening told us that cockroach has got the longest small intestine and we decided to collect some facts to include some "Do you Know?" in our next exhibition. We did it. The next sunday she informed us that no! Its not the cockroach, its the frog. When we asked her that how can it be possible as we are bigger than them, she very calmly said because God has made them so. Their intestine is very thin and a frog can Jump very high only because its intestine helps him do that. Sounds logical. For once, I just want her to track the person who fooled the poor baby and hence us! We confidently included it in our fact sheet, giving all possible explanation to the elders.

4. Discovery of the 11th Planet: Smiley :)
During one of the days with piku, she told us something very strange. She just got to know from some kind of a freak that scientists have discovered two more planets beyond Pluto, however the name of 10th planet just flew away from her mind but the 11th one is SMILEY. My sister was curious and excited and learned it by heart, though I relied on the world around me and being more interested in the things that are in my reach and less concerned with GK.
Hence, when the teacher in my sister's class asked about the newly discovered 10th planet in our solar system, she raised her hand and overflowing with enthusiasm, cried out "Miss, I dont know the name of 10th planet but 11th is the Smiley." :) It was her teacher's turn now to bring her back to earth. She shattered her heart by saying arrogantly "no, There is nothing like that, who told u this?" And smiley died for that time but its still there on our faces whenever we remember about it.

5. Tradition of vomiting among mesopotamians:
Again the source of enlightenment was piku :). She had a strong GK (We believed so). Another of her teachings that Rochana fondly shared with everyone everywhere was about mesopotamians. We were informed that they eat alot to the extent that they are filled to the throat and after that they vomit the whole food. Its just their tradition and there is nothing scientific about it...

6. The Remains of the Previous Births:
Again the light was shown to me from my dear darling P. She asked me purposefully "Do you know why newborns close their hands till a certain time?"
Me: Ummm No (puzzled)
P: This is b'coz they have memories from the last birth. And closing their fists means they don't want to let them go, and thats why they cry.
Me: Wow! How do you know? (impressed by her knowledge of different things, i certainly cherished a friend who can not only play with me but also tell me the hidden secrets and mysteries of the world.)
P: yaa... Umm. Somebody. (she said suddenly)
Me: That is why every newborn baby cries.
P: Yes. And when i grow up and get a baby, i will keep his fists closed till the time he learns to speak.
My mom overheard the conversation. She joined our world.
Me: Ma, do you know?
Mum: I didnt know (she moved her face to P). And if he remembers his previous birth he will go to the place he belongs to!
P: Oh! Then i will not do this, (changing the topic) But do you know if we don't run we will gain so much fat and will never get to enter from our doors, we have a very fat girl in our school. and her parents are very very very fat, so fat that they had difficulty entering the class. Lets play red cross now...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Media Shedia Hai Rabba...

On 14th September we went to attend the book release Function of “Hamare Kaptaan: Nayudu se Dhoni Tak.” by my Fufaji Prof. Surya Prakash Chaturvedi. This was his 9th book on Cricket. The Book is about Indian cricket captains till date and it covers 12 of the greats.

The function went well. The compere withdrew at the last minute, hence mum was given the responsibility. Although she is a writer, Prof. in Delhi University and has compered and conducted many `programs in functions and radio but it was somewhere difficult without any prior preparations. Still she managed well. People who attended the functions have been calling and praising her work. Anyhow here the anecdotes by Fufaji were very interesting and attracted and managed to retain the interest of even a non-cricket fan like me. Virender Sehwag was the main guest at the ceremony and he released the book. He surely is an honorable person, full of ethics and courtesy. His speech was wonderful too. He said he will read the book and since he doesn’t have a cricket background and so his knowledge about former cricket players is not rich. He said he will share the knowledge with the children of his family and his team-mates.
Anyhow the blog title as it suggests is about Media and the expression surely doesn’t depict the praises about the same.
Hence here I go further to the questions and answers session, where people attending the function were given the liberty to ask our chief guest the questions they want to. They were as follows:

Q: If you will be given an Opportunity to be the Captain of India, what strategies would you like to follow?
Sehwag: I think there is no need as of now for me to be the captain.

Q: Still if there is a do or die situation and you have no other option?
Sehwag: I will do my best then. If there will be an offer, I surely will accept it and will do justice with it. But I think team is doing great under Dhoni’s Captainship and is making new records.

Q: Who is your favourite captain?
Sehwag: Team is doing very well under Dhoni and Saurav Ganguly was also very good.

Q: Still who's your ideal?
Sehwag: Sourav Ganguly

Q: What is your say about CWG?
Sehwag: All the Best to them.

Q: It has been seen, the players who become Captain in India, their performance level as a player decreases. Is it due to increased pressure?
Sehwag: I don’t think so. This is not factual and its just false perception.

