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Monday, January 3, 2011

10 songs I like in all seasons

Songs certainly are marvelous pieces of art. Some make you cry, some are capable of changing your sadness into the deepest form of depression while some are so light that they fill you with blasts of energy and compel you to dance on their tunes.
Here is the list of songs that i like in all seasons:

1. Zombie- Cranberries
(Laments 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland. The truth behind every war!)

2. Sway- Dean Martin
(Makes me Dance)

3. Stay - Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
(A very romantic number)

4. Dont worry be happy - Bobby Mc Ferrin
(Mood reliever)

5. Viva la Vida- Coldplay
(Story of a King who lost his kingdom)

6. In the shadows- Rasmus

7. The end- The Doors
(Truth behind life)

8. Folsom prison blues- Johnny Cash
(Thoughts of an imprisoned criminal)

9. Knocking on heaven's doors- Youme version (originally by Bob Dylan)
(Emotions of dying deputy, who can no longer continue his role as a law enforcer)

10. Comfortably numb- Pink Floyd
( Story of a man who after facing life's struggles confines himself within an imaginary 'wall')

Others that almost made it: Hit the road jack- Ray Charles, The man who sold the world- Nirvana, Someday-Flipsyde, Across the universe- Beatles, Smooth - Santana, Bring me to life- Evanescence , Another brick in the wall - Pink Floyd, Love story- Taylor Swift, and Last but not Least- I like to move It from the movie Madagascar!
YO!!! :D

P.S. You are invited to add your favorites to the list.


  1. Add some of mine:
    Seasons by Terry Jacks

    Purane Jeans aur mere yaar

    Yeh daulat bhi le lo

    Rim Jhim gire sawan

    Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si

  2. Thanks Holy Lama for adding some more to the list .. I love these tracks as well.. Rim jhim gire sawan and ek ladki bhigi bhagi si.. :) always fresh to listen!

  3. I love this list! Like me, you have quite a varied taste and seem to like music either with a strong/memorable guitar sound, or music that is inspirational in some way.

    I just downloaded your Dean Martin song. Actually "Sway" is one of those songs that loads of people have sang over the years. I also like "Dream a Little Dream of Me" and "I'd cry like a baby".

    "Don't worry be happy" is great. How can anybody not like that.

    I think "In the shadows" is such an important song as well. Everybody should listen to that. I find this very inspirational!

  4. The Jonny Cash song is a great song, but about an imagined stay in prison, rather than an actual prison stay.

    Do you know any songs, inspired by an actual stay in prison?

    Don't worry, I have not been in prison, finding more music about it, is something I am curious about.

    Boy George's Pentonville Blues I am sure is about the only one I can think of.

  5. Thanks Ambivalence :)

    Dean martin has a voice that can not be compared with any other singer.. I have heard other versions of sway but i still prefer this one. Very neatly sung!

    Thanks for adding some more of his songs to the List.. I am Liking them alot and falling in love with his voice over and over again..

    As of now i cant recall any song inspired by the actual stay in prison but will share it here for sure..

  6. good list! most of these are my favourites too. besides that some of my favourites are:
    nirvana- lake of fire, the doors- touch me, guns n roses- sweet child of mine, indian ocean- kandisa, the verve - bittersweet symphony, audioslave- doesnt remind me, coldplay- no more keeping my feet on ground, beatles- octopus' garden, oasis- stop crying your heart out, bing crosby- busy doing nothing, ozzy osbourne - dreamer and sunny disposish (by hugh laurie perhaps).
    *list changes often* :P

  7. Thanks Sugat.. i like Kandisa, sweet child of mine, octopus' garden and bing Crosby's busy doing nothing as well.. Also Lemon tree is one song i like to hum most of the times.. Audioslaves Doesn't remind me was melodious.. Liked it :)
    Wud surely add rest to my music list... :D

  8. Believe it or not, I have not heard of Fools Garden - Lemon Tree before. I have to say I like it! Quite a deep song actually.

    "Closer" is a good one of theirs as well.

  9. ya i heard that one first time in the Album of Bombay Boys.. it was fun.. Later found out its originally by Fools Garden! :)

  10. Check out my blog at

    I mention a lot of music there. It may be more topical, than for all seasons though.

    But I love music discussions and finding out what people like the best.


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