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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New year 2011

Ting Tong!!
Its a New day, New week, New month, New year and a New Decade!! Wishing everyone around a very happy and full of love 2011..

One more time to look in past and peep a lil in future. Another time to contemplate and introspect.. I was thinking i have over used these two terms in my blog and should change this blog title to " introspect and contemplate and bore all" :P

Quick Rewind:

So rewinding last year's tape i find 2010 was about:

> Learning and completing last years taken up tasks..
> Wonderful cycling expeditions.
> Shopping around.
>Spending time with my cousins.
> Understanding intricacies of a society and people through social work.
> Celebrating Rakhi with my brother and best friend Puneet bhaiya. His visit surely made this year special.
>Some new posts
> And last but not least the whole year was full Rajni Kant Jokes in emails, messages and talks etc.

I missed going on trips. Unlike every year this year was a big bore on that front. the first quarter however saw two trips, one to Shimla and another to Mumbai.

Year of two T's i.e. tensions and tears. But never mind, I shed away both and there is nothing left for next year :P

An year contributed to a fast increment of Grey cells on my head. I kinda like them and now trying to convince my mom to let me paint some more. Its a symbol of peace anyway. :P

The last quarter was the best in all, after loads n loads of contemplation and introspection, i found this year was the year of growth. Ending of unpleasant things and growth of pleasant things.

Whats in store for 2011:
I don't have any plans for 2011 as of now.. But this year is expected to be year of advancements, finishing the things taken up in 2009 and 2010. I desperately wanna move out of my home and enjoy some good tours around.. Its a dead life without travel.
Current plan involves a celebration of New Year!

Resolutions: Like Always there are no new year resolutions, as I don't have any clue about the same. Going with the flow is the only agenda this year.. :D

Stay happy and stay healthy.. A very Happy New Year to all..


  1. Happy New Year :)
    Wish you have loads of fun and joy this year

  2. A very happy and auspicious New Year to you too :)

  3. Mat the travel bug bite you many times in 2011

  4. Holy Lama- hahaha wow i wish i wish i so so so wish that.. :D
    Happy New year and New decade to you :)

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  6. Travel Plans 2011:

    1. Q4FY11 - SE Asia/ mauritius
    2. Q1FY12 - Goa
    3. Q2FY12 - Leh/ Ladhak
    4. Q3FY12 - Kerala/K'taka

    u game? ;)

  7. woah! Sounds too much fun Ashish..
    I am jealous :P

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