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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Karma philosophy in Hinduism

I was reading some article about Hindu philosophy on karma cycle. There were so many questions that came in my mind, hence I'm sharing here what I gathered. Of course I believe in births and rebirths. I have examples before me in my own family. So I, by no chance can question the fact. So I do believe in karma.

Karma means an act or a deed. Hindu philosophy of karma clearly speaks what we sow is what we reap. We will get benefited from our good karma and will have to pay for our bad karma. Karma can be performed through actions, thoughts or speech.

Karma in Hindu philosophy are classified in three forms viz. Sanchita Karma, Prarabdha and kriyamana or Agami karma.

Sanchita karma are accumulated from our past lives. Since we cannot endure or enjoy all karma in one life, hence we reap the effects, sweet or sour in the following lives, depending upon how much we have accumulated. These are considered consumed only when the person has enjoyed the fruit because of good deeds or suffered due to bad deeds and not otherwise.

Prarabdha is the present fruit bearing karma, which is a portion of accumulated karma that a person has to suffer in any case in present life.

Kriyamana karma are the ones for which we are working in our present life and which will shape our future later.

Only in human life we can change our future destiny. After death we loose our ability to act and perform until we take another birth again in a human body. And when we reap all the fruits of our deeds from our past and present lives, we get free from the cycle of births and rebirths and attain Moksha or salvation.

Once asked from a saint, "what will decide if we will get a better life or worse life in the next birth, how will we get to know about it", his reply was "every person knows what karma he has done and hence knows how next birth will be for him..."


  1. looks like... Sanchita karma & Prarabdha are same??? what's the main difference b/w these 2???
    Prarabdha karma are the part of Sanchita karma////

  2. True it is.. every person knows what karma he has done. Sometimes I feel that bad people are just not scared of facing the result..

    Anyways.. this birth or re-birth one has to reap what they have sown!!

    Nice read~~

  3. Pratibh- Sanchit Karma are the portion of karma which get accumulated for further births. Where as prarabdh are those which we are presently enjoying or suffering from the accumulated(sanchit) karma from last birth. In this birth some of your karma will get accumulated and become sanchit to bear fruits in next birth, which will be regarded as prarabdh then.

  4. True shine. A person sometimes get ignorant and so grossed up in his enjoyment that he ignores his internal voice, and continues with the pleasure. Hence there are people who are suffering and there are people who are making others suffer! We all are reaping what we have sown.

  5. I ve two silly questions, hope u could answer them as u seem to ve understood it well :)

    1. A guy who flirts around all the time, would get it back either in this life or even in next lives as well ??? :)) sounds cool, aint it ;)

    2. If someone rejects a genuine proposal coz of a valid reason and hurts the proposer, u wud drop it in good karma bucket or bad karma bucket ?? :))

    infact I ve some more questions,wud pop em up later :D

  6. well, i dont decide which karma will go in sanchit and which ones will go in kriyaman. Let the guy who has flirted figure out the mystery.
    Second answer- If the proposer is expecting something without waiting for the answer, and getting hurt in return, is i guess suffering his past karma. And if the other person has kept the proposer in dark and has played with his/her feelings, then of course u know the answer!
    1. I'm patiently answering your silly questions so seriously.. Hats off to me !! :P
    2. Read the last lines carefully again, what a saint said, a person himself knows whats wrong and whats right.. sometimes a person with good intention does anything wrong, sometimes suffers on the spot..

  7. bang on target !! well said, as expected :))

    I agree, but how many of us think from others perspective before getting hurt and rearing ill feelings, and thus falling into trap !

  8. true, but then theres nothing to do with karma or depositing bad karma into the account of the other person!! :P

  9. all hindu philosopies are equally confusing... this karma thing is totally illogical.
    have you ever felt bad or good about your life in previous birth??????/
    Answer to ur scnd Q, i wud drop it in good karma bucket, i feel cheating is much bigger sin.
    *shine di, if u belive in karma, u got to belive in GOD, and if do so then u must know he created us the way we are, so its not our fault, we are just playing our roles as almighty gave us........

  10. Ravish don’t you think if we’ll remember the instances from our previous lives we will ever be able to move on? Hence a thief will continue to steal, a guy who has lost everything will continue to weep, there will be many hazardous inventions and the world will go nuts without the fear of death! The system God has created is this way it is, due to some reason.
    I agree with you, cheating is much bigger sin or rather the only sin. Just it has many form. Doing wrong to somebody even after knowing its wrong is also a Cheating with your soul, hiding the facts, stealing is also a kind of cheating etc.. It has many faces!!
    "God has created the way we are! Its not our fault", but he has given us all a mind and senses to differentiate between good and bad. Many live with bad luck but they never follow the wrong path, some have good luck and they move on to the wrong paths! So its our karma also other than God's wish!


Thankyou for your feedback :)

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