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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lets fall in love with Delhi...

Here I’m sharing 5 reasons for which one can fall in love with the city…

Reason 1: Winters

Captured a picture of fog at 10 am, with 50m visibility. Since a few days Delhi is welcoming early mornings and late nights with a dense layer of fog. Early morning’s visibility is limited to one meter only. The fog makes the city look like a painting.

2. Oomph to the city ride.

And wide roads in the cloud of mist with the greenery around makes the city ride wonderfully exciting. Winters are making the place a sight to behold. It’s no less than any hill station.

3. Sky Roads

This year is eagerly waiting to welcome the commonwealth games. Hence the development is comparatively at higher rate. The flyovers are rapidly coming into existence to keep up with the city’s traffic and to meet the demand of the upcoming traffic. In addition to it comfortable Delhi metro is helping the city to get well connected.

4. Ride with the Rikshaw Guide!!

Recently heard SIFE society of SRCC (Sri Ram college) has trained 20 rikshaw men about taking the guests on a small guided tour of the north campus and monuments around (with some additional charges of course) and advised them to have the provision for bislery bottles in their rikshaws for the them to buy , if they need it.

That’s how the tourism of India will flourish with the increased income of low income groups!

What an Idea Sir ji. Bravo!!

5. Alas they are tracked!!

This is the city where Ranga and Billa(well known collection agents), own a big business of blue line buses, and earning mehnat ki roti finally. Don’t know if police is still searching for them, but they constantly warn people to keep distance from them and hence not inform the police and get themselves into further trouble.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Another year has ended. A Happy New Year to everyone.
More resolutions taken implies more resolutions broken. Hence, no resolutions for me this year.

Achievements :
1. Written some more posts :D
2. My entry into poetry after a long time. I guess this time I make more and better sense.
3. Entry into a new language and upgrading rather expanding my knowledge area.
4. Beautiful comeback of my childhood friends.
5. I am the owner of a big farm and leader of a mafia gang, traveled new York, Cuba and Moscow and soon leaving for ‘Bangkok’ (As soon as my passport arrives)*

So it was a very different year. An eventful year. Good or bad?? The upcoming years will decide about it. But an year of growth I would say. Just like the waves of sea, which when leave, make us realize whether they have gifted us anything or taken away something from us.

Special Thanks :
A big thanks to all my blog readers for reading my posts and commenting here patiently without any complains. :D
Love all my friends and family for being with me and making one more year beautiful.
Big thanks and a big chunk of heart to my childhood friends for reuniting after 15 years through facebook and orkut. I was really overwhelmed with your efforts and love. Wonderful to have you back.
*Glad facebook and its games are always there for me.

31st celebration
Since we are not party people, so the arrival of the year had to be celebrated decently at home. But shouldn’t there be something different to make the celebrations special? Thus, with my sister I made small cards with caricatures of each family member. At 12 midnight we all welcomed the new year with these funny little cards along with small bunches of flowers, which did the magic and a big smile rushed on each face.

Welcome 2010

I am very hopeful with this year. The year has started nicely. Morning was welcomed late, followed by a few small decorations. An evening spent shopping and hopping in the market with my sister and her friend. We three stuffed our stomachs with Mexican food. And afterwards ice cream in chilly weather gave warmth to our hearts. After coming home, our new car welcomed us at home. And next day went more eventful at our mama’s place with an overnight stay, laughing and scoffing on pakodas.

I hope this year will be a great fun for all. Happy Twenty Ten to all.

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