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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Common cold

Cold is up for last two days.. And don't ask me if i am okie? Because i am not at all okie.. Just suffering each and every second. This is the only thing that makes me impatient other than five hundred more. We'll talk about that later!! anyway so this post is here to share my agony, my pain.
Cold in summers is a bigger pain than cold in winters..
Now you will either know the reason or you will ask me how?
- in summers you tend to sweat(when out),
-fans and air-conditioners annoy a lot.
-And hot winds make the allergy worst.
( Winter is cleaner and soother.)

How to detect, you are suffering from cold :
1. you make sound "SUDUK SUDUK" from nose..
2. your eyes melt with a burning sensation rather your whole face will be melting
3. Some of you might be having two handkerchiefs in your hands, one fully dedicated to nose and other to your melting eyes.
4. Your mouth is open most of the time, its the only way to stay alive when u can't inhale.
5. you have been playing the Game of sneeze and sniff in between, which gives you an opportunity to fill your washbasins with a goop thing :P

What not to do in cold:
-Avoid watching romantic senti movies. Its a BIG BIG no! or your face will be all wet with tears and ... ya u got it right!!
-Avoid Going in summer heats outside.. Again- you don't want to have that sticky feeling with added sweat. Also it will prevent you from getting in contact with dust.
-If you have two handkerchiefs in your hand, have them in TWO DIFFERENT COLORS.. i know you don't want to get confused and mix them up.

P.S.- stay away from the people suffering from cold, they go nuts as cold destroy their grey cells and there are only black blue yellow magenta ones..


  1. A Must read for person suffering from Cold in Summer time :)

    Great Work :)

  2. lol.. Thanx bhai.. I remember the creative shayari by you when last time i caught cold..
    "what will a boyfriend say if his Gf will catch cold??
    He will say : Kitna khushnaseeb hoga wo Rumaal, Kitna khushnaseeb hoga wo rumaal, Kassh main bhi ek Rumaal hotaa... " lol lol


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