Q: The word “Dabang” has been used for you, how are you feeling about it?
Sehwag: Film is good

And so questions kept on flowing in…

As we reached back home and surfed through the news channels, we were awfully shocked with the news coverage on one of the channels. The Media quoted “ Sehwag said he would love to be the captain and has challenged Dhoni. He feels that Sourav Ganguly was a much better captain than Dhoni. He gave best wishes to India for CWG.”

It’s high time our Media should understand the importance and responsibility of their position.
Anyway I have seen such misquotation of words in real life. In the end its media, the business people and they would of course add some extra spice to sell the news.
No Comments!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A 'Green' Expedition

We planned this Sunday for cycling... And on our way to Bonta it started raining heavily. Because we didn’t want our plan to fail, we decided to go for the fun ride in the rains. Contrary to our fears en-route, it felt even more worth it. We loitered around the whole North Campus Area, cycling around Bonta with our bikes rolling up and down the hilly pathways. The Rain Drops seemed heavier with the increased pace of cycling. We met monkeys, snails and very long earthworms during our expedition. From Bonta we went to St. Xavier's School and enjoyed our tour there. The Luck Was on our side and due to heavy rains and Sunday the traffic was very less. And we took advantage of the opportunity, and seized the roads. Since we were biking for last 3 hours, experiencing growls in our stomach out of hunger, we decided to hop into a famous eating place in Kamla Nagar i.e. Bille di Hatti and enjoyed Poori and Aloo chole ki sabzi with a glass full of Malai wali Lassi. The hot and fresh breakfast was no less than a royalty after getting drained in the rains. We decided to go back to the Delhi University Metro Station to return those lovely cycles, singing songs on our way back. The place is full of green vegetation and clean air and nice roads. We will soon plan our next biking trip again.

Place: North Delhi

Where to get Bikes From: Delhi University Metro Station.

How to reach: Metro, two wheelers, four wheelers. There is Parking space at all the metro stations.

Eating joints Nearby: Chacha Ke Chole Bature (closed on Sundays), Vaishnav Chat Bhandar and Bille di Hatti. There are many restaurants there too like Mc Donalds, bercos, CCD, Barista, Gyani’s and other small eating joints.

Don’t forget to take your I-cards to rent the cycles. The rent is Rs. 10/- per four hours per cycle.

Also Check the Breaks and presence of air in the tyres before starting the Venture! (as informed by Shine.)

Happy Biking :-)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Things to do when you are in love

1. Sleep for at least eight hours.
2. Apply cucumber over eyes.
3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water.
4. Never ever ignore your pals.
5. Get regular beauty treatments.
6. Get busy get work.
7. shopping is always fun.
8. keep a check on your weight.
9. Take loads of milk, curd in your diet, eat healthy.
10. Last but not least, Always smile and say, i am going to survive through this.. :P

P.S. These are the things author thinks normally people who are in love ignore. Do follow the steps to avoid Dark Circles, Fast aging, stress, Depression. Stay happy and stay in love..

PP.S: Author is doing fine and not under any treatment and special diet. No worries here, All is well...
HappY bLoGgInG :))

Monday, July 26, 2010


One of my Paternal Aunt (my Bua) casually threw a question at me some time back : "what do you want from life? , and what are your expectations?"

It made me think once more about the feelings residing deep inside me. And like always after much of an introspection I came on the exactly same basic wants as before, I want love, peace and satisfaction.

Love- that will help me in staying like a human, that will help me in making my life as beautiful forever, that will motivate me in coming back here again after my last breath.

Peace- Peace looks like something that we create, but I would ask and expect this too.. Its something i will want to keep with myself forever. When I see people fighting, man is thirsty for the blood, homes falling apart, brother is the enemy of brother, I desire for peace. When I feel thousand of storms inside me, frustrations over the disturbances created by others or by fate within me, I desire deeply for peace. and when I see myself in peace and masses still struggling and seeking the desire on what to ask for ? I feel the answer its peace..

Satisfaction- Yes. Peace comes automatically with satisfaction. Today I see myself, greatly blessed with everything one can ever desire for in a life. What I had when I was born, helped me in becoming a better person, not running behind materialistic things, no cribbing, may be because I had enough materials gifted by God, that slowed my pace of running behind the materialistic things like others. I know there is still scope for wanting more, but i feel tranquility in whatever I have.
However, that doesn't mean that I have become an ascetic, away from the worldly pleasures. I am all satisfied currently with what I have, not cribbing about what i don't have, of course also not ready to settle deliberately for something very less than what I am enjoying at present. And may be with the passing time I will get more satisfaction and will think again God is there to take care of me like always.

