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Sunday, May 2, 2010

War of Gods

Bare my beliefs, I want to rise spiritually with my own faiths, not as others want me to, I want to see world with my own perspective, not the way others want me to see. I believe my beliefs not what others want me to believe.
I have been a God’s believer and this belief keeps me positive in many aspects. Of course I don’t belong to a class or group where a person fights for the superiority of his God and disown other people’s beliefs or faiths in other religion or gods. It is shocking when we see wars between the people over the superiority of God. Like Iskonians say Krishna is the highest ranked God amongst other Gods, whereas Arya Samaj says Idol worship is fake, Shaivism followers believe there is no one above Lord Shiva. And hence debates go on and on. What if all the Gods are friends above enjoying tea and snacks together, laughing on human’s foolishness for such irrelevant fights? Even if there is only one God, or according to some none, what difference does it make? But the debate goes on, people keep on fighting arguing and keep on showing each other down. A useless effort!
Is there anything constructive I will do, if I will convince one person to follow the same path, even if I have never known for sure where it will lead me? Yes there will be one thing for sure, will get a company to chant with me for my Krishna, my shiva or my light. And who knows you may accompany me after death, whatever my lifelong chanting has formed for me. I have been watching more and more wars related to Gods between the rigid followers lately, anyhow people like me are flexible,. There are splits and fights within Hindu religion, so expecting a respect from such groups for other religion is a far away dream. I respect people’s view on religion or in God, I respect the beliefs of atheists, if one doesn’t believe in God, one doesn’t. There is no point to convert him into theist. As such faiths arise from within inside. There is no point in breaking somebody’s beliefs, if that belief is not harming anybody else. Showing down somebody else or disrespecting somebody’s faith wont make you or your God superior neither will it put a stamp on your faiths, in case you want a proof from other people, that ‘your’ God exists. No two people on this planet are alike, hence their thoughts and believes will also vary.
Swami Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa has mentioned in his autobiography that he followed other religions notably Christianity and Islam, and said that they all lead to the same God, as per his own experiences. He was a Hindu Bengali Brahmin and big follower of Kali. This means religions are merely paths, to reach the same destination. Please don’t debate to create tensions and war between the gods for achieving the superior identity for anybody, for whom-so-ever u wish to.


  1. Absolutely right....all religions preach same thing...humanity and sanity should prevail;all living beings should live in harmony.

    In fact, its like disgracing your own religion if you disrespect others' religion or beliefs. So, its your personal choice, how u wanna potray your religion and belief :))

  2. I believe that tussles over religion exist as god, deities, religious beliefs are the most marketed ideologies across the world. Proponents of various ideologies have crossed borders to establish their superiority over others.

    This has been happening over years, and I do not see anything wrong in it, but its bad wen religious ideologies get nasty, killing innocents, orphaning kids and disturbing the balance of life. This reminds me of Gujarat Riots, Riots in Orissa, and those riots which break up frequently in small cities over religion.

    Nice gasping post! It brings to forth how segmentation has started getting on amongst a religion.

  3. yes shine that's the problem.. people go insane, become destructive and hurt the sentiments of others on their beliefs.. Whats the point of trying to pull others and create nuisance when one is having his/her beliefs. Let people follow their respective paths and let others follow theirs. Such debates create unpleasantness in other people's mind and the ones around them who become victims of such unnecessary debates without being a part of it!!

  4. This whole topic of god is useless. There's nothing in it. Apna khao piyo aur apna kaam karo. Dimaag tez karna ho to puzzle solve kar lo.

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  6. Religion also means diversity in minds, different colors around and even if its not coming from heart but out of fear, i feel at least this prevents some people from getting into bad deeds.
    Whatever it is, its only a matter of giving respect to different sects.
    These beliefs come from within inside as i always say, so its purely a matter of heart than of mind... :)

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