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Thursday, December 23, 2010

What makes you think Santa clause is a man?

This is funny.. One of the friend "Nitin" asked me
What makes you think Santa clause is a man????

I thought a lot
and my first answer, as expected was: "He has Beard and mustache..", which was discarded as he said that any woman can fake it.

And hence thought process started and next were:
He loiters around till late at night actually till very late at night :P
He Always repeats his clothes.. If he wasn't a man but a woman, you would have seen him in different attires every time :))
Considering his figure, a woman can never ever take that figure and roam around publicly. (as suggested by Puneet bhaiya)
4. He comes down from chimney and is not finicky about getting dirty.
5. He does his job within 8 hours meeting his deadline and never mind going to different houses in his already dirty clothes.
6. He flies his vehicle instead of driving.
7. The poses in photographs are repetitive.
8. A simple sack works to transport the presents, no need for a beautiful handbag due to the fear of getting caught by paparazzi
9. Nobody has ever heard him talking :)) :P
10. He never dye his hair. :D

I thought of some reasons as well of why he could be a woman:
a) due to her figure, she has to disguise herself and wear mustache and beard.
b) She spends a lot on presents and gifts every year.
c) the presents are known to be well wrapped.
d) We say "Merry" Christmas :P
e) She wears her belt tight to look slim!

Can't think of more.. So i guess reasons on "why Santa Clause is a man" won it!

Merry Christmas to All.....

P.s. Feel free to contribute any further reasons, if u find any! :P


  1. Also he is not complaining about any of the issues he faces while distributing gifts, He's got to be a man :P

  2. Hahaha.. A Post dedicated to all men! :P

  3. second anshal... he never complains of his gifts plus he laughs HO HO HO, whereas a woman will mostly go as HE HE HE:)

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  5. yes i too think santa is a man becoz
    u will always see him smiling and happy and laughing ,which a woman can never be(always worried abt fake repo)
    is capable of making every1 happy.which again a woman cant even if by chance she thinks of dng...

  6. creation of the modern version of Santa Clausis attributed to Thomas Nast, drawn in 1863 for Harper's Weekly. Before then, most depictions of Santa Claus showed a tall, thin man; Nast drew him as the bearded, plump man known today.
    and by general perception, santa should be a man; giving something is attributed to man wherein recieving something is attributed to woman (by a general natural phenomenon); likewise to see something is man's natural quality while to show something is woman's intrinsic quality// [don't ask me for proofs :-)]
    waise, in terms of gender equality we should have concept for lady santa/santi....wot that both genders should feel proud of santa and santi!!

  7. Aaaha Super! I have never thought why Santa was a man :-P

    I was about to say he says Ho Ho Ho instead of He He He...But I just saw that Hary has already mentioned it :)

  8. Hary- He he he :P awesome pick! :D

    Nitin - I Disagrrrr with you totally here!!

    Pratibh- wow! thanx for sharing info.. I feel, women spends alot without much thought. Although they love to get gifts in return.. true!
    I loved Santa Santi concept btw.. But will you ever be able to recognize Santi who will appear once in an year, when she will adorn a different hairstyle and altogether a different dress so that she won't repeat her look :P

    Insignia- I know.. Loved that point.. Its the best one i guess :D

  9. AWESOME..."Santa Singh" wala reason..but it wud be cuter if santa were a a gal :PP.samaya ka sadupyog kiya phokatt ne...

  10. Loved the post...what a logic in prooving Santa Clause as a man!!!how can I miss such post!!!

  11. Hi Shesha,

    Chee...due to figure, wearing a beard. A woman wearing a beard...ugghh :p
    1st and 2nd point is really hilarious. Good analogy, you've made the christmas eve even more humorous. Thanks for sharing this post.


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    1. Lol.. thankyou so much Jay for appreciating the post. I am glad u liked it. :)

  12. Awesome!!
    I think if were to be a woman...he must have gossiped about that to someone and we all would know it by now.

    1. Very Valid Point... True, If he was a woman, we must have known it by now! :D :D


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