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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Traveller

Its a long way
not longer than life
I have stayed here
for some time that i cared

I had to flow further
long stayed water always flusters
going to nowhere my path shows
through the deepest lows of shadows

For my path was still undecided
neither I fled nor chided
I walked alone in the long deserts
got scared of forests and leopards

Sometimes In darkness I cried too loud
I was alone in between the crowd
I became strong yet so strange
stronger than life,
and stranger than disdain

Throughout the journey i was with me
above the mountains and beneath the seas
Never the money or a relation died
never again i cared, laughed or cried

The journey has been stark-black and white
I lived every virtue and committed every sin
I traveled to grow and grew some more
higher than skies and cleverer than lore...
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