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Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Another Conversation!

A few days back, I received a call. Here is the detailed story on how it went:

Caller: Hello!

Me: Yes!

Caller: I was waiting for you outside the gate of your society in my car yesterday. You made me wait for four hours and didn't even bother to pick my phone after that.
Why didn't you turn up?

Me: Its because i don't want to meet you like that anymore.. I want to tell my parents about us now. Sooner, the better!!

Caller: hahaha You have become naughty..
Me: hehe Namaste Nanaji.. How are you? (He was my Nana i.e. my mum's maternal uncle)
Nana: I am very fine.. how are you?
Me: I am too good nana. Congrats on your retirement..
Nana: ThanQ kid! So Who is the lucky Guy you have found?
Me: I was thinking my Nana will do that job after his retirement.
Nana: Naah, why would i search for you, now that i am free, i will search start a search for myself!
Me: Haww! I should share some secrets with nani now.. By the way, we got to know your real age now! haha
Nana: aah! I am tooo young, nobody knows my real age.. I have faked in on papers to get free early. hahaha.. Where is your mom?
Mom comes on phone, they both talked for a while..

Mom: Mama, now you are free, make a plan for lunch/dinner or a whole day here asap!
Nana: Yep! Will make a plan soon.
Mom: Do tell me in advance on what u like to eat.
Nana: Anything!
Out of my habit of jumping into conversation trying to be witty..
Me: Tell her, tell her, else she will make something nice, that a retired person should eat at this age.
Nana: I will see you after coming there.. you just stay there.
Me: haha please come soon we are waiting for you..
Nana: okie beta, i will make plan soon.. God bless You.
Me: bye Nana!

P.S. Sometimes small things make you smile a lot, conversations with my mum's maternal uncle are such things. I don't know why he always tries to start conversation in the same way with different styles. He would have surely tracked somebody's affair. Glad all kids in the family have their personal mobile phones these days. Lol.
Keep Blogging, Have Fun! :)

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