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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A 'Green' Expedition

We planned this Sunday for cycling... And on our way to Bonta it started raining heavily. Because we didn’t want our plan to fail, we decided to go for the fun ride in the rains. Contrary to our fears en-route, it felt even more worth it. We loitered around the whole North Campus Area, cycling around Bonta with our bikes rolling up and down the hilly pathways. The Rain Drops seemed heavier with the increased pace of cycling. We met monkeys, snails and very long earthworms during our expedition. From Bonta we went to St. Xavier's School and enjoyed our tour there. The Luck Was on our side and due to heavy rains and Sunday the traffic was very less. And we took advantage of the opportunity, and seized the roads. Since we were biking for last 3 hours, experiencing growls in our stomach out of hunger, we decided to hop into a famous eating place in Kamla Nagar i.e. Bille di Hatti and enjoyed Poori and Aloo chole ki sabzi with a glass full of Malai wali Lassi. The hot and fresh breakfast was no less than a royalty after getting drained in the rains. We decided to go back to the Delhi University Metro Station to return those lovely cycles, singing songs on our way back. The place is full of green vegetation and clean air and nice roads. We will soon plan our next biking trip again.

Place: North Delhi

Where to get Bikes From: Delhi University Metro Station.

How to reach: Metro, two wheelers, four wheelers. There is Parking space at all the metro stations.

Eating joints Nearby: Chacha Ke Chole Bature (closed on Sundays), Vaishnav Chat Bhandar and Bille di Hatti. There are many restaurants there too like Mc Donalds, bercos, CCD, Barista, Gyani’s and other small eating joints.

Don’t forget to take your I-cards to rent the cycles. The rent is Rs. 10/- per four hours per cycle.

Also Check the Breaks and presence of air in the tyres before starting the Venture! (as informed by Shine.)

Happy Biking :-)


  1. It was real fun.. Raining heavily and cycling through logged waters!!!
    Its equally exciting during summers and winters, as I go for it prety frequently. But it was all the more fun with u guys!!
    Gotta plan this frequently~~

  2. Absolutely! Enjoyed it alot.. and waiting for more fun :D

  3. You guys can model for Cinthol. It looks so fresh.

  4. I thought Liril fits here better :p

  5. Hahaha.. Holy Lama indeed we felt so fresh after getting drained in rains for more than four hours.. Cinthol or Liril, any product will do :D they just need to approach us hehe :P
    Wtsay Shine?

  6. I liked your post and the last two werent bad either..'what do I want from life?' elicited a somewhat same-ish reaction as to be happy''

    Happiness and love are the 2 most elusive things in the world.

    Hahaa the tips u gv for a person in love are good. keep it up.

  7. Budh.aaah- ThanQ for appreciating the posts... Glad you feel the same-ish way. :)

    About love post- I guess we really ignore ourselves when in love :P :D :P wtsay?


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