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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


She is an eight year old kid.. Here old really means OLD.. The time has passed on so much.. and i feel i was really a dumb fellow who never talked maturity and sense till i was 20.. even now i hardly try to make sense in day to day life! :P i love my brain too much to bother it with seriousness..
So i met her for the first time, on 23rd Jan this year, in a train to Shimla. She is daughter of my father's friend. We two families went for snow hunt, which was a failure, as it didn't snow and climate was very much like that in Delhi.. After we came back, we have been watching snowfalls in news like a hungry hound wanting to enjoy it..

Nothing much to tell about Shimla, as everybody here must be knowing good deal about the place, or else one can Google it. This blog should provide something thats not Googlable!

Like always the place and company of each other made this trip memorable. But i would dedicate this trip to her, who added zing to the whole affair. Her name is SALONI..
I was awarded with the title of GEELI didi, even before we started interacting (GEELI means interesting in her vocabulary)
Glad My first impression was good..
i as usual played too, to keep my impression intact. And people around were watching us (me, her and my sister), playing silly games, singing rhymes and shouting and giggling.
As i started knowing her i discovered she is really big in terms of her thinking and conversation skills, and i was way back!!
She has one dream when she'll grow old and go to college one day, dressing smartly, and that day some boy will come before her and their hearts will fly high!! She interrogated me about why i left my work and upgrading my studies to which i said i wanted to.. Her reply was there can be two reasons either u want some guy to approach u and then your hearts fly out too or else u want to stay young like a model always :-/ .. i had no answer.. Phew!! i need some friends of her age to keep up with the pace of young mind's flow. She convinced my parents and her parents to get me married as according to her i am above 20 and i should be married!! lol i was feeling as our souls have been interchanged as i'm very much of her age and she has evolved too high!
Every time i tried to cheer the the environment by saying or singing something, she used to say "u have grown up, don't create a scene here ", that sentence used to boost me up to make more noises.. ha ha ha.. She believes in love marriage, and her mother convinces her hard, that there is no concept on this earth of love marriages and parents search match for their kids.. ha ha ha.. Poor mom!

belated happy republic day
This was the first ever live parade for me, where i was sitting amongst other proud patriotic spectators. My republic day was well spent in Shimla, although i missed the live republic day parade of the capital on television, but it was nothing less.. sitting there and watching the celebration was a different experience altogether.

1. I would love to add some friends of 5-10 age group on social sites like facebook or orkut. Im sure these age groups might be having accounts there! This is known as evolution of LIFE!!
2. A place one should surely visit and check out in shimla is center of advanced studies.


  1. hillarious...hahahha!! it just blew me off !!

    I know u wud ve got embarrased as much as u did enjoy with her :))

    I believe everybody feels the same way..being hit for a six every ball, when with kids :))

  2. nice topic....manytimes i was with no words left to say while arguing with these children of today.... what my study says about their logic and senses is :

    human mind gets its 75% growth till the age of 4 and mind's growth got completed at the age of 12.
    When the major work is going on in the mind ( till the age of 4)..they have so much to see.....what we had...????...till the age of 4, no comuter/laptop,mobile, media...// obviously their eyes would send so many things to growing mind.And mind would grow accordingly... because of our supply of things to mind thru eyes were short in terms of resources so we wonder their approaches..
    sometimes i wonder how these children think like that,,then i find that their genes got evoluted during this transition from 19th to 20th..if we see the parents of these children, they are well aware to computer/mobille/media so they have those info encapsulated in their genes.
    kuchh bhi kaho par ..their is significant change in thinking process of children who born in 20XX in comparison to who are from 19XX.

    but what u think that it would be good to have these children on social networking sites..before the age of 12. coz they have not developed fully in their mind. and too much exposure to these ultra-modern things could malfunction their thinking process...which is under development ?????

  3. @ shalab- i try to embarrass kids, they cant embarrass me.. as i m slowly going to the age of indifference and she is approaching the age of being conscious about everything around her..
    @ Pratibh- u bet.. ur point is absolutely valid. ofcourse i dont expect this age group to have accounts on social networking sites and even i had restricted my brother to join them unless he became 17, although he is more mature and sensible than me or my sister. (i admit!).
    That was a sarcasm in the post.. I somewhere feel, parents are so busy nowadays with their respective jobs, that when their kids come home, they are tired and prefer to give TV remotes in their hands than playing with them. Again single child gets more mature than the ones having siblings, because parent's energy levels dont match with that of their kids, and to keep them engaged they give these tools, like computer, Tv and all in their hands, and overusing them leaves harmful impression on child's mind.. And the content of TV serials is really poor that the probability of children watching or learning bad things is more than the good ones.. wtsay?
    @ metalstorm- Thanx for liking the post! :)

  4. okk let's take it as sarcasm...,,,,fine!! and es tv aur computer ne to sab dimaago ko barbaad kar rakha hai..i hate this TV thing...(sometimes i don't feel any necessity for it).. just by seeing color tv, we loose 80% of the total energy produced in our body thru our eyes. (esiliye rishi-log aakhein band karke apni energy ko meditation ke thru alag alag tariqe se use karte the.) and rest of the 20% is gone behind the faalatoo-contents shown on any falatoo channel. There is no space n oppurtunity left for new ideas to ab can those mind be useful???
    esiliye,,, in today's indian scenario,,, eq eisi generation bhi badi ho rahi hai ...which would be veru much mediocre...and in coming future they wud be good for nothing.

  5. From your comment i gather that u don't watch tv or computer at all. Although you have given some good statistics but you missed out the point that many new ideas travel through TV.

  6. u r partially rite, from years i haven't switchd on tv from my hands aur rahi baat dekhane ki to chalate firate jo dikha dekh object says ' i can wait for any news/info to be published in next day's newspaper' .that's why don't get bothered from any thing on tv. but i get most of the info about latest things on most of the channels by newspapers
    and about...sitting before a computer....i like to sit before it if am getting paid ;-) dream job wud be of game-testing(don't know if this gets fulfilled)/ i use tv/comp for playing games; my fav is fifa on ps2 and cloud, flow on computer.(both the games cloud and flow are good time pass.. relaxing mind. now one more hasbeen launched for ps3 version i e got some award in 2009)
    and about new ideas thru tv...we have very few channels of these kind...DD,discovery,netgeo,history..some more...but tell me who all are watching these ?? what's the percentage of viewership?? infact it's negligible againgst those baqwaas channels. prasar bharati has some 30+ free to air channels at present and they are planning to make it 200 by taking other channels of other mediagroups...(the funda is:for giving non-necessary/irrelavent information, u cannot charge customer.)
    my main point to raise is...the game --- these baqwaas channels are playing with human pshycology...there are some episodes, if u watch it once,, u r bound to see the next day coz vibrations of first day are still circling inside the mind.. what u say about this engagement b/w human mind and current media actions...aur jab kuchh kaha jata hai to 'freedom to speak/express' ka tanaa maarate hai// the general human mind is so much occupied with their tv they don't have to do anything else..just eat, sleep and watch tv//.
    A thing for ReCreation is eating up all the oppurtunities for Creation. but what one cud do, media is the superower for this century. let's bear it till it gets matured; current media is in his/her adolescene>>

  7. hmm that reminds me of my cousin.. she wants me to marry as she wants to wear a nice lehenga on my wedding day... :o

  8. lol shine. you may get surprised, as till some age, even i used to think the same way :))..


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