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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Life is good bad
happy sad
joy sorrow
a new tomorrow
a forgiven past
forgotten at last
the present song
difficulties long
Gong of war
future afar
blissful times
ugly pines
songs of beauty
painful duty
love divine
a long luck line
flow of tears
unending fears
strange paths
unlucky hearts
bitter stories
wishful glories
new defeats
destiny beats
preheated words
wounds occurred
timeless holes
parallel poles
gloomy night
a bright daylight
reality bites
repeated suicides
drive for pleasure
disapproved treasure
layers on layers
thousands of prayers
death so near
still more pains to bear....


  1. evry thing abt life!...well y not a funny post mate?

  2. harry felt like writing it out.. Sometimes you are in a pensive mood and your writings portray it. Isn't!

  3. What inspired you to write it? This is very different in a good way.

  4. Yes Shesha, its so different and refreshing.. wt inspired you?

  5. I guess life and its ups and downs.. sometimes there is euphoria and sometimes deep and dark..

  6. The beauty of this poem lies in the fact that there's nothing that has been crafted out of the box.. It is strikingly true and honest in nature!!
    I can sense that you were not very happy while writing it, sort of parted away of the speedy world!!
    Cheer up dear!!
    Even when life is not quite the way you wanted it to be..
    A great poem!!

    I would love to read more of you..

  7. @GVsparx- I guess i wasn't in a very good mood.. But then this is how a life is.. ups and downs and thats how it goes till the end!
    and when we look back to the tough times we feel glad that we have bravely fought with them to enjoy today's sunshine.. :)
    glad u liked it :)

  8. "A talent is formed in stillness, a character in world's torrent"

    Life builds out a man out of a kid...
    Every moment is a test you have to face...

    It is human to feel sad, it is warrior to overcome those!!

    I would love to see a cheery one next time around!!
    Send me a message when you pen one down
    Good day !
    Good luck!

  9. Just came across you Blog..nice stuff...loved this one...
    Keep writing

  10. @nks4ever: Thanx for appreciating, motivating and dropping by :)

  11. with two two words u fulfilled the life :)
    very nice to read!
    write more poems
    i like to read more from you :)
    keep smiling always

  12. Thankyou so much Sowmya. I will write more. :-)

  13. Very nicely weaved. Has that K'naan - Just like a waving flag feel to it. Infact I was humming it that way as I read :) Aye Zindagi!

  14. Lovely poem. I've never read a simpler poem that's filled with such depth (and I'm not blindly praising either) :)
    Thanks to indiblogger, I got to read this :D

    I have a second agenda to this visit (sorry :P). If you have the time, could you please read a post of mine, and if you like it, give it a vote? I'd be really really grateful :)

    Oh, but please do not mistake the second agenda and think that I came here to only do shameless self promotion, I like to read as much as I can about other people's thoughts on life :)

  15. beautifully expressed. . simple yet striking :)


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