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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 Reasons Logical/ Illogical On Why People Leave You!

There are only two reasons on why you want a person to stay with you. One is your Ego and the other is love and attachment.

However there can be multiple reasons on why people go away. Follow up the ones from the list below and take your pick. (Note : if you have any better reason, don't hesitate to add on to the list. You are most Welcome.)

1. They Fail To Understand You.
2. They Fail To understand Themselves When They are With You.
3. You Fail To Understand Them.
5. Over Cribbing, Over complaining and BOooM it's OVERRRR!!!
6. God's Wish, Sometimes He Rings The Bell. TING TING TING... TIMES UP!
7. The Environment around you including social, ecological, demographic, political, economic, historic, civic, Hush Hush Hush!!!
8. Lack Of co-ordination i.e. opinions, priorities and lifestyles mismatch and hence you fail to respect each others freedom/view points.
9. Damn it! they found someone smarter!!
10. Oops Nature's Call. If you wait, they'll come back soon. LOL

P.S. Explain them all possible reasons to stay and to leave in their interest and may the best reason win.

4. If you are wondering where is the 4th point, it means you are over analytical and over critical.
For the ones who have not noticed it, it shows that you have lack of attention and hence you know the reason.

All The Best :P

HapPy BlOgGing :)


  1. Shesha does it again :))

    Note: for d ppl who found 4th pt missing, still dint freak out, it means u r too much forgiving, others may take advantage of ur benevolence!!

    Rite Shesha ?? :))

  2. Nice :) Just to tell you, i didnt notice that 4th point is missing :) :)

  3. hey nice job..!
    u can check out mine too @

    do pay a visit !

  4. @ shalab- Lol. right!! Thanx for appreciating :P

    @ Puneet Bhaiya- Haha.. Just like me :D

    @The Holy Lama- Yess u did it!! Lol Nice Reason!! :P

    @Da Konvict- Thanx for dropping by!

  5. have covered almost everything.

    Why do people leave? Because they get back to their senses!! :-P

  6. hahaha.. Yes absolutely true! One of the major reason i missed :D

  7. nobody leaves noone,
    its not matter of leaving or clinging;
    it's like connection and current/communication flowing over that connection
    if we know someone (by heart or by mind) then connection exists (wired or wireless) , now the question could be ...whether (some or ??) current/comm. is happening upon that connection/bonding or not.

    but in today's world, there are more wireless connections than wired ones...most of them are virtual conn..
    so nothing like ..wire is broken and connection is lost.
    as it happens in wireless; connection remains available as always but signal strength could be weak or strong or not available
    generally we intend to think idle connections as broken ones;
    this is just a vague comparison
    i saw 4th point is written in the last :-)

  8. Pratibh- Long time.. how have u been?
    umm.. i guess sometimes even if we know somebody (by heart or mind) the connection is lost be it virtual or real because of various factors.. not every1 can cling on with unpleasant external/internal factors. Its about mutual understanding, trust and security that fail to exist or r broken in some cases.. I feel the connection should be from both the ends and individuality should be respected as well. hence i feel its about leaving, clinging or living along..

    May be you are right, that we intend to think idle connections as the broken ones..


Thankyou for your feedback :)

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