I think these three things will be good enough to get me going and make my life meaningful. Love will be followed by life, understanding, support, and happiness. Peace will again be the reason behind happiness, contentment and love. When we came in the world crying, Satisfaction is the real key to happiness and will make us leaving the world with smile.

My expectation is a beautiful life, with no mess. And a smile forever on every face I see. Trust me I try that...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Right Investment

click to enlarge

This is what a common man is thinking these days, soon these necessities can be seen on our decoration shelves.
Yesterday i went to the vegetable market and i saw a chaos in people, regarding the raised prices, trying to find substitutes for their basic necessities, for instance, puree as a substitution for tomatoes.
When people from high income groups are standing at this point, whats the situation of those who have to struggle and fight for each day's bread?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


There have been funny instances that you, I and others around us might be experiencing or might have experienced. Language is an expression, a medium through which we convey our emotions or needs and wants. But after our classroom learning and real life experiences sometimes we fail to understand “what the other person is trying to say”. This is because of either our weaknesses or else difference in accents.
Today I am sharing some such instances which can be hilarious and meant only for a simple hearty laugh and not targeted to insult or make fun of any creed, caste or person.
A few days ago, I was asked by my uncle for some of his business deal to talk to a Chinese woman. And I called her up, and there was I, ended up just saying yes, no, what? And it was really a pitiful situation of mine, where I was hardly able to understand her accent. Just because, she had different mother tongue so her accents were influenced by it. Normally I don’t find any difficulty in understanding the different accents, as people have clarity in speech, but honestly the most difficult English seems to be them Chinese English, a challenge for me, where in I just secured 40%, i.e. I was somehow able to deliver the main message in the whole conversation.
After a month, again my uncle was having some trouble with his phone connection, so he asked me to call her and to deliver another message. Here I was asking my sister to do the job. As I felt it might be my fault, that I didn’t get her accents properly. So she took the job after much discussion and with the fear that she might end up in the same boat.
Anyhow she called her up. I saw her too, just like me, she was totally concentrating on understanding the accents and jotting down whatever she understood of the main points. She was either squeezing her eyes or closing them. “Yaa”, “okie…” ,“What?” ,“I am sorry??”, “Ahaan…” were the prominent words. Minutes felt like hours to her. And there she was writing her email Id: ya “x”, “o”, “I”, “k”..
The lady on the other side of the phone said: No, not “K”, its “K” for “Kob..”
My sis – “Kob?” You mean “K?” (Thinking to herself: Kob is a word??)
Lady: No no, not “K” for “Kob”, its “K”. “K for Kob”.
In puzzled tone my sis asked is it “K” for “Kite”?
“Oh no” the lady said, its not “K”, its “K” for “kob” “KOB..”
She was puzzled and pondered over whether she should write “C” straightaway or ask once again.
Just a last guess my sister made: you mean “Job”,” J”??
Lady in a relaxed tone: yaa, right, its “K”, “K” for “Kob”...
Anyway somehow conversation came to an end.
The outcome was, next time our brother will call her, I am not going to call her again.. I will ruin everything.
The second incidence- one of my brother’s friend, was attending trial class for his science tuition.
So there, his teacher said write “bhi”=12,
“ Bhi”= Distance/time.
“Bhi”= momentum/mass,
“bhi”= u + at.
After a while he peeped into his notebook. What is “bhi”?? Write “bhi”! He was puzzled, and changed the spelling from “BHI” to BHEE”. He said “bhi”, “bhi…” Write “bhi” not “bhee!” He said sir I am not getting you, his teacher took the pen from his hand and wrote down V and said this “bhi” for “bhilocity” (velocity), and he then moved to another trial class for his quest for a decent enough tutor.
Another one happened a few years ago, as I have been to Chennai many times. I liked the place and people were really helpful during the journey. Once me and my mom were received by some friends of my mother’s friend. We stayed there for a couple of hours. I called my cousin brother, Puneet bhaiya, to book our air tickets for Delhi for the night, as we were through with the work we went for. He asked me the address. I asked some girl sitting there. She said “Teynampet” I passed on the word to my brother who was on phone. He said “I didn’t get it, spell it” so I asked the girl to spell it.
Girl: “T”
Me to Puneet bhaiya: “T”
Girl: “E”
Me: “E”
Girl: “Y”
Me: “Y”
Girl: “YEM”
Me “YEM “
Puneet bhaiya: whats that???
Me: she must be telling one whole syllable.
Puneet bhaiya: Chup chap dobara pooch! (ask her again!)
Me: Can you please pardon the last letter?
Girl: YEM
Me: I don’t know, she is saying YEM only. Write it like that na.
Puneet bhaiya: Are you nuts? Ask her to write the spelling.
And I asked her to jot down the whole address.
While I unsuccessfully tried to control my laugh, in order to not annoy the girl who was helpful, my brother on the other side was laughing at my stupidity and ignorance and also on YEM which was M.
Ending note: One of my jija ji who is from south India tells us a joke, asking us how will a person from south India spell MOON?
On this note I bring this blog post to an end.
P.S. – As quoted in one of the autobiographies there was written “When someone has an accent, it means he knows one more language than you do.”

