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Friday, June 11, 2010


"And the prince came to the princess and took her to the new beautiful world of dreams, beauty and perfection..."
The black Raven woke up fresh from the dream. Today she was expecting a Crow at her house to see her for the matrimonial alliance. The Raven was nervous and excited at the same time. thinking about the Crow to be her future prince made her feel the goosebumps. she got ready when her doorbell rang and there he was standing tall, the most handsome Crow she has ever seen, outside with the bunch of flowers. He asked for the Raven and she introduced herself. Crow felt cheated after looking at her. Oh! She is not fair, and flew away just like the other crows in the country. Raven was shattered, her dreams were broken, with heavy steps she followed to her bed.
Crow on the other hand was feeling bad, "why his parents gave him that address? I didn't like her. And she is no match for me." And thus, he decided to search for a white raven, may be somewhere to the west...
*After Thoughts: whose fault was it anyway??

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Looking back

It rained on me, i was hoping for a rainbow and it never came. It rained on me again, i was hoping for a rainbow and it didn't come. It rained again, i looked up again for the rainbow and it didn't come.. I looked back, and saw i enjoyed the rain and a bright new sun every time it rained..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

THe bLaCkMaiLeR

This post is dedicated to the blackmailers who have been intimidating common man for ages. blackmailer is a term we use for the person who pushes us against our will to fulfill his demand. We all are surrounded by them. Don't laugh because i will start making sense to you after some more time. There are two blackmailers- one who blackmails us to reveal some hidden information about us, which we want to hide from public unless his/her demand is met.
and the next one are - some of our near and dear ones, emotionally blackmailing us to fulfill their demands or else they will keep on throwing tantrums without giving you a chance to speak.
We of course don't want to encounter such blackmailing incidences, still if one has a choice, they will prefer the latter one.
Here goes telephonic conversation between two friends. (point to be noted, often it has been seen that the blackmailer calls the victim.)

BLACKMAILER- Hello, Shesha?
victim - yeah, hi. long time. how are you doing?
Blackmailer- glad atleast u recognized my voice. (hitting started)
victim- of course how can i forget you? tell me hows everything at home.
blackmailer- All is well at home, u never miss me, right? (second hit)
victim- of course i do, why are u saying so. we had a talk a week before i guess. i have been busy with my routine. tell me watsup? (trying to wash away the unpleasantness or may be the motive)
blackmailer- Anyway leave it.
victim- (phew!!)
blackmailer- i was thinking if we can meet up on Wednesday for some movie?
victim- oh, make it on Saturday, i will be having some work on Wednesday. wtsay?
blackmailer- no not on weekends, everyone is at home on weekends, i have to look after them.
victim- doesn't matter, sometime else?
blackmailer- can't you postpone your work for me? we are friends since school time.
victim- the thing is it's really important for me to get it done by Wednesday. (huh??)
blackmailer- you have changed i guess. I had so many friends. but now I'm so alone and bored to death, though we will have fun and relive the old times. but its OKAY.. (wow she is too good at this)
victim- Don't get me wrong, i really wish to but can't.
blackmailer- no its okay, everybody changes with time. i shouldn't expect too much .
VICTIM- OhkkkAY.. I will make myself free..
blackmailer- wow you are a darling, i am buying the tickets then. bye

AFTER THOUGHTS- " crap what have i done? how am i going to manage. Last time when i made a plan she had no time and now she has time so i should also have time.. " :(

you might also be having such instances hitting you now and then, may be in a different form! you might be facing this in other form may be in relationships like mother-child, girlfriend-boy friend, brother-sister, husband wife and so on.

P.S. Emotional blackmailers are normally the girls but don't forget many guys are also doing good in this stream. :D

P.P.S. I really adore my friends, they are most of the times all cool. But sometimes being a victim sucks and i try to be on the other side, but fail badly. in a hope to stand successfully someday on the other side of the talk, i put this post to the end.
Happy Blogging!! :D
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