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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Being Woman..

1. You don't have to stand always in long queues.
2. In need of calamities always remember save women and children first.
3. You don't have to ask for phone numbers, they just flow in automatically.
4. You get discount of Rs. 500 in IIT's Form.
5. you get special reservations in metro, local trains and colleges, parliament etc..
6. If you sit alone at driver's seat and any man sitting behind alone is your servant. If its vice-versa he is your driver.
7. Mostly career is not a compulsion, its a hobby.
8. You have infinite kinds of dresses, shoes, handbags to choose from. Life is all about variety. :D
9. If you are ignorant, you are innocent. If you are not, you are smart. :D
10. You get extra rebates on income tax.

HaPpy Women's Day!!!


  1. Happy Women's Day to you as well. This is something that I am not very familiar with as there is no bank holiday for it.

    Although we do have pancake day/shrove Tuesday tomorrow though.

  2. Happy Women's Day Shesha... Loved the post.....

  3. Same to you Ladies :)

    Thanx for liking it shine :D

  4. Happy Women's Day!

  5. Wonderful blog and beautiful page .
    Love and peace to you.

  6. ThanQ so much cleo jones for appreciating the blog.. thanx for dropping by. :)

  7. I'm super late but HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!!
    I am diggin' your blog, love the pictures and your words.
    Peace & Blessings~

  8. Hehehe I loved it...Specially the "driver" one :P

  9. and you get to be loved and wrapped in a warm hug...:) nice post ya :))

  10. India's no.1 blog: Ofcourse :D. ThanQ for appriciating :)


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