Friday, June 11, 2010


"And the prince came to the princess and took her to the new beautiful world of dreams, beauty and perfection..."
The black Raven woke up fresh from the dream. Today she was expecting a Crow at her house to see her for the matrimonial alliance. The Raven was nervous and excited at the same time. thinking about the Crow to be her future prince made her feel the goosebumps. she got ready when her doorbell rang and there he was standing tall, the most handsome Crow she has ever seen, outside with the bunch of flowers. He asked for the Raven and she introduced herself. Crow felt cheated after looking at her. Oh! She is not fair, and flew away just like the other crows in the country. Raven was shattered, her dreams were broken, with heavy steps she followed to her bed.
Crow on the other hand was feeling bad, "why his parents gave him that address? I didn't like her. And she is no match for me." And thus, he decided to search for a white raven, may be somewhere to the west...
*After Thoughts: whose fault was it anyway??

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Looking back

It rained on me, i was hoping for a rainbow and it never came. It rained on me again, i was hoping for a rainbow and it didn't come. It rained again, i looked up again for the rainbow and it didn't come.. I looked back, and saw i enjoyed the rain and a bright new sun every time it rained..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

THe bLaCkMaiLeR

This post is dedicated to the blackmailers who have been intimidating common man for ages. blackmailer is a term we use for the person who pushes us against our will to fulfill his demand. We all are surrounded by them. Don't laugh because i will start making sense to you after some more time. There are two blackmailers- one who blackmails us to reveal some hidden information about us, which we want to hide from public unless his/her demand is met.
and the next one are - some of our near and dear ones, emotionally blackmailing us to fulfill their demands or else they will keep on throwing tantrums without giving you a chance to speak.
We of course don't want to encounter such blackmailing incidences, still if one has a choice, they will prefer the latter one.
Here goes telephonic conversation between two friends. (point to be noted, often it has been seen that the blackmailer calls the victim.)

BLACKMAILER- Hello, Shesha?
victim - yeah, hi. long time. how are you doing?
Blackmailer- glad atleast u recognized my voice. (hitting started)
victim- of course how can i forget you? tell me hows everything at home.
blackmailer- All is well at home, u never miss me, right? (second hit)
victim- of course i do, why are u saying so. we had a talk a week before i guess. i have been busy with my routine. tell me watsup? (trying to wash away the unpleasantness or may be the motive)
blackmailer- Anyway leave it.
victim- (phew!!)
blackmailer- i was thinking if we can meet up on Wednesday for some movie?
victim- oh, make it on Saturday, i will be having some work on Wednesday. wtsay?
blackmailer- no not on weekends, everyone is at home on weekends, i have to look after them.
victim- doesn't matter, sometime else?
blackmailer- can't you postpone your work for me? we are friends since school time.
victim- the thing is it's really important for me to get it done by Wednesday. (huh??)
blackmailer- you have changed i guess. I had so many friends. but now I'm so alone and bored to death, though we will have fun and relive the old times. but its OKAY.. (wow she is too good at this)
victim- Don't get me wrong, i really wish to but can't.
blackmailer- no its okay, everybody changes with time. i shouldn't expect too much .
VICTIM- OhkkkAY.. I will make myself free..
blackmailer- wow you are a darling, i am buying the tickets then. bye

AFTER THOUGHTS- " crap what have i done? how am i going to manage. Last time when i made a plan she had no time and now she has time so i should also have time.. " :(

you might also be having such instances hitting you now and then, may be in a different form! you might be facing this in other form may be in relationships like mother-child, girlfriend-boy friend, brother-sister, husband wife and so on.

P.S. Emotional blackmailers are normally the girls but don't forget many guys are also doing good in this stream. :D

P.P.S. I really adore my friends, they are most of the times all cool. But sometimes being a victim sucks and i try to be on the other side, but fail badly. in a hope to stand successfully someday on the other side of the talk, i put this post to the end.
Happy Blogging!! :D

