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Friday, March 5, 2010

Fourth March

If you are an early reader of this blog you must be well aware of the madness and the reason behind fourth march. With the passing years i have been experiencing a contentment in me, more and more peace and love for the things around me. I no more ask for gifts (Exceptions: clothes, shoes, handbags, cosmetics, cash, some jewelry) hush.. :D :P I still have wants and greed, I am not that old yet.

On the auspicious occasion of my birthday i want to thank God for blessing me such destiny, for providing me with everything I could ever asked for, for giving me such a nice and loving family, a protective and loving mother, an understanding supportive and very loving father, and loving and adorable sister and a brother. I want to thank my protective, and supporting cousins and trustworthy and pampering friends. I want to tell God how glad I’m with this life and for all his gifts, which he gifted me when I was born. Be always with me to guide me to the right path and to help me in becoming a better human being. On this senti note I wish my self a happy b’day. :)

Things I enjoyed on b'day :
Never ending phone calls and loads of wishes from midnight till 2 am. And from 7.30 in the morning continuing whole day. Cake and flowers, surprise gifts by Puneet bhaiya and Saumya. Whole day shopping and hopping with Rochana and sugat, sizzlers at Golas tasted awesome, a wonderful B'day song in chorus by Pari and Shine, i enjoyed it Shine.. :) and South Indian food in dinner with Montu and rest of the family was wonderful.. Cake was delicious bhaiya and Saumya.. i enjoyed it a lot, and that's why saying it again n again. :) And last Photo session and unlimited photos with with Apurva, was hilarious and lovely :)
The world around me made my day. It was a Happy B'day.

Nothing is forever
neither a hill that stands still
nor river that seemed flowing forever
the winds and pretty weather
the roses and carnations
neither this beautiful time
Nor even you and i
who make it so
But the moments will be here
till the eternity
till we live them again n again
until the ages
until our births n rebirths
until they are forgotten
but left touched forever...


  1. wah wah! how nice! may every bday be as fun filled as this one.or wait..even better!

  2. Saumya, you are a blessing for me.. a pillar that makes me strong when i feel weak.. Thanq for you lovely overflowing messages whole day.
    Aditi- ThanQ for wishing such a fortune for me.. God bless you. Life will always be beautiful with such beautiful wishes.

  3. Yeah.. Its a ritual for us... and now I discovered another child-hood connection amongst us~~

    Wish you loads of happiness, fun, smiles and love.. happy Birthday (belated)

    Love you~~

  4. ThanQ shine
    There are loads of things common in us :), which i keep on discovering and liking and loving ofcourse. Yet to find more such childhood connections ;)
    love you too..

  5. (though it's a 6 days late..) many many returns of the day..enjoy ur time on this planet earth !!!!
    {waise till how many days we can wish belated days//....any idea????}

  6. nice lines..abt moments !!
    last two lines strikes...."until they are forgotten but left touched forever..."
    there is one new song from movie lahore...'musafir'.. composed by MM kreem...there also it talks abt moments nicely!! listen it in MMkreem's voice only (though daler mehndi has also tried the same)

  7. Oh to me u can wish 365 days for my b'day.ThanQ for your wishes. Wishes are wishes early or late, i accept them always :)
    i will surely listen to this song :)
    glad u liked the poem :)

  8. awesome post frm my awesome di.....and sorry fr somewat ruining it, with my foul mood....had too many things on my mind....miss u sheshaiiiii....

  9. its okie motu.. we enjoyed in the end naa.. funny photosession.. :D
    miss u too :)


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