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Friday, June 11, 2010


"And the prince came to the princess and took her to the new beautiful world of dreams, beauty and perfection..."
The black Raven woke up fresh from the dream. Today she was expecting a Crow at her house to see her for the matrimonial alliance. The Raven was nervous and excited at the same time. thinking about the Crow to be her future prince made her feel the goosebumps. she got ready when her doorbell rang and there he was standing tall, the most handsome Crow she has ever seen, outside with the bunch of flowers. He asked for the Raven and she introduced herself. Crow felt cheated after looking at her. Oh! She is not fair, and flew away just like the other crows in the country. Raven was shattered, her dreams were broken, with heavy steps she followed to her bed.
Crow on the other hand was feeling bad, "why his parents gave him that address? I didn't like her. And she is no match for me." And thus, he decided to search for a white raven, may be somewhere to the west...
*After Thoughts: whose fault was it anyway??

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  1. Awesome post, great sarcasm! This is so true and written excellently. And best of all was the "potoshop" touch. Good creativity. just perfect.

  2. ThanQ :)
    yeah P(H)otoshop is for (H)umans and potoshop-anyone can use it.. :)) =)) :P

  3. Really good post, great sarcasm n very imaginative cartooning, well done! kudos!!

  4. Thanks to both of you :) ;) good to see you enjoyed the post :D

  5. NY Post: New Horizons of Creativity
    Sydney Daily : Sarcasm Unlimited
    Hindustan Times:Racism or ratinale ??
    nice post.... :)) probably after a while the raven may realise, u dont need a prince to make u feel happy !! the crow may realise its not only color dat matters !! or potoshop may realise, its losing business !!

  6. ThanQ Shalab, such a warm and wonderful motivating comment. This will help me in becoming more sarcastic :)) :P
    of course they will learn some lesson, crow will learn white raven doesn't exist, raven will learn to respect her identity n maintain her dignity n be the way she is without any pretense and potoshop will be utilized for better things ;)

  7. hey sheshaaaaaaaa really luvd the cartoon... i shud really take this concept up :)!... maybe team post :)?

  8. wow, Thanks Hary! :) absolutely sure, please go ahead! ;)

  9. thoughtful
    excellent post
    and pic supports it perfectly

  10. :-) Excellent. I loved the sarcasm and the message you want to convey :-)

  11. Beautiful narration :)
    After thought: I will put the blame on the hypocrisy of the society.

  12. @ sm, insignia- thanks a lot.. :)

    @ shine- thanQ so much, I agree with u, the society is the main culprit, but i feel being the part of this society, we share the equal blame.. isn't it??

  13. Yeah I too share this blame. I have got a thought to delve upon! Basically the majority opinion / their aspirations facilitate such mentality.

  14. Its nobody's fault everybody did what came naturally to them. So how can that be a fault?

  15. shine- u are absolutely right.

    anonymous- yaa everybody did what naturally came to them, but we are figuring here out what facilitate such mentality?, this is a problem which looks so small, but prevails deeply in the society, with false pretense, people try to attain the perfection, when there is no such perfection in the world, and everyone has his or her own limitations. don't you think so??
    i personally feel we should not hide the facts, to suffer later and respect our dignity!!!

  16. I wouldn't call a person's dark/fair complexion their imperfection or a limitation to their physical beauty. It's just the mass psychology that's contributing to futile products like fairness creams in our part of world esp. And you're right when I blame it on society, I forget "I am society", and that's where things start becoming SEP (Somebody Else's Problem) and gradually the point is forgotten.
    When we would realize these things for what they are, i.e. different faces, colors, physique and unimportant things that just give us unique appearance, we would really put our energies on better things and would be a much better society.
    Yes it all sounds fair and just and goody, though difficult but little by little let's keep trying to improve ourselves (our attitudes that is) and lead dignified existence

  17. Jaane bhi do yaaron hasi ke thahaake maaro :) hahahahaha

  18. anonymous- ha ha ha :))

    Rochana- ya.. every person has his or her priorities, upbringing and social background, so we can't blame anyone in particular, but yes, the main emphasis here is one should really respect him/herself and in the light of facts and truth one should the progress for future alliance.

  19. Biting sarcasm. Well put. You seem to be vry original and creative. The cartoon and doodles on page, are those done by you? If yes, Iam happy to run into awesome talent.

    And as for the blame, why bother.
    Yeh nahin , aur sahi
    Aur nahin to aur koi

  20. The Holy Lama- Thanks a ton. glad u liked it. Well i have added the dialogue part to an image, the image is not done by me, but i found the appro one matching exactly with my concept on google :)

    Absolutely right, no need to bother.. :D

  21. Awesomeness!
    Loved the sarcasm. It's a story happening all around us. I wish all the crows read it and realize what losers they are. Let this inspire ravens to happily bid good byes to all the crows they have met. The photoshop touch was amazing! :)

  22. @ Destiny's child- Thanks for appreciating the post :) Glad u liked it.


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