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tree of Prosperity

There was an gardener in a village somewhere in the north region. He was not financially in a good condition and his work wasn't contributing any hike in his bank account. He had a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. All day long he used to pray to God to give him some inspiration or source to earn some more for his family and to make their lives better. He was wise in all respects. One day on a regular summer evening he was going back to his home, when he saw something strange. A small, unusual sapling. he took it up. It had silver colored stem and golden colored leaves. Amazed and amused on his luck he rushed to home. After reaching home, he took his books out and started researching about that plant. Excited to find about it, he discovered it was the sapling of the Tree of Prosperity.
Further he dig out some more details. He went to the market and bought a book. He had heard big stories about tree of prosperity from his granny when he was a kid, but never thought it can exist in reality. The tree of prosperity brings the prosperity to the whole village and the nearby villages where its being planted. Once planted, it grows within 4 days. It never sheds it's leaves and if someone plucks the leaves, they become white in color.
Hence now after talking to his wife and daughters, he decided to put that sapling on sale, and to sell it to the person who will bid the highest. Many people came to see the plant. Some wishing to purchase it and some who couldn't purchase it came to just see it.
A landlord from a village in south made the highest bid. The gardener settled the deal with him. He went to his village to plant the tree.
After reaching there he noticed the soil is not favorable for the tree and if the tree will be planted there, it will not grow and will die. He told the landlord about the problem, after hearing which he became angry. How can that be possible. He thought the gardener has become greedy and now he is cheating on him. gardener tried hard to make him understand but all in vain.
Landlord called Panchayat to tell people about how the gardener had cheated him, and that he doesn't want his money back but the gardener should be punished and should plant the sapling in his village for the good of rest of the village. The Landlord had a son, who had traveled more than anybody else in the village. For all his decisions he used to refer to his son. So the elderly asked the Son of the landlord about his views on the same.
Son said calmly : " i have been to many places. In such a small age, i have met variety of people, gathered their views, seen variety of trees. All i know is that i plant needs sunlight, water and soil to grow into a tree. And by refusing to plant this tree, the gardener is not just cheating us but also insulting our village and our soil."
The gardener got the gist of the matter. He understood whatever he will say here, no one is going to trust him. Illiteracy is bane but partial education is more devastating. People would have trusted him, if the son of the landlord was also illiterate. But his words of wisdom have convinced everybody in the village that the type of the soil doesn't matter. He suggested that the plant can be grown in some neighboring village as it still will have its impact on their village. People thought hard and asked gardener which will be the suitable village to which he replied the north of that village there is a village that supports the vegetation. Again the people from the south neighborhood started shouting "the gardener is making fool of all us, and he doesn't want the village to prosper and he must have taken some additional money from that village, he is insulting our place and our village has other trees also, how this tree will not bud here. He is only insulting us"
gardener decided to fool the illiterate people. He knew neither they will let other village prosper and hence there is just one way i.e. plant the tree. But since it was the only one of it's kind he thought to trick them in a way that the sapling will be saved and he can also manage to get out of this village. Once he is out he will be saved! He handed a small stem with two tiny leaves to the landlord and asked him to plant it near a well, keeping the root and the main stem with himself. landlord planted the tree. Everyone rejoiced. The feast was given. The landlord's son was praised for his extra-ordinary wisdom. And the gardener managed to get out of that place.
After reaching home, he asked his wife and daughters to pack their bags and sold the sapling to a nearby villager and ran off. After a day when landlord saw that the plant was dead, he cursed the gardener and accused him of cheating. He sent his men to bring back the gardener to him, but they returned empty handed! The landlord and his village continued to live like before.
On the other hand the villager who got the sapling, planted it which turned into a beautiful tree after four days. The village became famous and there were the crowds of visitors to see the unique tree, which increased the income and sale of domestic products of the village. Along with the development of the village the nearby villages also became prosperous.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Life is good bad
happy sad
joy sorrow
a new tomorrow
a forgiven past
forgotten at last
the present song
difficulties long
Gong of war
future afar
blissful times
ugly pines
songs of beauty
painful duty
love divine
a long luck line
flow of tears
unending fears
strange paths
unlucky hearts
bitter stories
wishful glories
new defeats
destiny beats
preheated words
wounds occurred
timeless holes
parallel poles
gloomy night
a bright daylight
reality bites
repeated suicides
drive for pleasure
disapproved treasure
layers on layers
thousands of prayers
death so near
still more pains to bear....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Common cold

Cold is up for last two days.. And don't ask me if i am okie? Because i am not at all okie.. Just suffering each and every second. This is the only thing that makes me impatient other than five hundred more. We'll talk about that later!! anyway so this post is here to share my agony, my pain.
Cold in summers is a bigger pain than cold in winters..
Now you will either know the reason or you will ask me how?
- in summers you tend to sweat(when out),
-fans and air-conditioners annoy a lot.
-And hot winds make the allergy worst.
( Winter is cleaner and soother.)

