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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New year 2011

Ting Tong!!
Its a New day, New week, New month, New year and a New Decade!! Wishing everyone around a very happy and full of love 2011..

One more time to look in past and peep a lil in future. Another time to contemplate and introspect.. I was thinking i have over used these two terms in my blog and should change this blog title to " introspect and contemplate and bore all" :P

Quick Rewind:

So rewinding last year's tape i find 2010 was about:

> Learning and completing last years taken up tasks..
> Wonderful cycling expeditions.
> Shopping around.
>Spending time with my cousins.
> Understanding intricacies of a society and people through social work.
> Celebrating Rakhi with my brother and best friend Puneet bhaiya. His visit surely made this year special.
>Some new posts
> And last but not least the whole year was full Rajni Kant Jokes in emails, messages and talks etc.

I missed going on trips. Unlike every year this year was a big bore on that front. the first quarter however saw two trips, one to Shimla and another to Mumbai.

Year of two T's i.e. tensions and tears. But never mind, I shed away both and there is nothing left for next year :P

An year contributed to a fast increment of Grey cells on my head. I kinda like them and now trying to convince my mom to let me paint some more. Its a symbol of peace anyway. :P

The last quarter was the best in all, after loads n loads of contemplation and introspection, i found this year was the year of growth. Ending of unpleasant things and growth of pleasant things.

Whats in store for 2011:
I don't have any plans for 2011 as of now.. But this year is expected to be year of advancements, finishing the things taken up in 2009 and 2010. I desperately wanna move out of my home and enjoy some good tours around.. Its a dead life without travel.
Current plan involves a celebration of New Year!

Resolutions: Like Always there are no new year resolutions, as I don't have any clue about the same. Going with the flow is the only agenda this year.. :D

Stay happy and stay healthy.. A very Happy New Year to all..

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What makes you think Santa clause is a man?

This is funny.. One of the friend "Nitin" asked me
What makes you think Santa clause is a man????

I thought a lot
and my first answer, as expected was: "He has Beard and mustache..", which was discarded as he said that any woman can fake it.

And hence thought process started and next were:
He loiters around till late at night actually till very late at night :P
He Always repeats his clothes.. If he wasn't a man but a woman, you would have seen him in different attires every time :))
Considering his figure, a woman can never ever take that figure and roam around publicly. (as suggested by Puneet bhaiya)
4. He comes down from chimney and is not finicky about getting dirty.
5. He does his job within 8 hours meeting his deadline and never mind going to different houses in his already dirty clothes.
6. He flies his vehicle instead of driving.
7. The poses in photographs are repetitive.
8. A simple sack works to transport the presents, no need for a beautiful handbag due to the fear of getting caught by paparazzi
9. Nobody has ever heard him talking :)) :P
10. He never dye his hair. :D

I thought of some reasons as well of why he could be a woman:
a) due to her figure, she has to disguise herself and wear mustache and beard.
b) She spends a lot on presents and gifts every year.
c) the presents are known to be well wrapped.
d) We say "Merry" Christmas :P
e) She wears her belt tight to look slim!

Can't think of more.. So i guess reasons on "why Santa Clause is a man" won it!

Merry Christmas to All.....

P.s. Feel free to contribute any further reasons, if u find any! :P

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Another Conversation!

A few days back, I received a call. Here is the detailed story on how it went:

Caller: Hello!

Me: Yes!

Caller: I was waiting for you outside the gate of your society in my car yesterday. You made me wait for four hours and didn't even bother to pick my phone after that.
Why didn't you turn up?

Me: Its because i don't want to meet you like that anymore.. I want to tell my parents about us now. Sooner, the better!!

Caller: hahaha You have become naughty..
Me: hehe Namaste Nanaji.. How are you? (He was my Nana i.e. my mum's maternal uncle)
Nana: I am very fine.. how are you?
Me: I am too good nana. Congrats on your retirement..
Nana: ThanQ kid! So Who is the lucky Guy you have found?
Me: I was thinking my Nana will do that job after his retirement.
Nana: Naah, why would i search for you, now that i am free, i will search start a search for myself!
Me: Haww! I should share some secrets with nani now.. By the way, we got to know your real age now! haha
Nana: aah! I am tooo young, nobody knows my real age.. I have faked in on papers to get free early. hahaha.. Where is your mom?
Mom comes on phone, they both talked for a while..

Mom: Mama, now you are free, make a plan for lunch/dinner or a whole day here asap!
Nana: Yep! Will make a plan soon.
Mom: Do tell me in advance on what u like to eat.
Nana: Anything!
Out of my habit of jumping into conversation trying to be witty..
Me: Tell her, tell her, else she will make something nice, that a retired person should eat at this age.
Nana: I will see you after coming there.. you just stay there.
Me: haha please come soon we are waiting for you..
Nana: okie beta, i will make plan soon.. God bless You.
Me: bye Nana!

P.S. Sometimes small things make you smile a lot, conversations with my mum's maternal uncle are such things. I don't know why he always tries to start conversation in the same way with different styles. He would have surely tracked somebody's affair. Glad all kids in the family have their personal mobile phones these days. Lol.
Keep Blogging, Have Fun! :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Navjyoti India Foundation

Its been quite some time since i was wanting to write this post. Got time today, and i feel i should not let the time go wasted. Being a part of Navjyoti India foundation for some time at Karala, inspired this post to come up.
Karala is a village in north Delhi, near Rohini. Its an urbanized rural area and possesses the characteristics of fringe i.e. it has the characteristics of rural area as well urban area.. The occupation of people include agriculture, production and services. There are various factories in that region.
I happened to work with Navjyoti organization for sometime and got to understand the works of social organization and community work and development. The experience was good.
During my stay there I enjoyed different types of tasks and works. Being a graphic designer, my skills were utilized as well. Again the my social skills helped me in linking people and organization to each other. Learning under the supervision of Ms. Chandni Bedi helped me a great deal. She surely is a good teacher and motivator.
Visiting slums and Majri village in Karala, helped me in developing an understanding of people there and their lives. For some time i took beginner level computer classes for children of 11th, 12th and graduation. Just a few weeks ago i got a mail from a fellow colleague that my students were missing me also a few days before that, my supervisor, during one of our interactions on phone said the same thing. I want to tell them that I miss them too. Being their teacher i tried to teach them in the most interesting way i could. I feel worth, when my success pays and hear they still think about me.
Meeting Dr. Kiran Bedi and watching her closely during her interaction with staff and audience was a great experience. I also happened to work at Family counseling center there,
During my stay there i experienced:
1. people were not gender-biased and were keen to educate their daughters with the same zeal with which they wanted to educate their sons.
2. The most common attire among the students there were western outfits as well that shows the village doesn't have sticky mind and girls enjoy freedom and their personal choice.
3. Some of the people came up with inhibitions and fear at NCC and talked in a very rigid and rude manner initially, but soon after practicing some patience before them and further talk a trust was formed.
I understood that people in villages have a great fear inside them that they will lose their identity by the third party intervention and hence show a rigid and rude body language to hide their fear.
4. The married girls also had supportive husbands who encouraged them to learn computers etc.
5. Majority of youth coming there were of girls.
6. The problems at Family counseling center were of very different nature.
7. Being an urbanized rural, the place had pakka Makan and the homes of residents were big.
8. The roads were not built properly but neither were they in too bad condition.
9. I learned when you work in a village and work with a community, they judge you on attire you wear, hence to avoid any misunderstanding and pre-judgemental attitude, one should be in proper dress.
10. Working with people and for people gives a great sense of satisfaction. understanding their problem and socio-psychological issues with them provides a further understanding of life.
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