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Friday, April 16, 2010

Washroom Blues!

I today want to divert the attention of blog readers towards something, which is obscurely placed in the society, not much into consideration, but parents of today are facing the problems and parents of tomorrow will deal with much exaggerated form.

Everybody wants to give their child best schooling available where can they learn good things and make good friends and excel in every field. Normally the school buildings of a kid in first standard and kids in 12th standard are same. Now this is what the issue of concern is!


Washrooms in schools narrate the stories around in the same way as the headlines in footer of news channels flash. I’m sure they do the same everywhere!

School washrooms are full of encrypted names, quotes, wraths, rage, etc. Well yepp, this is the area where today’s blog post will throw light on. I was talking to one of my near and dear relative. And she is facing the washroom blues. By washroom blues I mean her 8 year old daughter has been absorbing the part of vocabulary, which she is expected to know in her mid or late teens. Courtesy: washrooms in her school. Of course when the building is common and children below 8 have to share their places with the teen youth, this is the outcome! Dodging the questions from 8 year old curious and persistent mind of a child is not only difficult but nearly invincible task. Explaining the meaning on the other hand is a problem in itself! Is the little mind ready to get exposure? Will it be able to digest it?

Is their any solution?

Buildings for different age groups should be divided, transport facilities can also be broken into groups for different ages, and knowledge should be imparted into teenage minds in a healthy and mature manner, and they should be make aware of the negative outcomes of scribbling the words not appropriate for small children. Lastly, washrooms can have stone walls or marble walls, where scribbling will not be easy, if it provides any solution. Imparting knowledge in a healthy way and at the right age is necessary to keep the young minds clean, to restore their innocence and to avoid maturity before time.

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