How to detect, you are suffering from cold :
1. you make sound "SUDUK SUDUK" from nose..
2. your eyes melt with a burning sensation rather your whole face will be melting
3. Some of you might be having two handkerchiefs in your hands, one fully dedicated to nose and other to your melting eyes.
4. Your mouth is open most of the time, its the only way to stay alive when u can't inhale.
5. you have been playing the Game of sneeze and sniff in between, which gives you an opportunity to fill your washbasins with a goop thing :P

What not to do in cold:
-Avoid watching romantic senti movies. Its a BIG BIG no! or your face will be all wet with tears and ... ya u got it right!!
-Avoid Going in summer heats outside.. Again- you don't want to have that sticky feeling with added sweat. Also it will prevent you from getting in contact with dust.
-If you have two handkerchiefs in your hand, have them in TWO DIFFERENT COLORS.. i know you don't want to get confused and mix them up.

P.S.- stay away from the people suffering from cold, they go nuts as cold destroy their grey cells and there are only black blue yellow magenta ones..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

War of Gods

Bare my beliefs, I want to rise spiritually with my own faiths, not as others want me to, I want to see world with my own perspective, not the way others want me to see. I believe my beliefs not what others want me to believe.
I have been a God’s believer and this belief keeps me positive in many aspects. Of course I don’t belong to a class or group where a person fights for the superiority of his God and disown other people’s beliefs or faiths in other religion or gods. It is shocking when we see wars between the people over the superiority of God. Like Iskonians say Krishna is the highest ranked God amongst other Gods, whereas Arya Samaj says Idol worship is fake, Shaivism followers believe there is no one above Lord Shiva. And hence debates go on and on. What if all the Gods are friends above enjoying tea and snacks together, laughing on human’s foolishness for such irrelevant fights? Even if there is only one God, or according to some none, what difference does it make? But the debate goes on, people keep on fighting arguing and keep on showing each other down. A useless effort!
Is there anything constructive I will do, if I will convince one person to follow the same path, even if I have never known for sure where it will lead me? Yes there will be one thing for sure, will get a company to chant with me for my Krishna, my shiva or my light. And who knows you may accompany me after death, whatever my lifelong chanting has formed for me. I have been watching more and more wars related to Gods between the rigid followers lately, anyhow people like me are flexible,. There are splits and fights within Hindu religion, so expecting a respect from such groups for other religion is a far away dream. I respect people’s view on religion or in God, I respect the beliefs of atheists, if one doesn’t believe in God, one doesn’t. There is no point to convert him into theist. As such faiths arise from within inside. There is no point in breaking somebody’s beliefs, if that belief is not harming anybody else. Showing down somebody else or disrespecting somebody’s faith wont make you or your God superior neither will it put a stamp on your faiths, in case you want a proof from other people, that ‘your’ God exists. No two people on this planet are alike, hence their thoughts and believes will also vary.
Swami Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa has mentioned in his autobiography that he followed other religions notably Christianity and Islam, and said that they all lead to the same God, as per his own experiences. He was a Hindu Bengali Brahmin and big follower of Kali. This means religions are merely paths, to reach the same destination. Please don’t debate to create tensions and war between the gods for achieving the superior identity for anybody, for whom-so-ever u wish to.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Washroom Blues!

I today want to divert the attention of blog readers towards something, which is obscurely placed in the society, not much into consideration, but parents of today are facing the problems and parents of tomorrow will deal with much exaggerated form.

Everybody wants to give their child best schooling available where can they learn good things and make good friends and excel in every field. Normally the school buildings of a kid in first standard and kids in 12th standard are same. Now this is what the issue of concern is!


Washrooms in schools narrate the stories around in the same way as the headlines in footer of news channels flash. I’m sure they do the same everywhere!

School washrooms are full of encrypted names, quotes, wraths, rage, etc. Well yepp, this is the area where today’s blog post will throw light on. I was talking to one of my near and dear relative. And she is facing the washroom blues. By washroom blues I mean her 8 year old daughter has been absorbing the part of vocabulary, which she is expected to know in her mid or late teens. Courtesy: washrooms in her school. Of course when the building is common and children below 8 have to share their places with the teen youth, this is the outcome! Dodging the questions from 8 year old curious and persistent mind of a child is not only difficult but nearly invincible task. Explaining the meaning on the other hand is a problem in itself! Is the little mind ready to get exposure? Will it be able to digest it?

Is their any solution?

Buildings for different age groups should be divided, transport facilities can also be broken into groups for different ages, and knowledge should be imparted into teenage minds in a healthy and mature manner, and they should be make aware of the negative outcomes of scribbling the words not appropriate for small children. Lastly, washrooms can have stone walls or marble walls, where scribbling will not be easy, if it provides any solution. Imparting knowledge in a healthy way and at the right age is necessary to keep the young minds clean, to restore their innocence and to avoid maturity before time.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Karma philosophy in Hinduism

I was reading some article about Hindu philosophy on karma cycle. There were so many questions that came in my mind, hence I'm sharing here what I gathered. Of course I believe in births and rebirths. I have examples before me in my own family. So I, by no chance can question the fact. So I do believe in karma.

