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Monday, July 26, 2010


One of my Paternal Aunt (my Bua) casually threw a question at me some time back : "what do you want from life? , and what are your expectations?"

It made me think once more about the feelings residing deep inside me. And like always after much of an introspection I came on the exactly same basic wants as before, I want love, peace and satisfaction.

Love- that will help me in staying like a human, that will help me in making my life as beautiful forever, that will motivate me in coming back here again after my last breath.

Peace- Peace looks like something that we create, but I would ask and expect this too.. Its something i will want to keep with myself forever. When I see people fighting, man is thirsty for the blood, homes falling apart, brother is the enemy of brother, I desire for peace. When I feel thousand of storms inside me, frustrations over the disturbances created by others or by fate within me, I desire deeply for peace. and when I see myself in peace and masses still struggling and seeking the desire on what to ask for ? I feel the answer its peace..

Satisfaction- Yes. Peace comes automatically with satisfaction. Today I see myself, greatly blessed with everything one can ever desire for in a life. What I had when I was born, helped me in becoming a better person, not running behind materialistic things, no cribbing, may be because I had enough materials gifted by God, that slowed my pace of running behind the materialistic things like others. I know there is still scope for wanting more, but i feel tranquility in whatever I have.
However, that doesn't mean that I have become an ascetic, away from the worldly pleasures. I am all satisfied currently with what I have, not cribbing about what i don't have, of course also not ready to settle deliberately for something very less than what I am enjoying at present. And may be with the passing time I will get more satisfaction and will think again God is there to take care of me like always.

I think these three things will be good enough to get me going and make my life meaningful. Love will be followed by life, understanding, support, and happiness. Peace will again be the reason behind happiness, contentment and love. When we came in the world crying, Satisfaction is the real key to happiness and will make us leaving the world with smile.

My expectation is a beautiful life, with no mess. And a smile forever on every face I see. Trust me I try that...


  1. really nice, i would wish for more patience for myself, and the ability to forgive and forget (not to forget what matters, bt wat doesn't). Some people wish not to be satisfied ever, as they want to "stay hungry, stay foolish", and it's often said, once you're satisfied, you stop working towards achievement of higher goals for yourself. I guess it just means that one should prevent themselves from becoming "comfortably numb".
    Difficult to define and decide the level of satisfaction.
    Well put post, makes for nice read and encourages one to introspect!

  2. Rochana- Bang on! very well put on thoughts.
    Absolutely, i agree on every word u have said. Difficult to define level of satisfaction. Are we happy in the current scenario? Are we able to lead a peaceful life? If yes, there will be satisfaction. Satisfaction just washes away jealousy, excess of which leads to conspiracy against others, inferiority complexes, depression etc.
    But satisfaction isn't the tool to demotivate one to stop working for the achievement of goals and for a better future. We have to make each day more beautiful. Isn't it?

  3. so true... love,peace and satisfaction..everything is like a aUbUc in our math class...but yu know satisfication is the most imp factor... others will come automatically! :) neat one

  4. Expectation, I hate em....

    Right now i curve for a peaceful life away from the big city life..

  5. Hary- True, satisfaction is the most important one. even if there is no love or peace a satisfied person will always find his peace of mind and happiness. :)
    A.K.- one may hate expectations, but one can't live with zero expectation :P

  6. nice
    still thinking on this
    "what do you want from life? , and what are your expectations?"
    each time i get new answer.

  7. Thanks Sm.
    yaa.. there are many things that we want from life and we expect that we think we deserve.. I just tried to simplify it and put forward my primary and final wants and needs and expectations. rest secondary things, i will keep on working upon :)

  8. You resound every human being's thoughts. Each gets his/her peace in his/her comfort zone. Agitations of mind need introspection and courage to put to rest. Courage to say "no' at times when you are made to act or behave in conditions that you are not comfortable with. Sense to keep your viewpoints to yourself unless you know your views are cared for. And courage to do things you really believe in, not just rebel. Try these in life and you wishes will be met

  9. Holy Lama- Very well Said. I echo you on everything you put in here!

  10. ya..nothing offers a beautiful face than a wonderful smile:)

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  12. Thanx Prit for dropping by and appreciating the post.
    About elaborating the point, there is already a post where i have written about my views on "Love" :

    You are free to share your experiences or perception.

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  14. This is my 1st visit to your blog-i must say a fine one...
    Satisfaction or contentment is really the foundation of happiness-----without that even trillions cannot make you happy.

    1. Welcome to the blog. I am glad u liked it.
      Indeed, thats what i felt.

  15. That was very well said. And U can see Contentment all over your post which will give you peace . Wishes for more peace,love and satisfaction :)


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