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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Looking back

It rained on me, i was hoping for a rainbow and it never came. It rained on me again, i was hoping for a rainbow and it didn't come. It rained again, i looked up again for the rainbow and it didn't come.. I looked back, and saw i enjoyed the rain and a bright new sun every time it rained..


  1. beautiful poem
    it rained on me
    touched me

  2. Insightful. Ultimately, looking back did give you happiness and comfort even if you didnt get what you desired. :-) Fabulous!

  3. Rain! Am so desperate for the sky to open up..

    Nice stuffs you have here!

  4. sm- thanx

    Insignia- absolutely.. we waste our time cribbing about not having what we hoped for. but we forget we enjoyed the life so much with what we had. always be hopeful for a rainbow, for it will come when we least expect it.. ;)

    A.K.- yeah, we all are waiting for the rains eagerly.. glad u appreciated the stuff here :).

  5. rain means a new beginning afterward, a bright new day, isn't it Harry??


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