Karma means an act or a deed. Hindu philosophy of karma clearly speaks what we sow is what we reap. We will get benefited from our good karma and will have to pay for our bad karma. Karma can be performed through actions, thoughts or speech.

Karma in Hindu philosophy are classified in three forms viz. Sanchita Karma, Prarabdha and kriyamana or Agami karma.

Sanchita karma are accumulated from our past lives. Since we cannot endure or enjoy all karma in one life, hence we reap the effects, sweet or sour in the following lives, depending upon how much we have accumulated. These are considered consumed only when the person has enjoyed the fruit because of good deeds or suffered due to bad deeds and not otherwise.

Prarabdha is the present fruit bearing karma, which is a portion of accumulated karma that a person has to suffer in any case in present life.

Kriyamana karma are the ones for which we are working in our present life and which will shape our future later.

Only in human life we can change our future destiny. After death we loose our ability to act and perform until we take another birth again in a human body. And when we reap all the fruits of our deeds from our past and present lives, we get free from the cycle of births and rebirths and attain Moksha or salvation.

Once asked from a saint, "what will decide if we will get a better life or worse life in the next birth, how will we get to know about it", his reply was "every person knows what karma he has done and hence knows how next birth will be for him..."

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fourth March

If you are an early reader of this blog you must be well aware of the madness and the reason behind fourth march. With the passing years i have been experiencing a contentment in me, more and more peace and love for the things around me. I no more ask for gifts (Exceptions: clothes, shoes, handbags, cosmetics, cash, some jewelry) hush.. :D :P I still have wants and greed, I am not that old yet.

On the auspicious occasion of my birthday i want to thank God for blessing me such destiny, for providing me with everything I could ever asked for, for giving me such a nice and loving family, a protective and loving mother, an understanding supportive and very loving father, and loving and adorable sister and a brother. I want to thank my protective, and supporting cousins and trustworthy and pampering friends. I want to tell God how glad I’m with this life and for all his gifts, which he gifted me when I was born. Be always with me to guide me to the right path and to help me in becoming a better human being. On this senti note I wish my self a happy b’day. :)

Things I enjoyed on b'day :
Never ending phone calls and loads of wishes from midnight till 2 am. And from 7.30 in the morning continuing whole day. Cake and flowers, surprise gifts by Puneet bhaiya and Saumya. Whole day shopping and hopping with Rochana and sugat, sizzlers at Golas tasted awesome, a wonderful B'day song in chorus by Pari and Shine, i enjoyed it Shine.. :) and South Indian food in dinner with Montu and rest of the family was wonderful.. Cake was delicious bhaiya and Saumya.. i enjoyed it a lot, and that's why saying it again n again. :) And last Photo session and unlimited photos with with Apurva, was hilarious and lovely :)
The world around me made my day. It was a Happy B'day.

Nothing is forever
neither a hill that stands still
nor river that seemed flowing forever
the winds and pretty weather
the roses and carnations
neither this beautiful time
Nor even you and i
who make it so
But the moments will be here
till the eternity
till we live them again n again
until the ages
until our births n rebirths
until they are forgotten
but left touched forever...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


She is an eight year old kid.. Here old really means OLD.. The time has passed on so much.. and i feel i was really a dumb fellow who never talked maturity and sense till i was 20.. even now i hardly try to make sense in day to day life! :P i love my brain too much to bother it with seriousness..
So i met her for the first time, on 23rd Jan this year, in a train to Shimla. She is daughter of my father's friend. We two families went for snow hunt, which was a failure, as it didn't snow and climate was very much like that in Delhi.. After we came back, we have been watching snowfalls in news like a hungry hound wanting to enjoy it..

Nothing much to tell about Shimla, as everybody here must be knowing good deal about the place, or else one can Google it. This blog should provide something thats not Googlable!

Like always the place and company of each other made this trip memorable. But i would dedicate this trip to her, who added zing to the whole affair. Her name is SALONI..
I was awarded with the title of GEELI didi, even before we started interacting (GEELI means interesting in her vocabulary)
Glad My first impression was good..
i as usual played too, to keep my impression intact. And people around were watching us (me, her and my sister), playing silly games, singing rhymes and shouting and giggling.
As i started knowing her i discovered she is really big in terms of her thinking and conversation skills, and i was way back!!
She has one dream when she'll grow old and go to college one day, dressing smartly, and that day some boy will come before her and their hearts will fly high!! She interrogated me about why i left my work and upgrading my studies to which i said i wanted to.. Her reply was there can be two reasons either u want some guy to approach u and then your hearts fly out too or else u want to stay young like a model always :-/ .. i had no answer.. Phew!! i need some friends of her age to keep up with the pace of young mind's flow. She convinced my parents and her parents to get me married as according to her i am above 20 and i should be married!! lol i was feeling as our souls have been interchanged as i'm very much of her age and she has evolved too high!
Every time i tried to cheer the the environment by saying or singing something, she used to say "u have grown up, don't create a scene here ", that sentence used to boost me up to make more noises.. ha ha ha.. She believes in love marriage, and her mother convinces her hard, that there is no concept on this earth of love marriages and parents search match for their kids.. ha ha ha.. Poor mom!

belated happy republic day
This was the first ever live parade for me, where i was sitting amongst other proud patriotic spectators. My republic day was well spent in Shimla, although i missed the live republic day parade of the capital on television, but it was nothing less.. sitting there and watching the celebration was a different experience altogether.

1. I would love to add some friends of 5-10 age group on social sites like facebook or orkut. Im sure these age groups might be having accounts there! This is known as evolution of LIFE!!
2. A place one should surely visit and check out in shimla is center of advanced studies.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lets fall in love with Delhi...

Here I’m sharing 5 reasons for which one can fall in love with the city…

Reason 1: Winters

Captured a picture of fog at 10 am, with 50m visibility. Since a few days Delhi is welcoming early mornings and late nights with a dense layer of fog. Early morning’s visibility is limited to one meter only. The fog makes the city look like a painting.

2. Oomph to the city ride.

And wide roads in the cloud of mist with the greenery around makes the city ride wonderfully exciting. Winters are making the place a sight to behold. It’s no less than any hill station.

3. Sky Roads

This year is eagerly waiting to welcome the commonwealth games. Hence the development is comparatively at higher rate. The flyovers are rapidly coming into existence to keep up with the city’s traffic and to meet the demand of the upcoming traffic. In addition to it comfortable Delhi metro is helping the city to get well connected.

4. Ride with the Rikshaw Guide!!

Recently heard SIFE society of SRCC (Sri Ram college) has trained 20 rikshaw men about taking the guests on a small guided tour of the north campus and monuments around (with some additional charges of course) and advised them to have the provision for bislery bottles in their rikshaws for the them to buy , if they need it.

That’s how the tourism of India will flourish with the increased income of low income groups!

What an Idea Sir ji. Bravo!!

5. Alas they are tracked!!

This is the city where Ranga and Billa(well known collection agents), own a big business of blue line buses, and earning mehnat ki roti finally. Don’t know if police is still searching for them, but they constantly warn people to keep distance from them and hence not inform the police and get themselves into further trouble.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Another year has ended. A Happy New Year to everyone.
More resolutions taken implies more resolutions broken. Hence, no resolutions for me this year.

Achievements :
1. Written some more posts :D
2. My entry into poetry after a long time. I guess this time I make more and better sense.
3. Entry into a new language and upgrading rather expanding my knowledge area.
4. Beautiful comeback of my childhood friends.
5. I am the owner of a big farm and leader of a mafia gang, traveled new York, Cuba and Moscow and soon leaving for ‘Bangkok’ (As soon as my passport arrives)*

So it was a very different year. An eventful year. Good or bad?? The upcoming years will decide about it. But an year of growth I would say. Just like the waves of sea, which when leave, make us realize whether they have gifted us anything or taken away something from us.

Special Thanks :
A big thanks to all my blog readers for reading my posts and commenting here patiently without any complains. :D
Love all my friends and family for being with me and making one more year beautiful.
Big thanks and a big chunk of heart to my childhood friends for reuniting after 15 years through facebook and orkut. I was really overwhelmed with your efforts and love. Wonderful to have you back.
*Glad facebook and its games are always there for me.

31st celebration
Since we are not party people, so the arrival of the year had to be celebrated decently at home. But shouldn’t there be something different to make the celebrations special? Thus, with my sister I made small cards with caricatures of each family member. At 12 midnight we all welcomed the new year with these funny little cards along with small bunches of flowers, which did the magic and a big smile rushed on each face.

Welcome 2010

I am very hopeful with this year. The year has started nicely. Morning was welcomed late, followed by a few small decorations. An evening spent shopping and hopping in the market with my sister and her friend. We three stuffed our stomachs with Mexican food. And afterwards ice cream in chilly weather gave warmth to our hearts. After coming home, our new car welcomed us at home. And next day went more eventful at our mama’s place with an overnight stay, laughing and scoffing on pakodas.

I hope this year will be a great fun for all. Happy Twenty Ten to all.

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